New Kitchen Table and Chairs!

enduringDecember 6, 2012

Today I had my new chairs and table delivered and I want to share with you!

As some of you remember I remodeled my Kitchen last year in the summer of 2011. While others did most of the project, I painted, installed the soapstone (w/DH help), and did the backsplash tile. I had been on the look out for a small table and set of chairs. My old table was the wrong size and style for what I wanted. I just hated the Queen Anne legs on my old table. The color was good. I loved the drop leaf to add room on occasions. But I wanted a new set. I looked on line, at antique stores, new furniture stores, etc. I bought a temporay table from IKEA and it was cute but not up to the style I wanted so off it went to college with DS2.

Last year while I was working on the kitchen I discovered the website of Gary Weeks. He has been a real pleasure to work with! It is a family business in Texas. He is a real artist with wood.

I kind of fell in love with the idea of new build custom cherry furniture. This year I explored this custom avenue seriously because I could never find anything I liked as well as these chairs from Gary Weeks. He'll ship a sample chair to your home to try, FOR FREE. Of coarse you have to ship it back, but thats free too:) I had one shipped this summer. It was SO comfortable. When we took the sample out of the fabulously packaged shipping box my DH said "Wow, that's a nice chair".

Well I ruminated about it for several months and then decided to order. I had Gary make a custom sized table for my small kitchen, along with 2 of his standard model chairs called the "Williams" chair. The table is 28x36" I think. I ordered the set in natural cherry. They have walnut and maple too.

They came today!

First chair unwrapped. The shipping box was incredible and is sitting outside.


Set up. This pale color is about the color is really is, right now, because of the newness of the cut cherry. The photos that are pale are taken without the flash. The other pictures that look more cherry like is due to the flash. The sample chair I had tried was the deepest richest cherry I have seen. I can't wait for these to age to that level of color:

DD visits the week of delivery. She loves the set:

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new small kitchen set.

If interested here is the link to the beginning of my kitchen project. It might be the first post I made?

Here is a link that might be useful: Small Kitchen Report

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Absolutely stunning, and so perfect for your kitchen. To many hours at the new table!

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How beautiful!
Such sweet, clean lines with such gorgeous grain.
Well worth the wait, I'm betting! :)


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Wonderful.. Just the kind of furniture to pass on to future generations. Perfectly proportioned. I love all the wood dowels.

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Maggie, I am spending hours at the table already! So much comfort in the chair and the table. It is slightly wider than the drop leaf I had when the leaves were down. I like this width, don't need a leaf to rise:)

CEFreeman, Thanks, yes the lines are sweet, somewhat more contemporary than the lines of the cabinets, but I don't care:) The arch in the table echos the arch at the window and sink base. Thanks again

Lalitha, yes something to pass on! it is so nicely made and the small proportions will be so versatile to any inherit-ee. The slats on the back are matched I believe, though hard to tell with the straight grain of the slats. There is a picture on Gary Weeks website that shows a mesquite rocker with matchbook type paring of slats and it is gorgeous.

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Love beautiful wood furniture! I wish you many happy years around your new table!!!

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I feel the same way as when I saw ship4u's kitchen table. LOVE & jealousy. Very pretty lines and details. All a around, a great kitchen.

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They look great. Perfect for the space and they look so well made. Thanks for the link to his website.

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Cat-mom, we just ate supper at the table, I had it all covered up to protect. Soon the newness will wear off and it will be business as usual, dump the mail, put the labtop on it, pile it high with grocery bags.

Onedogedie, I tried to look up "ship4u" but nothing turned up. If you see this could you link it? I would love to see the table:)

Marti8a, glad you like them. I have been pointing out tiny quality details to my DH, he never notices these things so much. He really finds the chairs comfy, so do I.

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Heart be still!!! The table and chairs are beautiful, so well made. You must be thrilled.

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Thanks so much for posting your original kitchen posts. I remember reading them I first started lurking on GW, and how dumbstruck I was by your amazing story / project. Of course since then I've practically memorized your photos of your beautiful herringbone backsplash and taken some comfort that since you say your kitchen is small, maybe my small kitchen can turn out half as lovely some day too. I never put it together that you were the one with the wonderful farmhouse. Thanks so much for sharing, and for the inspiration!

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To my mind, it seems that small kitchens have the best, coziest, most inviting tables!

Here is a link that might be useful: ship4u's small kitchen

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Oh, that is scrumptious! I didn't even see that it was from you, enduring, I just saw that beautiful cherrywood and locked on that image. It is a really lovely set. I am envious!

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I "heart" that table!!!

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That looks like a great place to sit and play cards! I also think small kitchens have the best seating - more intimate. You will have great chats at that table.

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Oh my...that is gorgeous work. Such amazing craftsmanship. I love handmade furniture and have a house full of it. I never tire of stroking the wood. You are so lucky to have found that man.

I don't know how I missed the kitchen of ship4u. That is one beautiful space and that table and chairs...another classic. Thank you for sharing it one dog. c

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Stunning! Thank you for sharing. I'm thinking of doing the same. Now that our kitchen is opened up to our dining room, my old table and chairs look awful next to my new new kitchen. But all the tables I like are way too big!

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Beautiful and so heartening that there are still craftsman capable of that level of workmanship in this country. After it darkens, it would interesting to see a 'before' and 'after' post. Enjoy your lovely little set!

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I love it! We have a similar size table and chairs and it's perfect for our kitchen since we have the large dining room table right close by.
The cherry is beautiful, and you can't beat the custom build. Enjoy your new set!

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Onedogedie, Oh that is a beautiful table. I love that grain and color. That table top has a beautiful matched set of planks on either side of the center plank. My table has 3 planks too. Not as defined as that oak though. Thank you for taking the time to post that for me. I remember that kitchen now. I shared the pics with DH. He loves that style of house. Our little house is very plain and modest, no details. So, I am adding details that are interesting to me in our one story, 90 year old house.

Linelle, Thanks they are well made. I wished I could see them in 100 years.

Smaloney, I am glad you enjoyed that post. My kitchen is not only small but, darn, I have 4 doors going into it :/ I don't have to walk too far though; I just have to ask others to get out of the way. (I put a herringbone floor in my current bathroom project, it is next to the kitchen)

Angie, Thanks. I just got up from the table to get a bowl of cereal. It is so nice to rise from the sitting position to standing. My hands just go to each corner of the table to help push myself up and - BOOM, I'm up ☺

Clueless, I'm loving it too. (My table is thanking us for the love.)

Rosylady, thanks for looking and sharing. This is a very intimate kitchen. As long as someone "sits" at the table they're out of the way.

Trailrunner, I know what you mean about stroking wood. It has been a real blessing to be able to purchase this set. Thanks for the complement.

AboutTo, you will not be sorry if you have a real craftsperson make something for you. It doesn't have to be all fancy, as evidenced by this set, to be lovely.

Deedles, thank you for your post. I love to look at fine custom-made furniture, always have. That is a great idea to post before and after pictures. I will do that next Christmas ☺

Laddie, thanks for your post. We too have a dinning table in the nearby room. Funny about that dinning room table. It is an Amish built table that I got at an Amish furniture store 5 or 6 years ago. I loved it. It has served us well. But the "loveliness" does not come close to the beautiful craftsmanship of this new sweet little set.

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