Gift for foreman or contractor??

p.ball2December 6, 2012

So the holidays are approaching. I have a general contractor and a job foreman who have been really fabulous. Patient, neat, good quality work, on time, good complaints. They started our job in September and will probably wrap up in February sometime( so we are quite familiar with each other at this point).

Here is my question- should I give them a holiday gift such as you would give your mailman or cleaning lady or hair stylist? Should it be simple since I am already paying him?

What have people done in the past who had contractors in their home during holiday season?

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My STBX GC DH was always surprised and pleased when this would happen. He's received a bottle of wine, some homemade chocolates, a T-shirt with Maurice Sendak characters on it, and a few other things.

It's a very nice gesture, but not necessary. It was definitely the thought that counted.

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pball - Hi! I am planning to give something to the foreman and his son who do 99% of the work on my remodel. They've been working on my job since last Nov so we are pretty familiar with one another too. They do great work, are polite, patient and just very nice. I've been trying to discreetly ask about restaurants they like, etc. and plan to get them each a gift card.

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