Final Kitchen Reveal - Thank you GW!(lots of pictures!)

a2geminiDecember 9, 2012

Final Kitchen Reveal

I can't believe it is almost a year since we signed the contract with the KD and GC. I only wish I had found GardenWeb before I signed the dotted line as I might have done a few things differently.
I hoped to create a web page or a story but decided just to do it in GW. I hope to have a finished kitchen link downstream. Sorry for so many pictures but I did trim it down!

The GardenWeb community was wonderful and so helpful in my decisions (outside of the design as this was done already). Gardenwebbers helped me with my backsplash, deciding on the pull out pantry, decorative lights and so much more. I know many of you have seen the kitchen on various posts but hoping this pulls it together.
I know I have a much better kitchen due to the GW. Thank you!

The original kitchen had contractor Merillat cabinets, Formica countertops, soffits, range with OTR Microwave and Adobe colored light fixtures. The sunroom had some old This End Up furniture.

The workflow was terrible - to empty the dishwasher, I had to go to 3 locations and I didn't really have any zones although technically, there was a triangle. I wanted more creativity in the design, but ended up staying relatively linear as I looked at adding a peninsula but didn't like how it closed in the room.

Our goals for our kitchen were basic - we were not planning on tearing down any walls, so we had the same basic footprint with modifications to enhance workflow. We wanted a warm and welcoming kitchen with quality full height cabinets, lower drawers, an induction cooktop, downdraft exhaust*, wall oven, quartz countertop, under cabinet lighting, and LED lights on dimmers where possible. We were also planning to re-use the hardwood floor. *Decided against this option and went with a hood). I also wanted to avoid box stores as much as possible, so most items were sourced from small businesses or small chains. The

The major changes were: removed soffits, switched range to cooktop and moved to opposite end of kitchen, removed desk and added wall and speed ovens, added a pocket door to the original pantry, and created a functional and fun sun room.


href=""; target="_blank">



Cabinets: Brookhaven Autumn Cherry with a black glaze
Pulls: Baldwin Brass 5 and 8 inch arch pulls in antique brass
Countertop: Cambria Buckingham
Sink: Blanco Silgranit Cascade Divide Cafe Brown
Backsplash: Grazia Rixi Crema, Beach mosaic, and 2x2 accent pieces
Paint - BM Coastal Path and trim is Mascarpone
Faucet: Waterstone PLP 5400 Antique Brass
Soap Dispenser: Waterstone Antique Brass
Cooktop: Wolf Induction 36 inch
Hood: Broan Evolution 3
Oven: Wolf E series
Speed Oven: GE Advantium (Monogram)
Refrigerator: Re-use Electrolux
Dishwasher: Re-use Miele
Disposer: 1 HP Insinkerator Evolution
Can Lights: Cooper RL07 3000K LED dimmable
Under Counter lights: GM Lighting LARC bars 3000K dimmable
Cabinet lighting: Kimberly triple bright dimmable tape lighting
Decorative lights: Hubbardton Forge
Rev-A-Shelf cutlery tray
Wusthoff double knife block
Lee Valley spring dividers(but ended up not using most of them)
Garden Window -put in about a year before the project but wish I had waited and put in a flush mount - I still might check to see if I can put in a Cambria seat.
Plug Mold: This was basic plug mold and the GC built an angle trim to mount.
GM LARC bars and Plug Mold - we did need to move the LED bars back as initially we had shadows
Now you can see the lights and plugmold - note the conduit to hide the wires..

Now you don't

What do I love about my new kitchen? Just about everything! I love the drawers, the full height cabinets, the UC lighting, the glass cabinet, my Waterstone faucet and most of all - the workflow!
I can now open the dishwasher and empty everything in the same area. From there, everything is close to the dining room for serving. I can organize and serve without feeling fragmented. I love my small bake zone and having a wall oven that I don't have to lean way down to get items out of it!

I also like my Spice Stack - it takes up so little room and I can use regular bottles

I love just sitting in the sun room and reading my "Nook" in my nook. My DH loves his new cave and the add on pull out pantry next to the refrigerator and the pocket door.

I am also having fun with my label maker - it almost makes me look organized!

What would I do differently? I think I would have looked into custom cabinets with plywood construction (still working on the broken drawer issue). In the bake area - I would have put deeper base and upper cabinets and throughout the kitchen might have gone with deeper uppers. An air switch for the disposer and one less outlet(If I used the air switch, I didn't need the switch and would have deleted the switch outlet to the left of the sink). I would have used 6 inch cans - at the time, I was going to use LED bulbs which fit better in 5 inch cans but the integrated LED cans are harder to find in 5 inch versions. I had to ditch my pegboard drawer insert due to the weight factor. I would not have ordered the Brookhaven knife insert - it was a total waste but maybe I can use it for a cutting board if I flip it over.
Lastly, I wouldn't try to do this again while changing jobs after 32 years, dealing with DM health issues from long distance, and trying to train for a marathon. (The marathon was nixed)

Ktichen Cabinets: Chelsea Lumber Company, Chelsea, Michigan
Faucet and Hardware: The Compleaat Baldwin Brass Center, West Reading PA
Field and Mosaic tile: in Califorinia (not in Michigan - they are unrelated!
Accent Tiles: Malsnee Tile in Reading PA
New Appliances: Heydlauff Appliance, Chelsea MI
Decorative Lights - Gross Electric, Ann Arbor
General Contractor: Bill Brushaber, Manchester, MI
Counter Installer: Blasius, Inc Vassar MI

Here are some drawer pictures
Under cooktop - would have used a false top drawer connected to this one to allow taller pots and fry pans - but love the sideways storage - and I can move the dividers or remove some

Knife drawer with Wustoff knife block

Silverware drawer with Rev-a-shelf insert - how long will the silverware stay this organized!

China drawer - turned out too much weight for the cabinet constructions - so will be modifying this a bit - and won't be using the pegboard..

Gadget drawer - I have made some modifications since the picture was taken but you get the idea - this was compliments of Grumpy Dave and his MadeSmart bins

The towels even have a home- still need to identify a towel rack for drying - I tend to use the towels and then into the wash.

Here is what is hidden in the angle cabinet - I moved the vinegars up to the first shelf - so my DH has to share the space...

This is my skinny cabinet - I was going to switch out to 2 drawers but it works great as is - OK, I was previously busted for having too many cutting boards -but it keeps them all in place perfectly!

Most GW don't like blind corners - but it was already a done deal when I found you - so I made the best of it for now - there is a post where someone built their own turntables - I might do that downstream - but the upper 2 cabinets have turntables to improve access.

I do have a SuperSusan in the corner - keep my most used items on the left and then I only open the first door and snag them - If I need to rotate - then I open it completely.

And I can hide a few items in the corners..

Here are a few pictures of the sunroom - I refer to the cabinets on the ends as the his and her "caves" -Now DH has a place for his toys - the cabinet has power in it to charge electronics and note there are also plugs under the bench for power. The back of the bench back has a piano hinge so we can fold down the back if we want more air flow. The table rises up and moves closer to the bench seat for a cozy breakfast or dinner.

Table up!

The one drawer on each cave is a work space - it is just a big cutting board - but a nice feature.

View from my nook - I wish I had snagged a picture with all of the red leaves - but next year, I will be ready!

What is left - just a few odds and ends - I need to have the hanging light adjusted for proper height, a few light switches to swap. I am also thinking of a Boos kitchen cart - I found one on that looks like it might just work.

Thank you again for helping me along the process. I met so many new friends and hope to meet some of you in person downstream.

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Your kitchen is both beautiful and welcoming. Thank you for the "inside" photos. They are giving me ideas on how to organize my kitchen. Can you tell me the name of that spice rack?

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You're in MI!? go figger.
I'm outta the Lansing area. Mom still up there!

Now. About you.
What a huge change. Such beautiful pieces and such enviable organization -- whether you think so or not!
You did a fabulous job.
I love your muffins and your JM! :)
Enjoy. How could you not!?!

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Your kitchen looks lovely! I have seen many of these photos in all of the help and ideas you have given to me : ) Thank you!

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Debrak- it is called SpiceStack - Bed Bath and Beyond sells the smaller one but I ordered the on-line version
CEFreeman - wow - I thought you were out east -will have to meet on one of your forklift specials! Thanks!
Fishies - I figured most have seen parts of my kitchen but tried to pull most of it together-good luck on that island top tomorrow - stand firm, and no spineless fishy!

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great reveal A2!! Everything looks perfect!! I have referred several friends in my Northville area to your photos---especially people looking for Cambria! didn't realize you got your cabs from Chelsea Lumber--that place is such a gem!

Do I remember in a previous post you said you were a PT? I am as well--not sure we ever talked about that?? Our KD just had some professional pics of our kitchen taken--will post when I receive them!

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Christine - thanks! Yes, I am a PT and planning to retire in 10 days! But might work contract.
Wow- I need a professional photographer for our kitchen - I don't think our KD is very tech savvy! Can't wait to see your pictures.

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Oh wow, your kitchen is just beautiful! So warm and welcoming, it says "come spend time in me". So much to admire, from the beautiful quartz countertops (they are truly stunning), to the warm cabinetry stain, to your lovely sunroom bench and 'caves', to those gorgeous glass cabinets that center the room.

I really enjoyed the peeks inside your drawers and cabinets. Pretty cool spice rack -- which cabinet is that in, one of the uppers beside your cooktop? Also could you post a close up of your sink, I would love to see that.

Congratulations on such a wonderful remodel!!

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What a great reveal!! Thank you for all the details! I had seen most pieces before, but to see it all together is very I can delete 3 or 4 bookmarks and replace them with one!

I love everything, but what you wound up choosing for a backsplash is so similar to what I did in my very first kitchen remodel.... It brings back good memeories, thanks!

And thanks for posting this week, because if my lights get put in, I will post my reveal next week, probably just in time for Fishies and Bee to decide to finish...oh well, different " catagory", I guess!!

Great work!


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Beautiful kitchen, what a transformation!

I am in the Detroit area. Blasius was my fabricator for my current kitchen and the ones I did in 2011 and 2010. I found their work to be outstanding and I hope you had the same experience.

Christine40 - small world, sold my house in Northville last month and moved east to Beverly Hills! Got my Cambria from KSI in Livonia, substantially less than my quote from the place in downtown Northville!

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Congrats a2gem !! What a beautiful reveal! Enjoy making new memories in your great home!

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A2, Thank you for the great, inspiring, detailed reveal. I can't think of any questions, I think that is a first. I love it all; the kitchen, the sunroom, the teddy bears. I do hope you get your drawer issue sorted out soon.
Uh oh, just scrolled back up through the pictures and now I have a question: what differentiates the two cutting boards that get stored on plastic bags? I, too, am a cutting board junkie, and now I am wondering if I should be storing some of mine that way.

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Yes, the SpiceStack is in the cabinet to the right of the cooktop - I specifically chose the second shelf as even the LED miniature lights emit heat.

Here is a close up of the sink - It comes with a basket which I store in the mini cab next to the sink and I have the grid - which is stored up above the fridge - I thought of all of the icky stuff that could grow in the feet of the basket/grid - so couldn't leave it in the sink - but someone puts their Blanco grids in the DW - so might try that...

hags - Mostly a good experience with Blasius - they had a counter avalanche in the truck on the way to our place, so they had to get another slab and delayed us about a week - but the work was phenomenal. (my humpty dumpty post)

Go-figure - thanks! We hope to have many memories - I told all contractors - we are NOT moving!

localeater - LOL on the cutting boards - thought I was alone - and never thought I would own more than one or two and they just keep expanding. The two in the bag are bread boards so it catches crumbs - I had an older one and found a new one that was on sale that I liked.

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A2--congrats on the retirement! I just went back to work at an assisted living facility 3 days a I hardly work....had been off for 4 years while we lived out of country.....maybe our paths will cross professionally and kitchen wise someday!!

hags00-small world is right! The kitchen place on Center Street did my kitchen--they were awesome awesome awesome!! Price was very competitive...maybe not great pricing on just "parts"?? We love Northville, so happy we moved here after our stint over in western Canada!! I know that KSI too! Our first house was right around the corner!

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A2 - Great transformation. I love all of your choices. I think your kitchen is well thought out and so inviting. I have 4 cutting boards and want a few more for specific items. Thank you for showing yours!!! I have blind corners too. Not the best, but they are for less used items. The angled cabinet is great. We were supposed to have this i. Our laundry room, but it was forgotten.

Congratulations on the impending retirement!

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What a well thought out and beautiful kitchen you have now! I also thank you for the peeks inside, that is so helpful, I'll be going back to look again when I get closer to organizing my (someday:) new kitchen. I really like your handles, btw. Everything looks wonderful, A2! Wishing you many years of enjoyment!

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WOW! I love the way you pulled it all together in this presentation . So organized....and I bet you really are :) It came together beautifully. I Your caves and table area are perfect. Love the baked goods knew I would. Hope you are enjoying it all . c

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Hey A2, I've been waiting for your reveal. Your kitchen is fantastic but I'm not so sure about those cabinet pulls! (ha, ha, jk). I don't remember seeing your before picture before. Who ever thought that wood trimmed white laminate doors were a good thing? Your kitchen is all grown up and sophisticated now and at the same time it is warm and inviting. Glad to hear you are enjoying the functionality of it. Looks like you did a great job with all the organizational elements. Love your sunny sunroom too.
All your pictures have inspired me to get going on taking some better pictures of my kitchen. just texted my daughter to see if i can borrow her camera. My kitchen's 1 year old birthday is this week. Maybe I should go bake a cake and have a party.
Happy holidays to you and yours. Hope we get some snow here soon for the Birkie! Are you training?

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Wonderful space!! Congratulations! Drawer envy, drawer envy, drawer envy....sigh...

I wanted that exact sink, yet it was too big for our island...ENJOY A2!!!!!

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Kudos, well done! So refreshing to see a kitchen that isn't white. It's laid out well and highly functional. Must be a joy to cook in now. Congrats and happy cooking!

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great job! I like that angle cabinet you have on the end. Otherwise i can see hitting your hip on the corner all the time when you came in that entrance. I liked looking how organized everything is. What is a pie bird? I saw that labeled on one container.

What is your sink made of? I like it! :)
Do you like having the soap dispenser in the counter?

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Christine- Thanks -I am currently seeking contract work - so who knows where we might meet.

Motherof3sons - I had 3 brothers... Thanks - Keep working on the cutting board collection - just saw a new one that I have to get - Joseph, Joseph - the sides fold up into almost like a chute - actually almost anything Joseph Joseph - I also snagged the cutest accordion trivet - it folds up to 7x2 and expands to over 20 inches wide!

Deedles - thanks - you will be there soon - but you have an advantage of already being active in the forum

Trailrunner- I still have to try some of your muffins but my DH said to stop making so many treats LOL! You are an inspiration to us all - especially those loaves of bread! The organization is contagious - DH is a bit OCD and I think it is rubbing off on me! It is not easy pulling it together in this format as the pictures are one at a time and and you don't see the pictures until preview. I hope to do a slide show downstream -I was working on a presentation but just was taking too long!

Badger - Oh no - Did I misunderstand your recommendation for pulls and I was supposed to go with Stainless... LOL - for those who did not follow my thread on pulls - I already had the Baldwin arch pulls in my possession and then saw Badgergals - and almost swapped them all out - but badger convinced me to keep them. BTW - Badger- do you have a similar troll in your kitchen - I am trying to remember whose kitchen had one.
Probably not doing the Birkie this year - I thought my consult work would take me to Wisconsin but not so far. I have about 4 Birkies to my name and finished in the top 50 women each time.

annsch - Thank you for your support over the project. I wanted an island but my kitchen was not big enough across - It is only 11 feet wide. I am thinking of getting a Boos kitchen cart on wheels and then can use it anywhere. DH even likes the idea even though it encroaches on his space a bit...
I have more drawers - but figured everyone would already be bored at looking into my drawers.... I have my container drawer - no more plastic container avalanche or having to yank every size out to find the one that I need.

Drawers Rock!!

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A2, your kitchen is so beautiful, incredibly warm and inviting. I love the window seat! Congratulations! Also on your upcoming retirement, good timing.

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Wow, I had never seen the before pics, just a smattering of in progress ones. What an improvement! You must be thrilled. It looks fantastic!

I made sure to ask a LOT of questions about my cookware drawers. I should be fine as they will most likely end up at 27 inches (fantasy met reality on Friday). You're drawer fiasco is horrible, but I think it has helped many others avoid the same issue.

Hope you have a ball in the new space in your retirement, congratulations!

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Williamsen - Thanks for your support. I will be watching for your kitchen. Yup - I still love my big drawers but will need some modification! The GC is going to come out and add more screws plus I am going to divide the drawer into an upper and lower drawer and add the heavy duty Blum soft close.

Linelle - Thanks - I love my nook also - it is so much fun to sit there and read or even work. Count down 10 days!

gingerjenny - almost missed yours as some post while I am positing. Good eyes on the label. I bought my pie bird at Downtown Home and Garden - a small local shop. My niece had to have one to make a 2 layer apple pie, so bought one for me also - It allows the steam to escape - some people just make a cone but it was so cute, so now I have one in case I make a 2 crust pie. I also love my soap dispenser - my DH washes his hands a zillion times a day and I used to have soap everywhere - now just some water puddles. The front mount faucet handle is a must to keep down the mess.

jscout - Thanks - I think we achieved our overall goal.

Hope I didn't miss anyone else

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Hello again,
This is the guy that lives on a shelf in my kitchen. Is it the one you were thinking of?

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I love your kitchen cabinets, the beautiful counters, the beautiful floors, the hardware and the overall look. Thanks for sharing.

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a2, I love your kitchen. Your posts have always caught my eye because our color scheme and layout are very similar. I also followed your backsplash threads which gave me some great ideas as we searched for ours, and our charging drawer was inspired by your "man cave" posts.

I think my favorite part is the nook- what a cozy spot to curl up. Many years of happiness in your lovely new space!

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a2gemini, thanks for the silgranite closeup. I have sink envy here. Also, fwiw I'm with you on the ick factor of the grid if you left it in there full time, and I'd also store it over the fridge. But as someone who recently scratched her sink bottom when cleaning the cast iron stove grates, i think the grid will be a nice thing to have when you do have a heavy duty cast iron pan or similar to wash.

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I love the cabinetry, counters, BS accents, and the banquette area! Wow, what a difference. I had your original type of cabinets in my first rental condo by myself and I do not miss them one bit. Your new kitchen must be a joy to come home to every day.

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I love how open it is now. How wide is your pullout pantry?

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Looks great A2! I hope you and DH enjoy it for many years to come! Love the pop up table. I need something like that for my porch.

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What a warm, beautiful space! That was quite a transformation! I love your nook, lovely job!!

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Badger -yup - that is the guy! Another thing in common with each other!

Taggie - Silgranit color goes through the sink - so the scratch would not be as obvious - but I do put it in the sink when I wash dishes - more concerned with impact vs scratches. Sorry to hear you scratched you sink. Hope you can repair it.

1929Spanish- The pantry is only 12 inches wide but that was the max we could fit and maintain code/standards. I could have gone with a cabinet with doors but just wasn't going to improve function - and even though this little baby cost way too much - my DH loves to show people the pantry and even better - he likes to use it. We store mostly our sport snacks in it.

Ellendi and Lynn - Thanks!

Gscience - It is so much fun to come home to a nice kitchen. Now I have to work on getting rid of the rest of the Merillat cabinets in the master bathroom.

Labbie - love my nook! Glad my posts helped you - I gleaned a lot from other posts also.

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Great job! I have kitchen organization envy!!! Love love love that giant pullout next to the fridge. So cool! Enjoy using your space efficiently :-)

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Great job! I have kitchen organization envy!!! Love love love that giant pullout next to the fridge. So cool! Enjoy using your space efficiently :-)

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AA, that is just great! You did such a bang-up job. It really looks lovely and looks like it cooks great! Congrats.

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So beautiful, thanks for posting and including all the details. You must be thrilled with the change from boring to wow!

Now I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that spice thing-y at BB&B.

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Thanks a2, my sink is okay ... Just some nice scratches in the bottom which i expected would come sooner or later, i was just hoping later! My sink is stainless so the scratches aren't a *huge* deal. But i do wish i'd had a grid and avoided the problem altogether, or at least delayed if by being more careful. Oh well, live and learn.

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Where did you buy the Can Lights: Cooper RL07 3000K LED dimmable? I have been looking for LED lights for my home office that I can choose before hiring someone to do my cans as all the electricians keep pushing florescent. I want dimmable LED around 3000K as I like that color light spectrum.

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Where did you buy the Can Lights: Cooper RL07 3000K LED dimmable? I have been looking for LED lights for my home office that I can choose before hiring someone to do my cans as all the electricians keep pushing florescent. I want dimmable LED around 3000K as I like that color light spectrum.

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Great kitchen! How well thought out all the storage is. I've never seen those spice racks before. They look really convenient, well, like all your drawers. I LOVE your nook!

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What a wonderful warm space you have created. Your drawers are an organizing inspiration! Congratulations.

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a2gemini - Very much like seeing everything together, what a transformation, what wonderful organization. You DO have a lot of plates in that drawer. (Were those from your parents too?!). The close-ups of your backsplash are just lovely. Many congratulations on your beautiful new kitchen. Best, oldbat2be

P.S. Are you training for another marathon or is that something for the Spring? Keep us posted.

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Will comment later but have to run to work. Countdown 10 days!

Lynn - I bought the Cooper lights at a local electrical shop(Gross Electric in Ann Arbor but they do have a shop in Toledo - it is a family run business)
- I used standard dimmers on the cluster of cluster of 6 and works great - If you read the fine print at Lowes and HD - I believe they carry them under another name.
I need to have sparky return for the single can light - it sometimes flickers - not sure if I need a different dimmer or if it is the bulb. Just like a car problem - it is not consistent, so need to figure out the trigger. Something might be in resonance with it in the house.

I thought I had blown it with the cans until my DH (got to love him) said he preferred the whiter lights - he says light should be white, not yellow. It takes a few days to settle into the whiter light but now I love it. When I need a yellow fix, I use the decorative lights - it is nice to have a choice.

Even my former boss - the first time she saw them, she hated them and now she likes them.

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a2gemini-That is one amazing kitchen! I am an organize freak and love all of your gadgets not to mention that table-awesome! I hope I have a pretty tree like ours to look out to. I'll have to write that into my build.

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Congratulations on your beautiful finished kitchen. Lately, in one of my life's great pendulum taste shifts, I have been loving gold-toned hardware so I am loving it in your kitchen. How I envy your organization and tidiness. Be sure to post an update when you get your window garden going.

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Woo Hoo!!!

Not only is the kitchen gorgeous, it is so functional! I love how organized you are, or at least how organized you are trying to be! I really need to find my label maker, I know we have one somewhere...if only it had a label on IT!

Your reveal was perfect too! I loved seeing all the details. What a well thought out and beautiful kitchen. I know you will enjoy it for many many years!

It's Bee-autiful!!!


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It's just beautiful. The natural light and artificial light and the spaciousness all combine to make a light. bright, airy space. And there are no cliches, yeay! It's all quality stuff and will perform beautifully for years. I, too, love your spice thingy and will take another 4 looks to see if I can use in my "half of your space" kitchen.

A fun, feel good to the toes, highly functional room. Love your induction! Love all your choices.

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Looking at your kitchen again, I am falling in love with Cherry doors all over again. I wish I had a bigger kitchen to have both Cherry and off-White in the same kitchen. I love your granite and the overall look of your warm and very functional kitchen as I had posted previously. Thank you for sharing the details.

a2gemini, thanks for letting me know more about your bulbs. I am now assuming that the right dimmer that goes with the bulb is necessary.

I always liked lights that were less yellow 3000K and 3100K seems to give a nice white light without the light being too stark white.

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WONDERFUL!!!! Would love to come sit in your "cave" area--looks so cozy! Very nice looking kitchen; enough style and warmth to look new and yet homey at the same time!

Hey, is that a David Levy cutting board on the far left in your cutting board pic? If so, I have its twin! Mine is 18 yrs old give or take and still going strong. :) I oil it after every use/washing, and have only had to replace the feet once so far.

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Oh WOW!!!! So much to comment on -- wish I wasn't at work. Will post more later, but had to tell you how absolutely beautiful it was -- and so many special functional features!!!! Enjoy!!!

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It's been clear for quite some time that your new kitchen is spectacular, but it's so much fun to see it all here, drawer guts and everything! It really is amazing. The first thing the pics make me feel is how warm and inviting your space is. Yes, I'd love a muffin and a cup of tea, thank you!! (P.S. Hope your drawer situation is fixed soon!)

    Bookmark   December 10, 2012 at 12:57PM
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Just fantastic.. I love the functional layout. I especially like the lights. Really nice.. Good job!

    Bookmark   December 10, 2012 at 2:55PM
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> The pantry is only 12 inches wide but that was the max we could fit and maintain code/standards.

What was the code issue?

    Bookmark   December 10, 2012 at 5:27PM
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Congratulations and good job on putting it altogether into such a functional and beautiful kitchen!

Not sure if missed the information. Where can I find a pop up coffee table like yours? That is great idea! I'm impressed that nothing fell off when you raised it with a table full of stuff.

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GWlolo -Thanks - lots of light both natural and artificial which is crucial for our Michigan Gray days!

Legal - I know the feeling - T-9 days!!!

Lynn2006 - Some bulbs require special dimmers - these should have been OK with standard dimmers - so will need to find out the problem - I think it is conflicting with some older dimmers in the house.

Onedog- I actually had it going pretty good and it almost survived the remodel - but noticed a few aphid, so ditched the old plants and need to start over. I will post when it is growing - but might be spring til it is going strong!

Westsider - thanks - My kitchen isn't super big- but the sun room makes it feel bigger - Glad I didn't add the peninsula - I think I would have felt closed in.

CatMom- I love my cave - the cutting board was a wedding present - it is by a local artisan - but I will check the name when I get home.

Fouramblues - Definitely need to come over for tea and muffins! Wish you were closer but if you are ever in the area - especially since I held your counter top hostage - LOL - but I joke that my avalanche caused the backlog of cambria buckingham.

Peter- not sure if a code or a guideline - but recommendations for clearance need to be met regardless - sorry if I misspoke. I did look up the city code and the minimum clearance is 27 inches but our KD recommended 36 inches and I think we are slightly over that. Some day, I might need to get a wheelchair through the space and need the proper clearance or maybe to move a new refrigerator into the space....

Bee- Thank you for the compliment - It means a lot that you took time to look at my kitchen. I found your email also and can't wait to see if they do a spread on your kitchen! You are amazing and so helpful to all.

Iowa - when I started planning - the KD asked what I wanted and I showed her a picture of a kitchen with a view of the mountains - well a bit hard to do in the midwest - but on a cloudy day- who can tell the difference...

OldBat- Thanks- those are from our wedding - they are Villeroy and Boch porcelain - when the drawer popped - not one dish broke.... and only one dish over the past 17.5 years broke - my husband creased it and I finished it off when we moved into the kitchen.. Love seeing your photoshop - I think I am going to get Photoshop and Dreamweaver for my DH for Christmas - and I will just have to borrow it I plan to train for a ski marathon and for now a 1/2 marathon in the spring...Thanks

Taggie - glad your sink is OK - did you get a grid for the future?

AnnKathryn- Thanks!

Marti and Rosie - thanks - I can be very organized or totally a mess - not much in between for me. If I take the time to organize - it is worth it downstream. I have other organizers - I put 3 Lee Valley spring inserts on top of each other and then I have my egg slicer, apple slicer, and avocado thing standing on the side - so they take up very little room..

CJ - thanks!

Dilly - the "pop up" table was built in Shipshewana -a combined effort with the Amish and English - they had to customize it to handle the pop up feature. They usually call them lift top tables if you try to hunt for them. This one is in the Grand Rapids series but probably won't find the actual table but other pieces.

Angie and Dusty - Thanks! I am loving the kitchen so far - but as everyone pointed out - what is not to love about it! Even my DH who didn't want to reno is very proud of it.

Again - I just want to thank everyone for your support and for taking time to answer my zillions of questions over the last year. I was a total rookie and didn't even know the forum existed. It is amazing that it came out as well as it did despite my lack of knowledge - but at least the KD had the right knowledge! The best thing is all of my new friends - my DH thinks I am crazy when I mention badgergal, Beekeeper's wife, CKGM, LavendarLass, etc. I am sure I missed a few posts but way past dinner time and have to get up at 5 to run before work.. T-9 days but will keep running with my circle of friends even after I retire..

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It may sound weird, but the fields (even the empty ones) are somewhat mesmerizing. I have collected some landscape pictures from Houzz with lots of grasses. We have ten acres now, and I'm learning how to 'landscape' large areas which I think is very hard. DH and I like the look of wildflowers and grasses so that will probably be the direction we go in.

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A2- could not wait to get home tonight to see your beautiful kitchen. What a wonderful and welcoming space. As a native Michigander, I feel an extra connection!
I'm so impressed with all the interior work- I'm kind of overwhelmed with that right now and have unpacked quickly, knowing that I will have to move stuff. I love your grumpy Dave adaptation and will put that in place after the holidays.
- the berry muffins look amazing.
Best to you. Enjoy the kitchen! I will post mine over Christmas I hope.

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Wow, this was a big transformation! Nice work. I like the warmth of your cabinets. The organization improvements you made will give you such a peace of mind. It is so nice to be able to find things quickly and easily.

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Awesome! I bow down to you, a2gemini! I think I love everything about it, especially that Cambria, and the splash. Oh, and the Waterstone. And the Broan hood . . . gosh.

Re splash, I am going with Rixi, too, so thanks for your help with that. I think it will be noce,tho, surprisingly. I am going to have to steal elements of your pattern.

Question: what things would you do differently, having gone through the process? I think we would all love to hear your further thoughts if you aren't tired of talking about it.

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Beautiful! You should have your pictures posted on Houzz to show how to organize kitchen drawers.
Love your window seat, actually coveting it as I look around my home to see where I could put one in like it. :)

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Iowa- I love wildflowers and I think looking outside at grasses and wildflowers will be awesome. There are some really cool grasses now - just be careful not to pick invasive versions. There is one from Japan that looks awesome but invasive - I don't remember the name. I found a great website on grasses a few years ago. I don't think I still have it as it was on an old computer.

Secondhalf - thanks for the compliments on the kitchen, muffins, and organization. I will be watching for your post.

Colorfast - Thanks - it is nice to know where things are - during one of my first dinners - I could not remember where I put the potato peeler, so smashed potatoes ala skin was the potato de jour. I hardly ever peel anything but was making ghosts out of the potatoes. No one even noticed!

MizLizzie - your kitchen will look awesome with noce. I remember seeing your posts and thought the colors were perfect.

What would I do differently - I listed some above.
Different cabinet line with full plywood boxes to support my giant drawers.

Garden Window would have been a true bay and counter height with the counter top extending into the bay. I put in the Garden window about 2 years ago.

This one is hard to explain - but the space under the cooktop is not usable - so I would have made a single drawer out of the top and middle drawer with a false front on the top (no handles just like over the sink, so no one would accidentally grab the handles - this would allow storage of taller pots

Since I couldn't store my utensils under the cooktop - I used the drawer that I planned to use for the wraps. I like the new location better but it is a deep drawer - but I was creative and I only have to move the foil wraps when I use the plastic wrap which is not very frequent.

Cooktop - Not sure why I didn't go with the flush mount - but that would have been awesome - but downstream better to have the current mount as very expensive to pull it out on a flush mount (Wolf rep told me smart move)

Air switch for disposer - but then again - the KD says I was smart to use a standard switch as they tend to break down sooner than a high end faucet and hard to find an exact size - but if I had done this, I would have deleted the switch/outlet to the left of the sink.

Hood- The broan and many other low cfm hoods only have a fan on one side - silly - but it keeps the cfm down under the make up air threshold... Might have bit the bullet for a mua but we were already over budget.... Also, if I had found GW before placing my order - I might have done a 42 inch hood - but it would have made for some skinny upper cabinets.

Deeper uppers if I could have afforded them.

I might have replaced the floor - but will do downstream as these are laminate wood floors but should have another 10-20 years in them and also I will have to do the windows at some point.

Campyhappy - Thanks - it is wonderful - in theory a banquette should have angles but we couldn't do in this location and will probably slouch sideways as much as sitting there.

How does one post on Houzz? Also, I think it will be posted on the finished kitchen blog..

Here is one more organization picture - no more storage container avalanches!

Thanks again. It is a great transformation and your outpouring of support during the reno (and also the wonderful thread supporting me when my DH crashed his bike) has been so emotionally embracing. I just want to give each of you a giant internet hug.

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WOW!! I was looking forward to seeing your completed kitchen. Couldn't wait to see the cutting board family's "apartment". I see some of the favs are now wearing ZipLock clothing. :>)

Your kitchen is gorgeous. I love the cabinet color and style, and the quartzite is stunning; I've never seen anything like it! Everything blends so beautifully and it looks so functional and organized! The "caves" are great as is that cool pop up table.

Got a few more Q for you. Sorry if already asked, but missed:

Can you tell me the name of the door style? Brookhaven is a cab company I'm considering if I don't use a local cab maker.

Panty cab next to the fridge is 12"? Amazing how much stuff you can fit in there.

You mentioned a problem with a deep drawer not holding up? Would have chosen plywood if had a do over?? What are these made of and if had a do over would you NOT have used Brookhaven? Is this something you posted about and if so can you direct me to a link? I'm still learning about cab construction, what to look for or avoid. Right now all I've been thinking about is the finish.

Your floors are also beautiful. Can you please tell me what type of wood and what the stain color is?

Thanks again for all the details. I like lots of pictures!
Enjoy your new space and your impending retirement. I'm jealous. Working in health care is rewarding, but so exhausting!

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Island -Thanks
I will answer more extensively tonight or tomorrow.
Here is the link to my drawer problem.

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Just lovely, a2! The finishes work so well together, creating a warm and elegant space. Congratulations, great job!

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Your kitchen is beautiful as well as functional! You did a great job and you should be very proud of yourself! I am the one who is considering the same appliances-36" wolf cooktop, and wolf oven with advantium above. Have not gotten into the actual cabinet distribution, just the generalized layout. Nice to see all your organization in the cabinets!

Congrats on your retirement-btw, I am a PT also. Not working as one, taking care of my 92 yo father and doing paperwork for my DH's business.

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Awesome job, a2! I'm definitely bookmarking this page and *borrowing* many of your ideas. Would you mind telling me what the dimensions were on that fridge/oven wall? I have a similar layout and like how you fit everything in. Do you find it annoying at all that your oven and cooktop are spread out like that? Thanks!

This post was edited by jimson11 on Thu, Dec 13, 12 at 11:54

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I made a similar wall to a2gemini's and had my microwave/convection oven built into it. Thanks to the many great threads on this board, I also made a small counter in the middle of the wall that can be used as a landing space for a hot dish from the microwave. We actually love that small counter for sack lunch prep in the mornings, so it does even more than I expected of it.

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I made a similar wall to a2gemini's and had my microwave/convection oven built into it. Thanks to the many great threads on this board, I also made a small counter in the middle of the wall that can be used as a landing space for a hot dish from the microwave. We actually love that small counter for sack lunch prep in the mornings, so it does even more than I expected of it.

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Sorry to doublepost. I'm not sure how I did that!

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Island - hoping to answer your questions.
The bags on the cutting boards are the bread style boards with slots and no matter how hard I try to clean them, I always have crumbs - I hope to find a fabric sack that breathes betters.

The floor is original - it is some kind of oak (assuming red) - when we moved in, it was a dingy grey and perked up with a bit of TLC from the floor guy. It is a wood laminate and probably has 2-3 more light sandings to its life.

I will have to get back to you on the name of the door style - I have to find my kitchen box - it is MIA in my house - how is that possible with my organizations system.. It is a recessed "shaker" style panel with the edge beveled to about 45 degrees to decrease dust - but then I added the bottom trim to collect any dust that populates the kitchen. LOL

Today was IIVI day - a local orchestra name that played at our wedding - and this morning - I had 2 days left this week, 5 days next week, and 1 day the following week - yup health care is rewarding but time to look to new adventures.

Ginny- thank you - I struggled so much with colors - so glad everyone is liking it (or at least telling me so...)

Cookingbuff - I know the feeling - DM is 86 and I might work contract close to her and commute home - I will be watching to see if you go with the appliance set - if you can afford it - go with the L series so you can close the display and I think it has darker glass.

Jimson - the first KD (who I fired) had them in opposite poles. I like it so far - I no longer have a hot oven under me and it is 3 steps across the kitchen -so not so bad. I have the landing area for the oven and plan to get a Boos or similar cart on wheels.

Colorfast - I was wondering how I had so many new posts today. LOL - been there, done that before - mostly it is when I am multi tasking and look and see the submit message and then oops!

The fridge oven wall dimensions are
33 inch oven cabinet
34 inch landing area
37 inch (plus 3/4 inch fridge wall on the right
12 inch pantry
If I did the math correctly - 116 3/4 total run. Here is a picture of the run - When I find my kitchen box- I can get one with measurements on it. Note the fridge is just a placeholder and not the FD that I have.

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Island - Found my kitchen box - duh - it was on the desk in the spare room instead of the floor - I just had to look up instead of down...LOL

Just to note - the pantry was an addition after I realized that I didn't need to put the wall back in place as the GC moved the duct work through the basement instead of snaking it through the kitchen. Much more efficient and left an opening to add the pantry.

At the same time, we switched the pantry door to a pocket door and removed the outer light switch and put in an occupancy sensor switch. Now DH can't fume that I left the light on in the pantry.

Here are the final details
Brookhaven Autumn Cherry with a black glaze. I kept trying to coordinate with the existing floor as everything looked like I was trying to match and failed - then when I saw this - I knew it was right - the black glaze coordinated with the floor perfectly so the cherry could stand on its own with the floor.

The door style is Colony.

I have to agree with colorfast - the space between the oven and fridge is so handy. Initially DH squatted his coffee maker there but quickly figured out that the space was "mine" and he discreetly moved it over the corner wall area.

If you have not seen this video - it is a hoot and actually kind of fun. It was done by the Dept of Ag in 1949 showing the ideal ergonomic kitchen. The good news is that my landing pad/baking zone exceeds the minimum requirement - the only difference is I must be a latent leftie as I put my mixer on the left side - initially tried on the right - just didn't work.

The video was posted on another post recently so I can't take credit for finding it.

I mentioned that the back of the banquette folds down. It is a piano style hinge and allows us to access the windows - I would put the pillows off to one side for full ventilation or just re-assemble and use until I am ready to close the window - I can also just tip the back forward a bit to access the handle. DH said OK to banquette but had to have a back.

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Thanks for your input, Colorfast.

And thanks for the detailed response, a2.

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Sure thing. If you want to see a photo of my microwave wall, scroll down to the 7th and 8th photos:

Here is a link that might be useful: Colorfast's nearly done kitchen

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Your kitchen is beautiful and functional! They do a great job and should be very proud of you! I'm the one examined in the light of the device itself-36 "Wolf oven and hob with Wolf Advantium above. Did not get the actual distribution cabinet, only the general layout. Nice to everyone in your organization's offices!

Here is a link that might be useful: Download Duplicate Files Deletersoftwere

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Colorfast - now I remember your kitchen. Did you ever get out of the ABB club?

tivangar - I am having trouble finding your thread on your kitchen to help my memory.

Gosh - all of your comments bring tears to my eyes. I wish I could show my dad (deceased 6/2011) and I have only been able to show my mother via pictures on Apple TV.

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Fantastic kitchen! I have been lurking around the GW for a while but am now in middle of planning my new kitchen and just have to jump in and ask questions! I, too, want an induction cooktop. I think I will go with 30" because I find I don't do that much cooktop-type cooking that I think I need the extra burner (although maybe if I had a good one I would....) So how do you like your Wolf? I am considering Wolf, Thermador, Jennair and Bosch - and, yes, I am duty bound also to look at what Sears/Kenmore has to offer. So I am soliciting opinions, reviews, comparisons etc. as well as any suggestions and advice for picking all the other appliances, too. Thanks for posting - and enjoy your new kitchen!

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ellessebee- Thanks! I have a post about my Wolf on the appliance forum.
Initially - I hated it - but I made friends with it over the past few months.
I do get some buzzing - but this is most likely from the "vessels" vs the cooktop - I have an eclectic assortment of pans - the least likely to buzz - my Staub - which is one metal vs layered.
I didn't think I deserved 5 burners - but it is nice to be able to pick and choose. - Thermador has come out with a zoneless induction but still pretty pricey.
How about a flush mount - then you can cover the cooktop and have a work area - I bought a couple of nameless brand Silpat sheets (but bigger) and use them to cover the cooktop at times
My first gathering - I came in to see my cooktop being used as a cutting board to cut up a pie - Ahh = Where is Bee - I need her saran wrap..

Try to find a demo center so you can touch, feel, and hear the cooktop in action.

Looking forward to seeing your kitchen progress!

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Wow! How did I miss your reveal?! It looks beyond fabulous!!! I'm so impressed with how organized you are!!! Another wow!! You have to be so tickled with how incredible your whole space turned out. There isn't a single element that I don't love. Love the gorgeous floors, the cabinet color, the counters . . . . Your BS is just perfect. Aren't you glad you took your time to get it right?

Love your caves too. What a great space for keeping organized and charged. Organization is obviously your forte! Such a beautiful, bright spot. You did a great job! I know you'll enjoy your beautiful new space for years to come.

If I ever post reveal pics of my kitchen, I don't think I'll be opening all the drawers like you did. lol

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a2- you know I love the colors since we share so many in our kitchens but definitely have envy over your nook! I would love a spot like that in my house:) so happy to have enjoyed our "virtual" friendship as we put the backsplash touches on our kitchens!

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Hey, gemini--I am on the homestretch regarding ABBS. I remember you were a supporter on my efforts!

I will say that waiting in this situation was probably good for me. Out of the gate, lots of friends in real life (IRL)recommended glass. The reason I waited was that I decided to use the remainder of my granite in our front upstairs bathroom. Then, I needed to do tile on two backsplashes AND, it turned out the tub/shower combo. So the project grew in scope. And Dad had surgery etc...

Finally got back to the backsplash. Still had samples of some pretty glass tile from Ann Sacks, and it just seemed like too much shiny stuff in the kitchen. I have a finalist now: It's a ceramic, stone-looking tile in gray with some blue in it. Matte finish. Sample is from DalTile. I am planning on field tiles, 6-inch, on point (diamond shaped).

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Ellessbee, I would seriously look at durability in regards to appliances. Just 16 months ago we bought a Kenmore French Door (made by Whirlpool) and we literally spent last night and tonight taking apart the freezer back and thawing it and unclogging the frozen drain line. I felt the lines were very inaccessible to fix this. It was nothing high tech like a circuit board. It was just poor design.

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Poohpup - Glad you chimed in! Your kitchen was an inspiration and I think we started at the same time and same day. I felt like I was dragging my feet at times - but I just didn't want to sign if it didn't feel right. I only look organized - deep down, I am a total disaster - so by forcing myself to organize with this new kitchen, I am hoping it works! Thank you so much for taking time to comment.

Colorfast - Sounds like it will be perfect for your kitchen. I understand about aging parents. My DD passed away and have been making trips in to help DM almost monthly plus daily phone and sometimes FaceTime calls - she is legally blind and has difficulty getting the iPad operational - but it is fun when successful!

Appliance quality is important - but I also like to think of the amortization over the life of the appliance. I went mid to upper but not over the top - the wow factor of some high end appliances is amazing but since I plan to retire in 6 more work days....

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Beautiful - so warm and so organized! It looks great. Congrats and enjoy!

    Bookmark   December 16, 2012 at 9:03AM
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Finestra- thank you - just heading to kitchen to bake cookies, cook black bean soup and then some Canadian lobster claws for dinner.

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FINALLY got a chance to check out your kitchen reveal!!! It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Love what you did with your BS, the mosaics running thru it .... pulls everything together perfectly.

And so ORGANIZED!!! You can tell you cook/bake a lot!! Me, not so much. And I could never get that organized.

You did a great job of putting everything together and it all blends seamlessly .... ENJOY ;)


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Jody jjean
Thanks for taking time to look at my post - I know you have been complete for some time but you were so helpful when I was just getting started with the BS issues especially. I went back and looked at your several times as I was planning - also the JC tiles were in the final run but we knocked off their crema as just too dark and the Irish ones - just weren't right (I think it might be Chapter 17 but don't quote me on that one)

I hope you are enjoying your kitchen! And where is the snow - it is ridiculous that there is no snow anywhere - even Ironwood!

I am hoping to bake and cook a lot more and am currently ogling a Boos or similar type cart to make a portable island. Even though my bake area exceeds the 1949 DOA specifications for a baking area, I feel that I could use a bit more space when making cookies and cakes. I think I am a good cook and baker but lack the artistic touch at the end. Maybe when I have more time....

Now - you all saw how organized everything is in the kitchen - so last night, I decided to make cut out cookies - I have not made cut out cookies in years as it is so much easier to drop or scoop especially in my old kitchen.

So, I made the batter, and put in the fridge to chill it. I went to go get the cookie cutters (and had a friend over ogling the kitchen as I am explaining the organization) - Well, no cookie cutters to be found..... I looked everywhere including the basement boxes.

This morning, I had an epiphany and went back to the basement in the Christmas items and there is a large holiday tin can (think popcorn size) and written on the top - "Cookie Cutters" and Misc items. I remember when I was packing the kitchen, I said - I won't need these until next Christmas, so away they went..

I had a couple unused MadeSmart bins in my baking area (top shelf but not used very often) and plopped them in there for now. I was so relieved as most of the cookie cutters were my DMs and maybe even GMs.

I also found the extra pieces to the Cuisinart food processor and now can do more than mix up a few items. The food processor was also my DMs.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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Mudworm - not sure if you will see this - I had a panic attack over the past few days as I realized I posted mis-information.

The table came from King's Chosen in A2. It is called Grand River and is a joint venture with the Amish and English. (I said Grand Rapids).

They usually don't do lift top as a standard item and we had to modify the dimensions, add the bottom shelf and the usual 25 lb counter weight.

    Bookmark   December 20, 2012 at 8:02PM
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a2, i had been waiting forever for your reveal, then don't know how i missed it!! anyway, it is gorgeous as I expected!!
i am in total awe of your organizational skills!
I especially love your cool custom table, your banquette, and love your glass display cab too.
hope you enjoy and put your kitchen to good use for the holidays!

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Michoumonster - Thanks for chiming in. I never thought I could pull this all together as I struggled on every decision.

We were away for Christmas and are celebrating tonight- I snagged some beautiful Canadian lobster tails at a local store - can't imagine they made any $$ on them and hope they taste as good as they look!

It's official - I am now retired - although will be working part time and possibly taking on a contract position.....

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Lorenza5064 - Here is the information that you wanted about the table
The table starts out as a coffee height table and then pops up and toward the banquette seat.
You can buy many of them commercially - I first saw one made by Lazy Boy. The Amish market a lot of Mission style (Royal Mission) and some very classic styles.

I was all ready to go with the Royal Mission and then I saw the Grand River series. I worked with King's Chosen in Ann Arbor and had the table "customized" to meet our needs. Grand River wasn't made in the pop up style but were willing to make it for me. I wanted it to start at 20 inches and go up to 30-31 inches from the floor. The table is a joint venture with the Amish and English.

We customized the pop up dimensions, depth, and we needed to add the bottom shelf for structure. We also chose a custom stain and have a few more pieces of the same furniture in our great room.

The key thing that I wanted to accomplish was to be able to see the window and banquette - no obstructed view from the kitchen.

Here is a side view of the table showing how it elevates

The back of the bench folds down so we can access the windows. The hinge is a piano hinge

Table down

Table up from kitchen area

View of kitchen from bench - sorry for the light reflections

Normal pillow configuration - Note that some of the pillows are reversible depending on my mood. GC thought I had too many pillows - but I pop one behind my head and one under my knees and very comfy nook reading spot!

And yesterday - I didn't realize that Sparky put the table backwards and I used it in the kitchen - popping up to use as a work table - I plan to return it to the original configuration - but had a little fun!

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A2, I am putting in a wolf induction cooktop, exactly like yours. Did you go with the recommended 39" base? I understand it could be placed in a 36" base, but wolf recommends 39". I think I understand your suggestion for combining the false top drawer with middle drawer to create a deeper drawer for oversized pans and lids. Appreciate the details re weight limits for your drawers. I am surprised that the weight issue was rate limited by the construction of the drawer box and not the glides....

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I will measure when I am home later.

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A2Gemini Wow Great kitchen! I love the window seat and the table thanks so much for ALL of the details and the organizing drawer photos. So helpful. If I ever get half as organized it will be a success.
I see you have an Advantium I know its asking alot but could you tell me how far the handle sticks out from the cabinet? I may have to put mine behind sliding doors and there is NO info on this anywhere.
Thank you so much or all the info and pictures. The little details make the kitchen work so well.

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Lorenza - My memory was correct - we went with 37 inches - seems to be working fine - I think you have the concept correct on the double facade front - you can even put a holder silicone handle pot holders (the thin ones that fit over the handle or the pincher style) - I might try to change ours downstream....
The weight limit could have been avoided by using more than 1 front screw - make sure the installer puts in multiple screws for support. Brookhaven paid for the installer to return and reinforce the drawers - so we should be OK now. We still have to get the original one fixed up. BH will replace it and upgrade it to plywood- but risk cracking the counter and tile - so we are going to split the drawer into 2 long drawers with one front - similar to my cooktop idea. I will be interested in whether you have any buzzing with the Wolf. The thermador folks claim no buzzing but I do have buzzing especially when the pans are cold. I have many different high end pans.

ppbenn - Thanks! Be happy to help you with the adventium questions. The handle sticks out 2 inches from the oven and the total distance to the wall cabinet is 3 inches. I have been using my advantium a lot recently. The speed function is amazing. I made Zingerman pot pies in the oven in 20 minutes and they came out golden brown and done all the way through (usually takes at least an hour). We have the 240 advantium - the review were better overall. Can't wait to see your kitchen.

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Hi A2!!

Your kitchen looks awesome! I looked right after you alerted me that you posted but I just didn't get a chance to comment. There is nothing like being in a kitchen where the layout works. It is even more apparent when more than one person can move about in there and it still works!

You had your say and most things are the way you wanted. There is always some compromise - that cannot be avoided in a reno - but this is yours and it looks great and sounds like it functions great!

I love the way you have organized your drawers (and I love the look of those berries and muffins too :-)). It is good to have all the info you shared because I will be going to your thread when I go to finally organize. Believe me, my label maker is calling my name but I haven't been able to answer as yet. - hopefully sometime soon.

I hope you smile every time you walk into that kitchen - at least for the first year! If not, be sure to smile the next time you walk in there because it is worthy!


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Jamrock - Thanks - I am smiling except at our dish drawer which I am waiting to get fixed.

Making turkey soup right now -I have to learn better soup recipes..

Are you still enjoying your Blanco Cascade sink - you were so helpful when I was trying to figure out the faucet placement - I think I went with a different placement than yours - but it was helpful in figuring things out.

I will be watching for your kitchen organization pictures - it is so helpful to be organized in a disorganized world.

Label makers Rock!

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a2gemini, I would like you to know that you are the reason that I found GardenWeb! We are building a new house & we have chosen Cambria Buckingham for our countertops. When I saw a sample of this, I loved it however it was only a small sample (probably 12X12) that we are plunking down the big $ & ordering it, I am getting worried if I will love it when I have it for real. I googled Buckingham & your post was pulled up ~ your kitchen is beautiful! I was hoping to get your opinion of Cambria & the Buckingham pattern ~ is it all you wanted? Something else I am worried about are exactly what colors "dominate" ~ is is definitely the golds, browns & grays that I see (I ask b/c when I saw a different sample today, I was thinking I saw orange...which I don't necessarily want but can live with...)
Our flooring is going to be similar to yours & we are going to have an island that will be done in black granite (surprised that my usually pretty basic husband came up with that idea ~ he said, "I guess all of those home shows did it to me!") We are also finalizing our decision on sinks this weekend & Blanco is in the running...saw you have a Miele dishwasher ~ getting that too...know I will love that! Thanks for any help & I am glad that when I googled, your kitchen came up!

This post was edited by Hoffowitz on Thu, Feb 7, 13 at 22:09

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Welcome to GW
I love my buckingham.
It is warm and inviting.
It does hide any spills, so sometimes I have to feel for them.
I was worried if it would look to orange also, but played off the warm tones and I don't see any orange hues with the colors I picked.

The backsplash was difficult to decide what coordinated but when I finally picked- I knew it was right.

If you want a showy BS, I would go with something else. If you want the counter to be the star- buckingham or some similar designs would be great

From iPhone with usual text errors.

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Bump for Zoey

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Thanks so much! Even better than I imagined :)

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I was sure I commented on your kitchen back when you first posted it, but I don't see my comment here. I hate when that happens. :/

It is completely and totally lovely! It is so warm, yet very spacious. You must be delighted! Your banquette turned out so nice! I love that table--such a clever design.

Congratulations on your beautiful kitchen!

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I was sure I commented on your kitchen back when you first posted it, but I don't see my comment here. I hate when that happens. :/

It is completely and totally lovely! It is so warm, yet very spacious. You must be delighted! Your banquette turned out so nice! I love that table--such a clever design.

Congratulations on your beautiful kitchen!

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Zoey -my pleasure - looking forward to your final decision. I see that Badger posted on your BS post.

Shelayne - been there, done that! Since I am on the road quite a bit these days, I frequently will look on my phone but want to wait until I am on a real computer to comment and then realize, I never posted. Thank you for the compliments. I am still working out a few bugs (not 6 legged versions) but loving it!
I had seen the pop up tables - mostly in mission or traditional - but I wanted a different style - so worked with the furniture store/Amish to come up with this table.

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Duplicate - anyone having issues with slow post and then duplicates?

This post was edited by a2gemini on Mon, Jul 29, 13 at 20:06

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Thanks!! I will be posting with granite & backsplash questions soon. And would love your opinion :)

I am lost with this: " I see that Badger posted on your BS post". Might be that I am exhausted from my kids keeping me up all night..

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Zoey - oops - Badgergal responded on SmPops post about backsplash - sorry for the confusion.

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Holly- Kay

A2, this is the first that I saw your final reveal! All I can say is wow! I love your nook and I bet Kindling in your nook would be fun too!

I have always wanted a window seat and yours is just gorgeous.

Your glass fronted cabinet is beautiful, I love your sparkling crystal, it is just lovely.

I sure hope to do at least a mini reveal soon. I want to wait til the kitchen is painted and then I will be ABB!

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A2Gemini, I love everything about your kitchen. I keep looking at your reveal pics over and over. It is just beautiful! I know you are very excited about being finished. Peke

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Holly-Kay - Thank you! I am sure a Kindle would work just as great as a Nook! I can't wait to see your reveal- so far I have seen your faucet and know you will have a Never-MT installed. Thought of you as we slid through PA recently.

Peke - thank you as well. I wish I could say it was totally done but still do not have the drawer issue resolved. Hopefully soon! Also, I can't wait to see that gorgeous Sea Pearl slab installed in your kitchen!! I went back to take a peek of Peke's slab!

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