Knock-off Crate and Barrel French island

silvergirl426_gwDecember 13, 2011

Crate and Barrel sells a beautiful French kitchen island with marble top and black metal legs. It is very expensive -- surprise surprise. Does anyone know of a similar type of island, only cheaper? Sorry I can't link the pic. Also, I'm trying to think of ways to DIY with metal legs. Anybody got ideas there too?


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Yikes!! $999?

It is pretty, though.

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That is beautiful.

What about painting a front entry way table or sofa table and adding a marble top. I have used the oil rubbed bronze spray paint from Valspar to paint over our brass front door plate and exterior lights. They came out beautiful. The trick is to use several light coats of spray.

We also had a marble top made for our front entry piece which cost about $250 to cut and install.

I think if you could find a base that you like at a thrift store you could make for around $350.

Here is a link to a how to spray paint furniture article. Super easy:

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What amazes me is not necessarily the price, but that someone will pay that.

Are you at all handy?
This looks like it could be made for much less, or!
Can you have someone make it who might charge you far less? Someone local without the overhead?

Nice table tho

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It is gorgeous, lovely proportions, but that cross brace is going to limit access to it from one side.

Whatever you find, make sure it's tall enough to be counter-height (if that's important to you.) Granite fabricators have remnants from other jobs, and will give a great price on them. I'd look there for a small piece of marble to put on one that you make ourself.

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Someone used this in their kitchen and posted it this last spring or summer. It is great looking. It is wide enough if I recall to not look like a sofa or entry table. I would use that in a heart beat if I had the room and design to handle it.

My concern with using a sofa or entry table, is that it would be narrow, tall, and then top heavy (with a stone top). I would not recommend that situation for safety reasons unless it was used against a wall and mounted safely to the wall.

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I am curious what people think a large counter-height metal table with a big slab of marble on it is supposed to cost? Fifty bucks?

A real island costs far more than that.

It looks very nice but I don't see it as hugely practical. I (personally) don't like marble as a kitchen work surface, but even if you do, this island occupies a fair amount of space without a lot of useful storage. There are no drawers, only one shelf and everything you put there has to be attractive.

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I would check craigslist for a metal-base console table or library table. If you find one that has the sculptural effect you love, you can put it in your kitchen, practice with it for functionality, and -- if it works -- keep an eye out for a top material that would work in your kitchen finishes.

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This one is not nearly as nice, but I thought I'd show it to you anyway.

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Make friends with an ironworker, pipefitter, or fabricator who knows how to MIG weld. With four two-knuckle banister rails and $20 in mild steel round bar stock and $10 in L-channel mild steel bar stock, a can of Rustoleum in the finish you want, and you've got your base in an evening. A piece of marble or granite or even two bags of Buddy Rhodes Countertop Mix and a little ambition, and you've got yourself an island.

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To echo Marcolo's comment on cost, while in New Orleans on Thanksgiving weekend, I saw a real French version of the Crate and Barrel island in an antique shop. The price: ~$4,000!

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I think it's gorgeous!!! A marble remant is going to cost $300 at least so I don't think the price is crazy. I just wish it were more functional a second self without the X bar and a few drawers would add alot of functionality to the space. I would look around and if you can find a base that's more functional, then adding a marble top would be a good option. Antique shops, malls, craigslist maybe a good place to start.

We purchased a similar piece (not as nice) 11 years ago. It has been to 5 different homes and there's always an essential spot that we can use it. I've since painted it and am using it as an outdoor work surface.

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I have that island. I bought it when we moved into our house and the kitchen had a french vibe and no island and little work space. I like it a lot looks-wise. The dislikes -I wish it were a little bigger. The open bottom is nice and charming and keeps the space open - I have bottles of wine lying on the shelf and a basket of dishtowels. I also have a rice cooker and other random stuff there but that's a function of my lack of storage - not what looks good there! Anyway, the dislike is that it always gets really dusty. Always. We have a dog that tracks in dirt which becomes dust that settles there. The towel bars are very slightly rusted from wet towels but I do love them - will have them on my next island as well but in something that doesn't rust. The top has stayed pretty nice even though we have not been careful at all. It's got some etching and there are big scratches from some house sitters who decided to cut on the island. : ( But I am the only one who notices all those things. I'm hoping to start our kitchen renovation in 3-6 months and probably won't have a spot for it anymore...I'll probably sell it on craigslist!

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don't know if this is still needed but saw your lsland and also found a knock off from the coupon lady? see link below!
if anyone needs it its a good knockoff in my view and you could also spray paint the stainless steel black to complete the look

Here is a link that might be useful: amazon

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I was thinking about using this as a side board in my dining room. I also considered making one myself as I would like to have an extra shelf below. The cross bar does not bother me and that would be against the wall. I think at the end of the day, I will wait for a sale at C&B and buy it then. For anyone who has it, is it nearly as beautiful in person? I can't get over how much I love it.

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