Holiday baking

drewemDecember 10, 2012

Hello! As I was pounding away at graham crackers, oreo's, and candy canes to make various holiday treats today, I was wondering if this will be okay to do on quartzite next year?

I put each item to be crushed in a ziploc bag, and pound it like crazy with a glass until well crushed. Really pound it. I've never thought about it, now we have laminate.

Will this harm my stone? Or should I invest in a kitchen gadget to do this for me? Maybe a food processor?

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Don't know about quartzite, but I'd be worried about the glass! You might have to switch to a rolling pin next year.

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Or buy your stuff already crushed! graham cracker and oreo crumbs are on sale at most grocery stores now, and I just bought a big of crushed up candy canes at the "kitchen candy store"

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Our quartzite is super strong, I'm more concerned about the industrial-grade food dyes I use in my cookies and icing this time of year. We shall see...this is a kitchen to be used, not babied.

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Buying pre-crushed sounds interesting. However, that takes the fun out of it!

So far, so good, no glass breaking. I can try rolling pin next time. I was just concerned about cracking the stone. Any granite users out there who may have an opinion?

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I crush stuff all the time on my granite using a heavy metal tenderizer (flat side). As strongly as oreos, graham crackers and candy canes stick to our thighs, they are not that tough to crush!

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I use a marble rolling pin to crush those types of things. I put them in a ziploc bag, bag goes on the granite and I roll it to death. Never had any problem.

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Things that didn't break on laminate may on stone. I wouldn't worry about the stone itself, but worry about what hits the stone.

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I've used my wooden rolling pins to crush them in the past. It worked, but dented my pin. :(

Food processors work well for this task. A blender will do it too.

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Thank you all!

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