remedy for cleaning grease splatter on white cabinets?

calypsochickDecember 4, 2010

Hi, all. I'm wondering if anyone has good rec for cleaning grease splatter off of painted white wood cabinets. I was doing some frying last night, and thought I had cleaned up. But this afternoon, when the light hit the cabinets in a certain way, I can see little round splatters of grease on the cabinet fronts. Does anyone have a solution that won't harm the paint and the wood?


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Fori is not pleased

409? Dish soap and hot water? Windex? I use whatever I have out. You can test it out on the back side of the sink cabinet door just to be sure it's safe.

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If I remember correctly, you have Rutt cabinets? Here's something that might help from the Rutt web site:

Regular maintenance should consist of a weekly dusting with a damp cloth and the daily removal of soil and grease around the cooking area. Use a fresh solution of mild soap and warm water, followed by a clean water rinse. For cleaning and rinsing use a soft cloth that is damp but not dripping wet, so excess water does not accumulate in corners. Use a soft towel to completely dry the surfaces of your cabinetry. Do not use an abrasive sponge, cleaners containing abrasive materials, harsh detergents, ammonia solutions, polishes, oils, waxes or oil soaps. Use of these types of materials and/or cleaners may void the warranty.

If a more thorough cleaning is required Rutt recommends Guardsmanî Cabinet Polish and Guardsmanî Cabinet Cleaner to safely and effectively remove kitchen grease, cooking oils, smoke film, and several kinds of stains. These products can be purchased at

Here is a link that might be useful: Rutt Care Instructions

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I would make a past of baking soda and a bit of water. leave it on "forever" or until it starts to drive you crazy. Dust it off. It might take a second time but it will be safe and it won't hurt you or the finish. If you think you can get some dry baking soda to stick to the spots, I'd do that.

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when I had white painted cabinets, I would use anything I could get my hands on. In a case like this, I wouldn't have hesitated to use a Mr.Clean magic sponge - they are awesome!

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Fori is not pleased

Ah yes--I used one of those sponges to get off some black rub marks left by a bad GC squeezing in a hood. It may have decreased the sheen a bit but it was either that or touchup paint.

But really. It's a KITCHEN. If you have to use special cleaners or procedures whenever you fry something, you won't be happy. Test your regular old trusted household cleaners to find which ones are safe and just live with it!

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Me too -- I'll use whatever's available. I happen to have an addiction to Windex, and I find it works *really* well removing the greasy fingerprints, etc. from our white and black painted cabs. I used to go through a big ordeal with SoftScrub, using a diluted mixture of it to wipe down all the cabinet fronts and then a wet microfiber to go and wipe all the SoftScrub off. Truthfully -- it worked great! But the Windex is so much easier and does just as good a job. Good luck!

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Amy Koch Interiors

Up until about a month ago, I too was using Windex on just about everything. I hate having to fish out multiple products, and it worked on smeary fingerprinted quartz countertops, white painted cabinets, and for shining up the stainless sink and nickel faucet.
HOWEVER, I have a new favorite--Pledge Multi-surface. It comes in a spray bottle and also wipes. It is by far the best product I have used for stainless appliances, which was the one thing the Windex isn't so hot for. I truly use it for everything....dusting, mirrors, glass, stainless, and painted surfaces. I don't get how this stuff works but I love it. It definitely gets the greasy spots off the painted cabinetry.

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1. Upgrade your ventilation to better remove the grease before it lands on your cabinets and walls and USE that ventilation fan every time. Grease damages the finish of both painted and varnished cabinets. This is one of the reasons that I just don't get how people recommend doing a kitchen without ventilation. Even just sauting some onions in the tiniest bit of butter produces tiny airborne drops of grease that will float around your home if you aren't sucking them out.

2. Dawn dishwashing liquid, water, and a microfiber cloth is about as harsh a chemicals as you'd want to use on a painted surface. If it won't come off with that, then it's permanantly stained and would need repainting.

3.NEVER use any of the Magic Erasers on any kind of cabinet or a counter surface. They are abrasive and can remove the top layer of the stain, but they're actually removing paint or the top layer of plastic on your laminate countertop. They're great for a lot of things, but not for surfaces that you wouldn't want to use very fine sandpaper on. Because that's what they essentially are: very fine sandpaper!

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Thanks so much, everyone! I ended up diluting regular dishsoap with some water and used a microfiber cloth and it worked perfectly.


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