Kohler simplice faucet problems

cmm1December 7, 2012


We installed a new kohler simplice faucet in August. The first faucet we purchased did not produce cold water. Back to Lowes for another one.

This one stopped producing cold water a few days before Thanksgiving. hubby called Kohler and they sent a cartridge to replace which he did. This fix only worked for about 2 weeks. He called kohler to complain and they are sending a new faucet.

Anyone else familiar with this? I really do not want to shell out $200.00 or more for a different brand.

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It's so weird you should say that. All my Kohler faucets in my last house would not produce cold water either. My old plumber said it was because "you can't get cold water in New Orleans." I never even considered it had something to do with the faucet(s).

I have no assistance, just one of those moments that make you go "hmmmm."

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I have 2 Simplice faucets in my kitchen - installed 2 years ago. No problem here. Very curious....

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They have excellent customer service and resolved the problem quickly so we are not too inconvenienced.

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I just received my Kohler Simplice faucet ! I am so excited ! I just need to finalize my counter top choice. Help !

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I've had a Simplice for 4 years ang no problem. Except last week the stop flow button flew off and is gone. I don't get the cold water issue. How is that even possible?

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