Cabico vs. Kraftmaid Cabinets

mcs14December 13, 2010

We are looking to remodel our kitchen and are considering quotes using Cabico or Kraftmaid cabinets. For both we being quoted all wood doors and plywood cabinet box construction. The Cabico cabinets are about 20% - 25% higher then the Kraftmaid. We are also looking at contemporary slab doors with natural wood so staining and painting is not an issue. What experience does anyone have with either and would the quality of the Cabico justify the price difference. One last point is the the Cabico are frame-less and the Kraftmaid are framed, which I understand does reflect somewhat in pricing. Thanks

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Cabico is a full custom line and Kraftmaid is a semi-custom line. (Or did you mean Craft-maid with a "C" which is a full custom line?) I received a quote for Kraftmaid, assuming that semi-custom would be less expensive. The quote was much higher than I expected, so I decided to see just how expensive it really was to buy custom cabinets. Cabico was the first custom line I looked at and the quote was 20% less than Kraftmaid. I ultimately went with a different company altogether, but thought Cabico and Kraftmaid were both good quality. I actually think Kraftmaid is a very good quality cabinet. You might want to get other quotes from other cabinet lines and once you decide on a cabinet company, get a couple of quotes from different dealers. I found that the quotes can vary drastically from one dealer to another. Just make sure you are getting quotes on the same thing (dimensions, frameless or framed, accessories, etc.) so you can compare apples to apples.

If your choice is between Cabico and Kraftmaid (as opposed to Craft-maid), would Cabico be doing anything truly custom, such as making cabinets with odd dimensions? When I switched my plan to custom cabinets, it really changed my whole design and freed me to change dimensions to just about anything. For instance, I was able to fit in the bigger sink I wanted because I wasn't limited to stock sizes and get a toe kick drawer for my step stool. My entire kitchen design is much better than it would have been had I stuck with semi-custom cabinets.

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We purchased Cabico and are very happy. I thought they were much better made then the Kraftmaid we looked at. After about 6 months, no regrets at all. Much more custom.

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Thanks to both of you for your comments. In looking over both proposed designs, we found that we had lost some storage space and probably might need custom cabinets in a redesign. KithchenKrazed, who did you wind up using for cabinets and why did you choose them over Cabico?

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I have Cabico in both frameless (Shaker doors) and face frame (slab veneer). I'm very pleased with the cabinets. I did not get the all plywood upgrade, but Cabico's standard cabinets come with plywood backs anyway. The cabinets are quite solid and "beefy". (When one of the new Cabico's was placed next to one of my outgoing cabinets, it looked like a pro-linebacker standing next to a high school quarterback.)

While I didn't look at Kraftmaid, I did price out Thomasville (another semi-custom line) and the Cabico price was about 20% more. Given Cabico construction, fully custom and other standard features like soft close drawers, the price difference seemed very reasonable in my opinion.

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I just bought Cabico cabinets for my bathroom and was disappointed in the quality of the finish. Had to have all the doors and drawer fronts replaced. According to the store rep, there is a B side and an A side for each door/drawer front and the factory had used the poorer quality B side instead of the A side. Even though they replaced them all, I still don't think the finish is as good as on my kitchen Omega cabinets. I got a dark stain and didn't realize that with framless cabinets you can see the lighter birch interior in the little space between the cabinet doors. Not a problem in a little bathroom, but wouldn't have wanted that in my kitchen.

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I looked at a lot of different cabinet lines, but ultimately chose Plain and Fancy. I haven't received them yet, so can only tell you what I know so far. I chose them for a few reasons, mainly for their quality and finish. They also weren't too much more expensive than the Kraftmaid quote I received, but definitely more expensive than Cabico.

I ordered white painted cabinets and the finish was a huge concern for me since painted cabinets can generally show wear more quickly and are harder to touch up. I was looking for a cabinet company that baked on their painted finish and sanded between each coat. They also paint all the parts of a door or drawer front separately before putting them together. This helps to ensure that if there is any movement or expansion of the separate parts, you will see the painted finish instead of having an unfinished gap. I also checked door samples in a couple of showrooms and liked the finish very much. It just looked prettier and more durable. I did not really like the Cabico painted finishes. I know you are looking at stained finishes, however, and I really didn't look too closely at those.

In addition to their finishing process, there were some construction details on the Plain and Fancy that other lines didn't offer. They are also concerned with their impact on the environment. I e-mailed and called the company directly a couple of times with questions and they were very pleasant, helpful and responded quickly. Overall, I really liked the look and quality of the cabinets.

I did notice on the Cabico frameless cabinet display what Auzzy mentioned about seeing the lighter interior of the cabinets through the gap in between the doors. The salesman told me the doors needed to be adjusted, but I didn't notice this on any of the other cabinet lines I looked at (I also didn't look for that issue on the other cabinet lines, just happened to notice it on Cabico). You may be able to have the interiors finished in the same color as the exterior if this is a concern for you, but there may be an upcharge. Many people on this forum really seem to love their Cabico cabinets and I think for a stained finish, Cabico makes a nice cabinet. Hope this helps.

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My husband and I have decided on Cabico Expresso cabinets. We chose the Monaco style door, Cherry, in color Jamaica. We definitely would like the doors to be glazed. Do you think Jamaica is too dark for glaze? And what color would you suggest?

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