For the cabinet builders, what are your drawer glides?

tracie.erinDecember 21, 2010

Please share the drawer hardware you used if you built your cabinets yourself. I'm looking for something high quality but less than $40/pair of glides. Full extension and soft close would be nice.

I've searched the forums and seen the IKEA hardware recommended, but it seems you have to buy their metal drawer as well. I'm sure we would prefer to build the drawer. The boy would like to get into carpentry professionally so wants the kitchen for his portfolio.

TIA! :)

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Ikea use Blum. If you want full extension and soft close, you want Blum. We all love Blum. I don't know what they cost, since I had mine made and they were included. You might want to try some of the wholesalers. If you have a whole kitchen order (i.e., big enough to be worth their while) they'll often sell to an individual with a credit card. You just have to pay any applicable sales/use tax yourself.

It also wouldn't hurt the boy to apply for a tax permit if you have sales tax. He'll need it when he turns pro anyway. That makes it easier to get supplies for wholesale prices, as well as making it easier to submit the tax.

When people complain about their hardware, it isn't Blum. :)

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Ours are Knape & Vogt. We have the full-extension without soft-close, but DH is starting cabinets for his parents' home and he'll be using the soft-close ones I'm linking, although he's buying them from a local builders supply for a lower price. We've always used KV hardware for our cabinets and are very happy with the quality and performance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Knape & Vogt MuV soft close drawer glides

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Fori is not pleased

I have some Blum hardware that has failed, but it's not drawer slides. My Blum slides are so far OK.

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Mine are Grass. I found this forum too late and my cab guy had already ordered the slides.

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Blum Tandem that can be used with wooden drawers are around $25- $30 a pair when you get all the clips, bits ect...

A more value priced full extension slide is Hettich's Quadro. Those are nice and go for around $20 a pair and they have been around a long time.

Grass makes some quality gear too, but I'd shy away since they are still trying to absorb their recent purchase of Mepla and I think they have too many offerings with no real reason to pick one of them over Blum or Hettich.

Now, these are an advantage if you are making frameless cabs, if not the KV selection is better for framed cabs.

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We've used KV on our frameless cabinets. If the ones I linked were for framed, know that they have some for frameless, too.

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Thanks for your advice everyone. We are doing frameless cabinets.

Plllog, thanks for pointing out the tax issue. I've worked in accounting so should be able to do the tax permit myself. Heck, I could incorporate him/us if I wanted :) I am considering Blum but want to know the other options. I certainly do see it mentioned a lot here.

Rhome, thanks, I was hoping you would chime in with what you'd used. I will see if we have a builder's supply around. The ones you linked do seem to be for frameless OR framed cabs.

Antss, you seem to know a lot about this, thanks for commenting :). I was not able find Blum for that price. The Quadros look really nice though.

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