You guys are good at kitchen layouts, but how about a closet?

hobokenkitchenDecember 11, 2012

I have asked our cabinet maker to quote for our custom closet and he's asking for ideas of what we want. I have sketched it a few times (very badly) but am feeling a bit clueless about what we can fit into it - it's a relatively small walk in by these house standards so I have to try and really maximize the space.

The bedroom does ave another two smaller closets with enough double hanging and single hanging for my husband. He does use a lot of shelving though, so he may need a section of shelving in the new closet.

Must haves in the closet for me are a laundry hamper, AT LEAST 2 large drawers with shelving above, shoe shelves, short and long hanging.

There is a 'nook' off the inside of the closet which has some exisiting shoe shelving in it which would be good for winter boots and less used items maybe, but I'd like to get some additional shoe shelving into the closet itself if possible.

Here's the closet measurements - any ideas??

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I sketched this - any thoughts (if you can even tell what it is)?

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Have you considered Elfa shelving from the Container Store? You can work directly with a designer over the phone or in the store. I was going to do a built-in, but after listening to the neighbor talk about having to change the closet design in her custom built-ins, I decided it was not for me. I have already reconfigured the closet - twice!

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I'm in the same boat - trying to figure out what I want so that I can get a quote from a custom cabinetmaker. I have been playing around on and that has really helped to visualize my options for each wall. Good luck!

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I recently re-did my small walk-in closet. I decided on the Elfa system and put it in myself. I included a couple of things you mentioned.

Laundry - just barely visible here. I installed three baskets, a shallow one for delicates, a medium for general wash, and a lower medium one for permanent press. Love it!

Shoes: I can't tell you how much I love having the shoes off the floor. These racks are full extension and they actually work for their intended purpose. Notice that there are two levels, one in front, one in back. This translates to approx. 6 pairs per shelf depending on what kind of shoes you're storing.

Another feature that I'd never really given any thought to is lighting. Previously we had a bulb screwed into a socket in the ceiling. Who looks at the closet ceiling? I went to HD and bought an inexpensive, but actual, light fixture. Wow! I never knew what I was missing. I highly recommend adequate light.

Can't help you out on the shelving issue. We did built-ins in the bedroom, which has worked out well for us. It took us years of mulling it over and working up our courage, but we finally did it. I'm happy to say, we're happy with the result.

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We did Elfa also. It wasn't a well thought out or researched decision, but it has been great. We went wirh the platinum colored metal parts and walnut shelves and drawer frames. It looks wonderful and the flexible nature means that mistakes can be fixed in a few hours. I misjudged a few things (clearance on those shoe racks, for example and thought deep drawers would be better than many shallow ones). They took back components I wanted to switch out, and cut parts to order. Try that with custom cabinetry....
Plus, if I want to take it all out and rearrange, I could.

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I'll take a look at the Elfa, any more pics of it actually installed?
I'll take a look at Easy Closets.

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I also used the Elfa system. Check out The Container Store website for lots of photos.

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Annual ELFA sale begins Dec 26 to the end of Feb. 30% off, including 30% off installation cost if you opt to have it installed by them.

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Suzannesl --> great tips for Elfa shoes and laundry. I think I will use that in my closet.

Hoboken --> I don't know if you have seen this earlier post when Bee asked about Closets. I have been using Plllog framework for breaking down my closet storage needs and it is quite illuminating. I realize I need a lot more shelves and drawers than hanging rods. I wish someone one would do a Buehl type inventory list that can help one figure optimal positions for stuff in the closet :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Let's talk about Closets

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I hadn't seen that - thanks!!

I so wish the closet were bigger. Given the size of this house we should really have an enormous closet, but for some reason the layout just doesn't work well for a big closet.

We could turn one of the 4 upstairs bedrooms into a huge closet, but it would be too far from the master.

The master is big but adding more closet space would involve losing a window and symmetry.

The master does have a library mezzanine past the bathroom which overlooks the breakfast area and fireplace off the kitchen. It has glass doored library shelves. I wonder if those could be taken out and changed to solid door closet space for season specific clothing. It would give more closet space than we would know what to do with, but it might be weird and our house is already.... different. Lol.

It's tricky, but we'll work it out!

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Suzannesl, what are the dimensions of your closet, please?

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A couple of things that I have found invaluable......

Outlet to plug in the iron or steamer, located where there's room for my ironing board - hamper is in front of the ironing board. It's all close to flush with my long hanging.

We have two valet poles to hang things on when packing. We use them all the time not only when packing - I'm attaching a picture of how it's set up with DHs tie rack.

Just like the kitchen.......drawers! We use them for everything except hanging and shoes.

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writersblock - I'm sorry, I really don't know right off and I'm not home. I'm doing the grandma thing with my new granddaughter. She's 8 days old now and adorable. Big brother is adorable too. You can kind of judge by how many hangers you can see on the one side. On the shoe side it's shorter because the shower in the adjacent bathroom is backed into the corner. If you double the size of the shoe racks, that's the size of the short size.

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OOh, I'd forgotten the valet poles - we had one in a closet in a previous house and used it a lot, thanks for thr reminder - that definitely goes on the list!

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Bumping this thread as the Elfa sale is currently on. 30% off the system and the installation.

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