Should I buy Viking 36" gas rangetop and 30" wall oven???

hhamilton8December 10, 2012

I'm doing a kitchen remodel. I have to choose my appliances by the end of the week. I am interested in hearing about others experiences with Viking's 36" gas range top and Viking 30" professional oven. I've seen MANY bad reviews, however, they seemed to be from several years ago. I'm hoping that maybe Viking has stepped up their game in response to all the issues they seem to be having. I do a LOT of cooking, so these appliances are not just to look at. However, I am leaning toward them because, assuming all else is equal, they are so darn attractive. Consumer Reports gave them solid ratings, but the reviews are scaring me. Please help!

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NO! Run,dont walk, away from Viking oven.

Lab nerds at CR are really cluless when it comes to cooking equipment.

They judge an oven by how well it bakes store purchased chocolate chip cookie dough.


2)Wolf L Series
3)Electrolux,choose the interface you like the most.

Highlights to Gagg oven. Side opening door so you don't need to reach over a hot oven door or pull out racks. Air Catylyzer that vaporizes grease before exiting air into kitchen which helps keep kitchen clean and fresh smelling. Fussy pastry chef heat evenness.

36" Gas Rangetop

1)Capital Culinarian
2)Bluestar RNB

True commercial type open burners not semi-open burners like Viking.Power burners are 22-23k btu for residential portions not 30-36k btu burners like on commercial ranges.
Even and efficient burners that direct heat directly to the bottom of the pan not to the side and up like on sealed burner and semi-open burners.

Much more detailed discussion on Appliance Forum.

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Thank you for your response deeageaux! I think I have finally decided to stay away from Viking. I notice you didn't mention the Wolf 36" gas range. What are your thoughts on that?

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