Eat-in kitchen layout rendering for feedback

fb1981December 5, 2012

Hey guys,

I've been tinkering with my new kitchen design for a while. I've got something I'm pretty happy with, so I'm hoping to get some feedback from you guys!

A few notes:
- Roughly where the picture is "taken" from is where you enter the kitchen from the living room.
- The door you can kind of see in the back left leads to some outside stairs that lead down to the garden.
- Outside the four windows on the right is a ~2.5' wide strip of flat roof. I plan to put planters out here with herbs and veggies in them.
- I haven't chosen materials or finishes yet - the colors are somewhat arbitrary as I've been focusing mostly on layout at this point.
- There is no other dining room in the house, all eating will happen in the kitchen. Only two of us live in the house, but we like to have friends over for bigger meals.


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It looks like pretty decent use of the space, but do you have a layout (with dimensions) we can see? Pretty renderings don't always tell the whole story, and it can be easy to overlook a need or something spaced so that it won't work as well as imagined.

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Sure thing! Kind of threw this together, but it should give you a good sense of the general dimensions.

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I could see things that could be rearranged, but none that make more sense than what you have, I don't think. Like there are reasons to put the dw on the other side of the sink, but at least as many to keep it where it is. You could put the fridge on the wall with the stove, but then the sink and stove are divided, and the fridge moves away from the table. It's all personal opinion and priority, and in every instance I can think of, I see good reasons for the plan you have.

Is your sink smallish looking because of software limitations? I wouldn't skimp there only to have regrets later.

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Thanks! The sink is just under 2' wide if I remember right (it's over a 2' cabinet). Is that reasonable, or do people generally like something bigger?

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Gosh, while I am not layout guru, I like it.

Will you have a microwave? If so, do you know where it would go?

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I don't actually have a microwave, but I was thinking that it someone ever wants one it could go in the large cabinet to the left of the fridge. I'll probably put an outlet in there just in case...

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I think it looks good!

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