Cooktop surface care? (Where to find glass ceramic cleaner)

mudwormDecember 27, 2012

I've been cooking with our Bosch 500 induction cooktop for over a week. Because a lot of stuff is still boxed up, I haven't really gotten into my full on cooking mode yet. Just with some simple cooking, I noticed some specks on the otherwise shiny cooktop. I pulled out the user guide and found it actually quite clear and helpful on what to do with those specks -- a razor blade scraper is the key. It works, but I find it time consuming because there are many of them.

Anyway, even though I do love the cooktop, I find it a little higher maintenance than I have expected. It's no big deal to adjust my expectation, but it'll be nice to learn some tricks. Any time saving tips to share? Does everyone really feel comfortable with putting down paper towels between cooktop and cookware while cooking? Even at high heat? I've read it, but I haven't dared to try.

The user guide also states: Use recommended glass ceramic cooktop cleaner daily. However, I don't see any recommendation there. Does anyone know where I can find such cleaner? A brand you like? I don't remember seeing them on shelves anywhere, but maybe because I didn't know what they were for.

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Some Ceramabryte and a scrubby pad came with my GE induction stove. I also bought a Weiman kit at Walmart that has a razor scraper but haven't used it yet. I put down paper towels when I stir-fry but not underneath the pan. Seems counter intuitive doesn't it? I would agree that it is higher maintenance than my old coil electric stove. Keeping it shiny and clean is a chore. But I wouldn't go back!

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Yep, it's work, but my cooktop always looks clean, unlike coil stoves.

You really do have to clean it every day. I never cook on dirty burners because it will burn the stuff on. Burned-on specks take patience with a razor blade, followed by the cleaner. For daily cleaning, I wash it with a little baking soda and a wet sponge. Dish soap is too sudsy and requires too much rinsing. I dry with paper towels to avoid water streaks.

I thought the Ceramabryte sample that came with my stove polished better than the Weiman's, so I'm going to try the Ceramabryte again when I run out of Weiman's.

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I'm glad that I didn't wait too long before reading the user care guide. Just found Cerama Bryte on Amazon and placed an order. Thanks for the information!

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does anyone use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? I used it on my old ceramic top and it worked like magic, literally! Course, I wasn't worried about ruining the stove top then, but it never seemed to affect it adversely.

I've never heard of the paper towel trick. Is that an induction specific practice? It doesn't catch on fire?

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I've been using my GE induction range for about a month, I think. Mostly I use a slightly soapy damp sponge, then shine it up with glass cleaner and a paper towel or microfiber cloth. It is tough to get it completely smear & dust free, but I can get it "good enough." Cerambryte came with mine, too--just haven't used it yet. Can't say we have any burned on speckles yet.

I put a paper towel under cast iron to prevent scratching; DH used paper towels under a stainless skillet today when cooking bacon to catch some of the splatters. Some folks use newspapers when cooking something spectacularly messy. Sometimes the pt gets a faint brown scorch, but that's been it. And yes, auntx2, that trick probably is induction-specific. :)

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I wash it with soap and water after washing the dishes, if there are grease spatters. Then I use glass cleaner or countertop cleaner. It slowly develops a hazy appearing circle on the burnes and when that starts to bother me I buff it off with the Weiman's or Ceramabryte, but generally less than monthly. I've never had to use a razor blade, just wait a bit for hard gook to soften undr the regular cleaner. I do wipe up spills that will harden as soon as I make them while I cook -- pancake batter, beaten eggs, stuff like that. I sometimes put a dishtowel around the base of the pot if it's spitting or threatening to boil over, but I never use papertowels for anything. Both Weiman's Cooktop Cleaner and Ceramabryte are sold in the grocery store by the dish detergent. For some reason, I have half a bottle of each. As I was packing to move, I also found three and a half bottles of Jet Dry. I apparently have an obsession with shiny glass that I was unaware of.

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I generally wipe it down with soap and water - I have these great little scrubby pads from Williams Sonoma that work great.
If it is greasy - I use the ceramic cooktop cleaner - they don't all work the same - and the Miele version works better than some of the others I have tried - I want to check out the ceramabryte. I haven't tried the Wolf version yet - it was a sample that came with the cooktop.

jxbrown- I have some more bottles of Jet Dry to add to your collection!

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I have the Bosch 500 as well and am always remarking how easy it is to keep clean. I use Weiman cooktop cleaner (purchased at Ace Hardware) about every 1-2 weeks. I also use the 1/2 rubbing alcohol - 1/2 water combo that is frequently talked about on GW as a countertop cleaner. No streaks!
My last cooktop was glass as well but regular electric. I was forever scrubbing away the burned on spills. With induction it doesn't burn on.

I have heard of someone that always used paper towels under their pots when cooking on induction. When cooking on high, however, they did have a paper towel catch on fire.

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After my first paper towel remark, I was craving popcorn. I decided to try putting my (incompatible with induction) Whirly-pop inside a cast-iron skillet to make popcorn. It worked, albeit more slowly than usual. The burner was set to 5, and by the time it was done, the paper towel under the skillet was scorched to medium brown and to the point where I could just about read the word Lodge on the towel. No fire, though.

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I think I will hold on using paper towels - has anyone used a silpat type thing on their cooktop?

I bought the BBB version of the larger one as at our first party - folks thought the cooktop was a big cutting board....

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I have never used paper towels to cook, but I will wipe with paper towels after cooking. I will use the Weiman cooktop cleaner maybe once a month. I used it Christmas Eve , and the top looked like new.

I agree you can get the cleaners at grocery stores or Bed Bath & Beyond.

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I tried the paper towel trick tonight. I covered the whole cooktop because I was stir-frying in two pans. The pan I cooked at a higher level (9) smelled and scorched. It took quite a bit of elbow grease, Ceramabryte and scrubby pad to get the burnt paper towel removed. The pan I cooked as high as 8 did not burn. Best part is there was no oil mess to clean up.

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It's about a year and a half for my Bosch 500 and I have never used a razor blade or any ceram-stuff. I use a wet sponge and paper towels for grease and then clean with Sparkle glass cleaner. The manual says to use a non-ammonia glass cleaner and that is Sparkle. It works well.

I dunno. I think it is easy to keep clean and shiny. I tried paper towels a few weeks ago and found it unnerving because I couldn't see the hob circles. Was making spattery latkes.

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So far, I've used a variety of things to wipe off our induction cooktop: Clorox Green Works Glass cleaner, 1:1 white vinegar:water, diluted Dawn dish soap then rinsed w/clear water. I'll have to look for Sparkle and add that to my stash. ;-)

One trick I learned is to use a clean dish rag. (I try to keep a 'green' kitchen as much as possible and minimize paper towel use) The smallest bit of greasy residue on a dish rag will smear all over the cooktop and make it worse. Gah. Haven't had anything burn on (yet) that required scraping with a razor blade.

I have no desire to cook with a paper towel under a skillet, but I have placed some around the fry pan.

As for bacon, I have not cooked it in years. Once we discovered Hormel's already-cooked-bacon at Costco, we have not looked back.

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We have only used dish soap/water so far but we made bacon this morning. I grabbed my windex before realizing the manual says no ammonia glass cleaners as they may permanently etch. Well, it was a quick wipe and no etching. whew! I'll look for Sparkle. Is the Ceramabryte just for cooked on foods? I haven't had that happen yet.

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For everyday cleaning I use a wet sponge and then dry with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. If the cooktop gets messy, I use Ceramabryte. My DH uses the paper towel under the pot, mostly to prevent scratching, but I think it's overkill. Nothing has caught fire yet, but the night is still young!

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