Final consideration re selection of SS sink. Sink Sank Sunk....

Lorenza5064December 18, 2012

Greetings, I am nearing final decision time for the ss double bowl undermount sink with drainboard. I have received the spec sheet for the sink that I plan to purchase. The partition between the two bowls has been dropped below the top of the sink by 4". The sink is 10" deep. The maximum depth that I will be able to fill the sink with water is 6". This is a concept that I like, but I am concerned about the maximum water depth I will be able to have. Any thoughts about or experience with this design would be greatly appreciated. Write back soon, I must commit to this custom sink by Thursday morning.

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I have an Elkay low divide sink, and I love it. My sink is 8" deep, but since it's undermounted that means the bottom is more than 9" below the surface of the counter. I will say that this is plenty deep for my purposes. My 6 ft tall DstepS complained that it was uncomfortable to wash dishes for a long time because the sink is low and you have to bend down. I agree - I'm only 5'3" and it took a while to get used to reaching down lower. If the sink bottom is more than 11" below the counter,as yours will be, you have to reach pretty far to get to the bottom.

The divide in my sink is less than 5", and it's fine. My old sink, which came with the house, had two sides with a full divide, but while one side was about 7" deep, the other was about 5 1/2". I never thought about it - or measured it - until I considered a low divide sink. I'd been using the shallow side to wash for a long time, so I knew I didn't need more than 4 inches of water.

So I don't think the reduced depth of water will be problematic, but the very deep sink may take some getting used to.

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I have a 10" deep Blanco silgranite undermount low divide. I love it. 10" is really deep thought when it is undermount. I use the grids which up the bottom about an inch to compensate.

The concern about water depth isn't an issue for me. That is not how I wash dishes. I use a small basin of hot soapy water, usually a mixing bowl I have to wash. I wash all the dishes without running the tap, then I rinse all the dishes. I am very conscious of water usage, probably since I grew up on a farm with a springhouse which occasionally ran dry. Think about how often you really need more than 2" of water.

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Thank you SO much for weighing (wading in....sorry, couldn't resist) in on this issue. This sink is a real beauty, but quite salty and I didn't want to risk buyer's remorse. Your opinions have validated my decision. Will try to post a photo when I have one, but not tech savvy so may not happen for awhile. Ciao Ciao

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Lorenza, can you provide the brand you are getting? This seems like something I'd like.

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I'll jump in too. I'm looking at the silgranit like localeater has which sounds almost exactly like the one you are looking at.

I currently have a sink that is only 7" deep, so 6" deep water is plenty! I never fill the current one that deep so I know the new one will work well for me. Hopefully that helps you with your decision!

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