Mineral Oil and Marble

FarmerMcLarryDecember 19, 2013

I am in the process of looking for a good cutting board and have read that mineral oil is used to season wooden ones for use. My question/concern is what effect does using a mineral oil prepped cutting board have on marble? Would it be best to put a towel under the board to avoid any problems where the two meet or is it not a concern? Thanks!

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Is your marble sealed? With what? Oil will stain marble, as marble is porous. However, if you have your marble sealed, and maintain that sealer, you are unlikely to have issues.

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My marble is sealed and I have rubbed it with Crisco to knead fondant and had no issues. Your cutting board is going to be wiped down to remove the excess, so it really, really should even cause you any pause unless you plan not to seal the marble -- in which case it is going to have plenty of patina anyway, so just enjoy it.

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Thanks, my marble is sealed with Drytreat 15 year sealer. Sounds like with some common sense, I should be good to go.

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I have Carrara counters and a black walnut island. I prep on the island on a large walnut Boos board. Because my board was trapping water under it which could potentially damage the wood counter, my fabricator recommended I put little rubber feet on the bottom of the board.

I used to dry my board on its side on stretched across my cleanup sink after washing with some of the board resting on the marble as it is so big and heavy. After a week or so, it started to affect the marble. Hard to describe the damage, mot really an etch. Needless to say, I don't dry my board there anymore. I regularly use Boos mystery oil and Boos board cream on my board, not mineral oil, so that might be a difference.

Regardless, you might consider using some little feeties like these on your board. If nothing else, they would prevent your board from potentially sitting on water that can get under it.

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