Stain or Stone?

monikaxpDecember 11, 2012

In the ongoing battle of marble countertops between the builder and myself, I noticed what looks like stains on the honed calacatta marble countertops that I upgraded to. The builder is claiming that these are a part of the stone's natural color. These stains are all around the sink. You be the judge...

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And one more for good measure...

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Sophie Wheeler

Well, yeah, it's a stain. But that is what marble DOES. It's "normal".

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I realize that marble stains. But I do not PAY for it to be already stained before I close on the house! If it's going to be stained it will be by me.

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Did you go to the yard and chose this slab yourself? Or maybe I should re-phrase that and ask: when did the stains appear?

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My bathroom marble was installed with a big motor oil looking stain on it. They tried to deny it being caused by them, but I had close ups of the slab at the stone yard.

They came over and used a poultice that they covered with plastic wrap, and it took it out. I will call tomorrow and find out what it is.


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Yes looks like a stain to me-more than likely it can be removed by poulticing using 40% volume hydrogen peroxide and baby powder. Thw fabricator should be able to do that.
If he cant hire a stone refinisher to take care of it.

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