Would you be okay with this?

sawyer212December 11, 2012

We just finished our kitchen, and got Decora cabinets. They look great, however the 33" drawer on our island is sagging. Here is a picture of it, with only 2 pot LIDS in it (not even pots, just the lids!). This is supposed to be the drawer where I keep all of my pots/pans, which clearly can't happen.

I spoke to the cabinet company/saleswoman, and at first they said it was because the contractor needed to shim something on the island and it wasn't 100% even. So he came back and did that, and the issue clearly isn't at all resolved.

So her next email said: "It appears that the sagging you are experiencing is normal. Use the drawer base as you would normally, not exceeding 75 lbs, and I am sure it will be fine".

I am certainly no expert, but just a little research has seemed to indicate that the rail support isn't sufficient. Do you agree? Would you be okay with this answer?
Thanks in advance.

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Definitely agreed.
I'm wondering if this won't even damage the glides after awhile. Undue stress at the front of the cabinet piece and its runners.

Plus, remember the problem with big weight. You must include the weight of the drawer...

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No. Not okay. Not even a little. It looks to me like this is going to cause damage just being used empty. And just think about the effort it is going to require to close the darn thing when you actually have something in it. Yikes! Stand your ground and make them fix it!

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Nope, not normal.

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Is this a standard length drawer? (back to front) How many glides are there? Two or just one down the middle? I would check the stability of the glides. What about your other drawers?

One of my 30" drawers as a difference of 1/4" from front to back when fully pulled out and it is full of frying pans and lids. (I think there are 8 frying pans in it)

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Not normal. Send her pictures and hold the payment until it is fixed.

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Nice drawer but something is wrong with the build; either wrong glides or incorrect installation.

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Have you removed the drawer from the cabinet & checked to make sure the glides are securely attached to the cabinet & to the drawer? I suspect that there may be some missing or not fully tightened screws.

When the problem gets fixed remember that the weight limit on standard undermount slides is 75 pounds, including the weight of the drawer.

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Yes, I've been sending pictures to the saleswoman. She knows exactly what is going on. My contractor has been back twice, and they sent someone from Decora as well. They both took the rails out, checked everything, swapped out the glides for new ones, reinstalled everything, etc. I just think that it is a defect, not in the drawer itself, but in the design perhaps. Or maybe the rails just aren't designed to withstand that size drawer? Either way, I don't think it is acceptable.

They just keep on saying I can use it as is, and there is a lifetime warranty, so the saleswoman's opinion seems to be, "who cares if it breaks?". But it is just frustrating to me...I don't feel comfortable piling my pots/pans in there. I feel like the whole thing is just going to crack at any moment!

Oh, and the drawer is standard size front/back, and is 33" wide. There are 2 glides, one on each side.

Thanks for your input.

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Something is wrong - mine drop some when fully loaded but nothing like that!
As others point out - the 75 lb includes the weight of the drawer.... Found out the hard way. I only had 75 lbs of dishes in my 36 inch drawer.
Also, have them add extra screws in the front of your heavy drawers - They usually only put one in the front, middle and rear - and my understanding of physics says that is a lot of weight on the front screw!

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you need to be talking to someone else at that place.

What kind of glides did they use on it? How about better glides on it?

Do you have another drawer that size? If so, how is it doing?

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Just for comparison here is my 36 inch wide drawer fully extended. This drawer is loaded with all of my everyday dishes. There is no sagging and the drawer has been in use for almost 1 year.

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