Photos of built in coffee makers?

gidgetgirlyDecember 16, 2012

Just tossing around ideas, would love to have a built in coffee maker. Does anyone have any photos to share? Do you love it? My apologies if there's already a thread on this with photos, I searched and couldn't find one.

I hope I'm not asking too many questions on this forum! I've never remodeled a kitchen before :)

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We have one and yes I love it. In fact, love is almost too weak a word, I am so totally and completely in love with it, lol.

Here are a couple of pics, one from far away and another closer up. The second was more of the fridge drawers but it does give a close up view of the coffee maker above.

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck with your new kitchen!

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Oh taggie! I love it! It looks so nice in your space. It's on my dream wish list :)
Can I ask the width of it from the wall to the edge of the wood part? I don't know if we'd even have enough room.

I've always wanted one but thought I could never afford it. My husband just realized that we get a discount on Bosch, Thermador and Gagganau through his work. I'm thinking just maybe, I might be able to squeeze it into the budget with that discount. Now I need to squeeze it into my space :)

Your kitchen space is beautiful, thank you for sharing :)

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Oh, and you said 'fridge drawers'? There is such a thing as refrigerated drawers? Gosh, I know nothing about kitchens these days!! I'm just learning :)

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Sorry, no pictures to share...but, if you are just now starting to plan your kitchen and don't know all the great options that are out there now, hold on to your're in for a great ride here reading up on everything. I dare say, you will never look at kitchens the same way again if you are on here for very long. :)

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AndreaK, I'm starting to find that out! I'm on somewhat of a limited budget and have a difficult weird space (IMO). I'm so afraid of making mistakes! Because once it's in, it's in.

The good news is we get a good discount on appliances, and I have a fantastic cabinet craftsman who can customize anything at a very good price. And inset is not an upgrade :)

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Hi gidgetgirly (love your screen name btw), the space for the coffee maker is a 24" cutout and then we have an extra inch filler to the left wall. So there are in 25" total from the wall to the side of the coffee maker.

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Thanks taggie! I picked my name because I love the old show 'Gidget'. Sally Fields was so adorable in that! I'm going to measure my space right now :)

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