Does someone have a nice photo of Super White?

karin_mtDecember 11, 2013

Hi folks,

I am seeking a photo of a Super White slab to be used for an educational science blog about my pet topic, which is how to tell the difference between marble and quartzite. I know there are photos of Super White all over the web but I need a non-copyrighted version. If one of you have a photo that you took that you wouldn't mind sharing, that would be very helpful! Pictures can be of the slab (preferred) or of the countertop.

You can post them here or if you'd prefer to email them to me send me a message via GW.

Thank you for your help!

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TB151 posted some slabs the other day. The post is three or four pages down. It's called something like went for templating and walked out with super wite. Do a shout out to him/her.

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Will do thanks!

Anyone else??

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I believe I have one on my pc. If you still need it, I can post it when I get home.

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I did have several but I guess I deleted all but this one after I decided on a different stone for my counters.

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