What color paint with gray cabinets?

pektelDecember 1, 2012

I'm trying to decide what paint color for the walls in a new display area in my showroom. I'm going for a modern feel. No wall cabinets (maybe some floating shelves). Leaning towards a commercial style stainless sink, semi-professional faucet, and a minimalist stainless hood. Maybe an Ikea-style rail system.

There is no window on the sink wall. We are thinking of finding a nice urban skyline print (or something along those lines), and trimming it out with window casing to give the feel of an urban environment.

Anyways, there's already a lot of gray going on, so we want to do something different. So, looking for ideas! Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Since it's a showroom display, we are aiming for a bold presence, so it could be something not traditional for a home kitchen paint scheme.

rendering of the layout:

And a bunch of pictures of the cabinet finish (Custom paint, Sherwin Williams 7019, floor (Alloc Prestige Concrete wide plank), and counter (Silestone Lyra).

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Just paint it bright white. It would help your cabinets looking grounded, while making the space seem bright.

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I agree - white - the cabs are dark - pick a white that plays off the countertop - but as white as you can get

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one wall white....the other tangerine.... OR- one wall pale yellow green[cool hue] with the other eggplant. Paint the legs of the seating counter to work with whatever you pick....and some part of the stools shiny and black.

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The right red could make a statement with the grey and white finishes.

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I was going to suggest orange also. Orange towards tangerine, but with a whiff of red.

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Your cab color is reading kind of periwinkle on my monitor... like the tangerine idea!

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Thanks for the suggestions! I'm really liking the tangerine idea, and the yellow green/eggplant. I dont think I want to go white, as it won't have that same bold statement. This display is visible right when you walk into the showroom. Even though it may not be something many would choose in this area (I've done soooo many rustic "up north" kitchens it's sickening), it's more of a statement to show our ability to think outside the box, and hopefully get clients to do the same.

The gray tone leads more towards taupe than periwinkle. We picked a tone that would be more widely accepted for our demographic. Figured we could still make a bold statement while trying to appeal to the general color tastes around here.

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Depends, who is your typical customer? I love the gray shaker door and your countertop choice. Clean and classic, but I hate orange and a tangerine wall would be a turn off for me. I'd go for something less polarizing that doesn't detract from what you're selling.
I do love that cabinet. Can you please tell me the color and manufacturer? Thanks.

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I agree that you don't want to distract from the cabinets with a very bright wall color, especially if you have a large skyline poster over the sink. Maybe a carefully selected pop of color would help with accessories, stools...

Here is a link that might be useful: grey kitchen

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At first I missed the part about it being a showroom display. No window, gray cabinets, tangerine, eggplant, yellow green... I thought, I would kill myself. Whew, nobody has to live in it. I agree with nosoccermom and island, it could be a polarizing effect. Better white/neutral walls and a pop of color that can be removed if someone finds it too distracting.

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My first thought was pumpkin (even tho in general I hate orange), but a muted shade. I can't tell about the real shade of gray, in some pics it is a dark steel gray, in others looks more greenish, so can't really recommend a particular color. I do think that blues, although easily compatible with the floor/cabs/counter, would be kind of ho-hum.

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For modern, with gray . . . I just LOVE LOVE LOVE orange. Orange and gray is my favorite modern color combo. Not sure with that carpet, though, which looks to have greenish. Still, I'd try some tangerine somewhere and see.

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Painted the wall a bright orange, with a hint towards red. I'll post up a pic after the floors are in.

Thanks again for the advice!

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