Remaining wall cabinet after removing cabinets above peninsula

ljw11December 29, 2012

We are getting ready to do a small kitchen update (a big one is several years off) in our 1950s ranch house. The first thing I'd like to do is remove the cabinets above the kitchen peninsula. I am trying to figure out what to do with the remaining wall cabinet that connects to these cabinets, though. It appears the soon-to-be-gone cabinets are actually cut into the veneer part of the wall cabinets. So, do we try to cut openings and have open shelves here? Try to replace the veneer with part of what comes down? Painting the cabinets is an option, but I'd rather not at this time if we can avoid it. Any suggestions?

Here are the pictures:

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Link not working. Can you check it again and put it in the "Optional Link URL" box?

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I fixed the link... Should work now!

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Can you completely take down the longer cabinet setup to the left of the sink, and replace it with the double shorter cabinet from over the left end of the peninsula? You could shorten the existing cabinet side next to the sink to finish off the right side of the double peninsula cabinet.


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We had a similar problem with the first remodel of our kitchen. We had cabinets over the peninsula similar to yours, except there were doors on both sides; I'm pretty sure they opened from both sides. It's a little hard to see, but it's the cabinet all the way on the left and looked like this:

We had a cabinet made with a shelf and it looked like this:

I have to say that the peninsula is one of the things that drove our remodel in 2010; it was directly across from the refrigerator with a scant 28 inches or less, and was the only passageway through the kitchen.

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Cindy Noll

We recently removed the uppers and the peninsula from our 80's kitchen. We had doors on both sides and the longer cabinet that attached to the wall cabinets. We removed the shorter ones. The large one attached to the wall cabinets was unscrewed and hung next to the wall cabinets so that the door opened the correct way. Our carpenter had to cut some off (It was 12 1/2 inches deep do to the two doors) and made an end piece to go on the unfinished side. It looks like it was there forever. Not sure what you mean that it was cut into the veneer. Ours were screwed in at 90 degrees and were tricky to get apart, as they were also glued. We also removed the peninsula cabinets and they were used along a wall.

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I am pretty sure the part of the wall cabinet that the peninsula cabinets are attached to is separate. You can see the join if you look carefully. I would just take down the peninsula cabinets. Then, hopefully you can take apart the wall cabinet and just leave the small 12" (I think)wall cabinet. If it doesn't work you will still have options. You could take one section of the peninsula cabinets and hange them there, or you could just remove the wall cabinet and the valance over the window and put something freestanding in that spot. They sell metal counter top shelf units, kind of like bakers rack, that could go there, or you could just put up shelves, you could even reuse the cabinets to make the shelves if you wanted everything to match.
So proceed fearlessly, it will be OK, just be open to going with the flow if things don't go perfectly. They rarely do.

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