Kitchen Layout

timberwolf78December 18, 2013

I hope the image is easily readable, especially with that watermark there.

Anyway, I would love to get the feedback on the kitchen layout. The size is 12'4"x13'11.

One thing I like to mention is that the placement of countertops/appliances is preliminary and there are a few things I already know of that I would be changing.

i will eliminate the countertop between the nook and the kitchen and will have an island in the middle.
I am thinking of changing the wall between the kitchen and the dining as so there is 4' opening right in the middle and 3' wide walls on both sides with cabinetry/appliances on the kitchen side.


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where is the dining room?

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Between the foyer and the powder room. It is 10'x12.5'.

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I think it is hard to actually "see" the size. Can you draw up what you are already planning perhaps on graph paper with all measurements marked. No sense in commenting on what you have posted if you already have plans to change it.

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I had a corner sink with DW next to it and hated it every day. Impossible to stand directly in front of the sink with the DW door open. Had to stand beside the sink and lean over to scrape the dishes and load into DW.

Your prime prep area is between the sink and the stove. Consider stretching out that area when you redesign with the island.

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