Coordinating/Picking Colors of Walls and Cabinets

deborahcDecember 4, 2012

We're (DD and I) having a really hard time picking the "right" colors for this kitchen.

We want to use a bluish gray on the bottom cabinets, some variance of white or cream on the uppers and a very light blue/gray on the actual wall.

We have a sample of the Sherwin Williams Meditative SW 6227 that is really pretty for the lower cabinets.

Our dilemma is what other colors to pair with this. We've found we prefer a warmer white, and aren't fans of the White Dove. (It's really WHITE!) We just like warmer colors. The problem is that Meditative is really a cool color- should we start over on this color?

Here is what we would like:

Lower cabinets - darker bluish/greenish gray (open to suggestions!)
Upper cabinets - creamy white - colors ideas?
Beadboard - creamy white
Wall - Same color family as lower cabinets, but MUCH lighter. Maybe 50% white added?
Crown Moulding - Creamy white

Ironing board cabinet in the right of the picture - Dark paint or white? (can't decide!)

PS: I've always wanted to try the styrofoam crown moulding, so this is a good place to try it out! If I like it I might add it to my house too :)

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I am a fan of simply white by Ben Moore. It is a nice soft white. There are so many beautiful colors from which to choose. Look at gray cashmere by BM for cabinets. It has a bluish cast. Hold samples up in your light and see how you like them.

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I tried to use SW's color visualizer, but it wasn't cooperating, so I ended up using BM's. What I found was that I preferred whites with peachy undertones (blue and orange are complementary colors), to pair with a gray-blue similar to Meditative.

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We wanted warm colors in our house and a decorator we know suggested Benjamine Moore mayonnaise. It has yellow undertones (but I would not call it creamy) and should look fine with cool blue colors.

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Meditative may be too dark, but I could be wrong- not sure what you're going for...

Whatever you put on the walls I would cut it back by more than 50% b/c when it is in the whole area it takes on much more color.

We are doing yellow cabs and the paint for the wall I could swear wasn't even yellow-- more beige with slight yellow undertone. Once it went up it looked so different than the 16" x 16" swatch I painted up. Definitely seemed yellowish. It actually worked out but just remember it will look darker (more saturated) when it's on all of your walls. Actually, once the cabs went up it toned that color down so much that it doesn't look yellow anymore so if that's the case ignore this paragraph! lol

We used BM Mascarpone AF-20 with our upper cabs and all the crown and base trim which I am LOVING. It is a creamy white but you'd have to see how it looks with your Meditative. Actually we are using it with BM's Woodlawn Blue HC 147 and it looks great.

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Hi! I started trying to help you out by doing a mockup in Photoshop of your colors but then realized if you paint the bottom cabinets that blue/green color you will break them up too much. With the white you have a continuous run of white bottoms and you don't notice the range and D/W there so much. With the bottom cabinets a deeper color you are dividing your bottom cabinets in half and making the kitchen look too choppy.

You have a small kitchen and I would leave the cabinets white and brighten it up with a nice backsplash and a nice paint color to set them off.

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On the styrofoam crown molding - we put up something similar in our old house in NJ and for the most part it was great. However, we were in a 70+ year old home and the ceilings were NOT straight, so we had to do a lot of gap-filling between some of the molding and the ceiling.

Despite this, we really liked how the room looked when we were done.

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