painted cabinets life expectancy 5 years?

czecheartDecember 8, 2012

If you had your custom cabinets painted , how do they compare in durability and looks from factory finish? Did the cabinetmaker finish them, did you hire a painter or some other avenue? Did you put any special coating over the paint? I was just reading an article suggesting not to go with painted cabinets when they are custom built. The article said it is the finish that makes or breaks the cabinet, he says that painted custom cabinets life expectancy is five years! The article had an example photo with cabinets that were not yet five years old. Due to painting they showed chipping, peeling and lots of wear. Has this been your experience? Gee, I've had my stained cabinets for over 20 years, they really still look acceptable. Please help, I'm talking to a a cabinet/furniture/carpenter guy now regarding him making my cabinets. I know he'll do a beautiful job. He would be willing to stain them white, but not able/willing to paint them. I would have to find someone else to finish them, if I want them painted.


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My custom cabs were hand painted with BM oil based satin impervo 4 1/2 years ago. I have no toe kick, just paint 1/4 round and one chip that happened probably the first week. A clock fell off a beam. No other chips and certainly no peeling.

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Well, if the average life of painted cabinets is 5 years, that must mean a lot of people are ripping their "new" cabinets out between 3 and 7 years and replacing them? That seems more than a little hard to believe, right?

Maybe some people are actually touching up a chip or two after a handful of years into a 50-year lifespan?

One of the great benefits of painted cabinets is that they can be touched up and repainted or restyled to suit changing tastes, even expected to be. I repainted the kitchen I had longest 4 times and feel sorry for those who feel they have to live with the same look for decades.

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DH painted (with a sprayer) our own DIY, custom cabinets with BM Satin Impervo (alkyd based and no other top coat), so not even 'pro done,' and they still look great. In fact, I keep whomping the side of the oven cabinet with racks and pans and it still looks good. They might be dirty in the creases and corners, but that's user error. ;-) No chipping, no peeling. Ours are also almost 5 yrs old.

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