Cambria quartz estimate

bananas80December 12, 2012

Hi, I'm new here but have lurked for awhile.

I have been quoted for Cambria quartz counters at $5300, including installation and undermounted sink, for 32 square feet of countertop. Does that seem high? I was wondering if I should try another quote from another kitchen design company that carries Cambria or if they are all about the same. I was quoted at a big box store $3200 for ceases stone, I expected cambria to be a little more but not $2000 more.

If you uses cambria (or another brand of quartz) do you mind sharing your cost? Thanks

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Cambria is the highest priced quartz and usually is, in our experience quoting it, quite higher. They only use their fabricators in many cases, which can make it more money depending on where you are located. They include all types of edges for the same cost, which I'm sure is built in to the basic cost.

I used Cambria years ago, and I can't remember my sf, but it was close to 6,000. I didn't price anything else, so I don't know how that compares. Here where I work, our granite price levels go from group A (cheapest) to group E (most expensive) and Cambria is at about a group D granite price range. Other quartzes are at about a group C price range. I don't know pricing per sf as we price by the job, taking finished edges, etc into account (and by we, I mean the guys up front... I sell tile and plumbing :)

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$165 per sq ft is really high. There are places in LA that does Cambria for $50 or $60 per sq ft. You should not always go with the cheapest quote because fabrication and installation have huge effect on the look of your countertop. If you have seams in the countertop, it can range from almost 1/8 in gap to almost invisible depending on the installer. Its also possible that you live in an area where Cambria is particularly expensive.

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I have one quote for 65 sq feet (42 lineal feet of edge) for roughly $7800. (Two sink cutouts) It is well above the other brands of quartz. But per square foot, your price seems high.

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We had just about 32 sq ft. It was almost 5k for ours, one seam, one sink cut out. Requesting only one seam added $700 to the price.

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Around here you can negotiate Cambria and Casearstone for about the same price per sq foot. In the $70-80/sq ft range. Your estimate sounds quite high.

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I have 45 sq. ft. of countertops. My best Cambria quote was around $4100 with the others coming in at $4500. I would definitely get another quote. I ended up going with Silestone Quasar which I got for $3600 with a 10% discount from HD.

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We just had Cambria quartz installed a couple of weeks ago and paid $5700 for I think about 50sqft- no backsplash, mitered edge. Since all 'designs' of Cambria are the same price I agree with the previous post that it's the fabrication and install that will vary. I also didn't price anything else either, so I may not be a good source of info, but perhaps get a 2nd Cambria fabricator/installer to quote as well. We are Central Coast CA, not sure if location makes a difference...probably does. :)

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My experience has been that the $ per square foot "installed" price is only the beginning. Does this include old countertop removal and disposal, faucet and disposal disconnect/reconnect? Is your sink very expensive? I guess if you're comparing two identical estimates you know the Cambria premium. I just wish they'd all be a bit more upfront with the add-on charges for us non-DIYers.

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Wow, that is high! Here outside of D.C. I paid just over $2700 for 33 sqft. One piece, no seam, one sink cutout.

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I'm in the northeast and I'm paying $75/sq ft from my kitchen place. I think that might just be for the matl?? Now I wonder. Having the entire kitchen redone though. I went to HD and looked at what they had. Similar colors were around the same price for their brands.

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It is pricey here and Cambria is "local", meaning it is produced in my state and not terribly far away. When I looked at it the design showroom couldn't give me an exact price because they sent the measurements to Cambria and then a quote was sent back.

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I was quoted $120/sf. I now have money down on beautiful granite. Even the most expensive granites in my area that I liked were less.

Make sure you know the lead time needed. The place doing my cabinets says they have customers waiting 2-3 months for Cambria. They are installing some now ordered I think he said early October. The order he placed shortly after that is longer, he just got a call delaying it. And he was just quoted a timeframe of June for a project. For that customer he is going to check with some suppliers he uses less frequently to see if they have either stock or an order coming in.

Now I'm sure that depends to a certain extent on which color you want, but still...

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Thanks for all the info, I was thinking that it was high. The plant that make cambria is only about 4 hours from where I live so I thought that might help the price, guess not! We really like that it's made locally but I might have to shop around a little more. Since we are not positive this is our forever (or even the next 5 year) house might not be the best idea to put in the most expensive quartz... I really do love that torquay from cambria though.

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you must be in WI. Yes, it is pricey here! I wonder why? Anyway, we went with soapstone out of Denver and even with shipping, fabrication, and install, it was less than Cambria. They do have some lovely patterns though.

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When I tried to price Cambria in the Northeast the estimates were just "thrown around" by a few kitchen shops. The quote from a stone dealer was around $6000 for 35 sq ft. I got so frustrated, I couldn't understand why it seemed so high. I was told I needed to purchase the entire slab. I gave up on Cambria and I waited until the soapstone dealer located the amount I needed. It was well worth the wait and less expensive than Cambria(although not inexpensive).

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Hello OP,

What I can chime in from experience, is that *basically* all of the engineered quartz is the same in terms of composition (usually around 93 percent quartz and the rest resins & pigments & fillers). It's just various manufacturers that create unique (sometimes patented) colors. What I'm trying to say is unless you are set on a specific color that only one quartz manufacturer carries, I don't see a reason picking one brand over another if there is a large price difference, especially if you can find a comparable color with the less expensive brand. Hope this makes sense!

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Bananas80 -
I am replacing countertops, and my quote for Cambria was less than Caesarstone by a fair amount (20%). This is because the company that is facilitating my countertop purchase and installation has some sort of volume discount with Cambria. So if you really like the Cambria, perhaps you could call around and see if you can find better pricing. I am in the Northeast. Also, I think another poster mentioned that some Cambria colors are not readily available. I found this to be true in my area, although the Torquay that you like is readily available here. Some other colors like Cambria Newport were not going to be available to me until April. Good luck with your decision!

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They sell Cambria at Ikea. Maybe price it there for comparison

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$5300/32 = $165 per sq. ft.

Even for Cambria thats ridiculous. REALLY ridiculous. whoever gave you that price doesn't really want your business.

Around here Cambria runs roughly 90 - $100/sq. ft. retail.

Get a similar quartz product (ALL brands of quartz countertop slabs are made on the same machines purchased from Breton in Italy)bid or a granite bid from a fabricator and you'll save a LOT of money.

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I wonder if the $165 includes installation? It's interesting that in the northeast where I am, the quartz and granite that I was looking at was around the same price. $65-75 sq ft. I don't think I've seen it lower, unless it was the A group. I think mine Cambria Brecon Brown was a C group if I'm not mistaken. Around same price for C groups at HD in other brands.

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Sophie Wheeler

Are you comparing apples to apples?

What other services are included? Old counter removal? (That's extra.) Leveling out of level cabinets? (That's a LOT extra!) Appliance (DW and cooktop) disconnect and reconnect? (That's about $500-$700 extra right there.) Is there an upgraded edge, like an ogee? (That's another $300-$900.)

The actual counters, their fabrication and basic install could be a lot less than the quote if all of those extra items are included. And it's an opportunity for someone handy to save a bit of money by doing some of those tasks themself. If you're not handy, then you'll have to pay someone to do all of that. They aren't "free" services, even if someone tells you that they are. They're folded into the total.

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After reading this thread I pretty much ruled out the possibility of getting Cambria. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where everything is way expensive.

I went ahead and got an estimate anyway, just out of curiousity, and was surprised when they said my 68 sq ft would be $5500.00. This is with one cut out, and a simple eased edge, and no backsplash. Still a little over my budget, so I'll probably look into getting a few more estimates to see if I can do better.


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Hard to believe that Cambria can ship stone halfway across the country, and sell it for less than the do in their home market.. If the OP is within 4 hours of Cambria, I dont think there will be much negotiating room as it all comes from their central fabrication facility, or a few select certified fabricators..

With Cambria, you cannot go by just sq footage. You need to factor in backsplash, cooktop? Undermount or overmount sink, seams etc, as they are all priced individually. After you determine all the intricasies of your estimate, then you can calculate it by the sq ft if you want..

All edges are the same price, which can be good, if youre going with a comparable with an ogee edge, or it can be a negative if youre just going with a standard edge.. An ogee edge on any comparable, will add to the cost, therefore offsetting the difference.

If you are buying from Cambria factory store, I will say one thing, their backsplash is expensive..

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