Show me your corner sinks, please!

tiskersDecember 23, 2008

The recent thread on the corner sink set back about 6" from the front got me thinking (and fretting a little!) ;o)

Our new kitchen design calls for a corner sink AND a corner cabinet above it. I am hoping the corner cabinet is not "in my way" while washing dishes or cleaning up.

In our design drawings, the sink looks nice and close to the edge of the granite. If our fabricators do anything funky there, I will not be happy!

Sooooooo -- tell me about your corner sinks. Do you love them? Hate them?! And what about cabinets above them -- any problems?

And oh yes, of course all photos WELCOME!

Thank you!


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Lynn -- I have lived with a corner sink for 28 years and love it and no corner cabinet above. With the new kitchen that we are planning, I don't want a cabinet over the sink, but do want a "wow" factor.
I've seen a wonderful arrangement for a corner and am considering it--it's two shelves at 90 degree right angles and two sets of apothecary (3 on each side) drawers under the bottom shelf. This allows you to decorate with pretty pottery, or plants, teapots, etc. The little aporthecary drawers are very attractive, but not cheap. In not putting a cabinet above your sink, you also gain a nice amount of room behind your sink and don't have to worry about your faucet, soap dispenser, sprayer, etc.

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I love my corner sink, and I have a cabinet over it as well, though it's not as long as the side cabinets. I don't have any "headroom" problems and love the long run from the sink to the range for prep work.

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Thank you both for your replies!

I am very excited for our corner sink... the cabinet above it has already been ordered... a lovely mullioned glass-doored corner wall cabinet. There is another wall cabinet on each side. I think it will be beautiful. I HOPE SO, anyway!!!

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Have you seen this thread? It discusses pros and cons. I really like my corner sink. I do have a cabinet above, which is not in my way at all. In fact, I really like the cabinet above my corner sink because it's extra deep because it is in the corner.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Sinks in Corner

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THANKS for the link! VERY helpful!
Wow, lots of beautiful corner sinks there. I love them!
Hopefully soon I will have my own beautiful corner sink to post there! ;o)

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I had a corner sink for years and loved it. I didn't have a cabinet but a window. I was thinking of doing a corner sink in my new kitchen but it would be in the peninsula and I chickened out. This is not my kitchen but a photo of a corner sink with a bit of character

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Any more corner sink picts? I am in quite a dilema

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