Kitchen table help- have you seen this table in person?

running_momDecember 23, 2012

I'm searching for a 60 inch round dining table for our kitchen space (and only eating area) and am having a difficult time... None in the local furniture stores and what I see online is very expensive.

Surprisingly the lovely Restoration Hardware Table is the least expensive I have seen (it's on sale), and it's the look I want.

But I'm worried about ordering online, without having seen in person, and without any reviews.

Thank you!!!

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I was looking at that table online yesterday. I'm too scared to go to he mall and see it in person at the moment

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I called the closest store (2 hrs away) and they don't have it for display.

Flevy, when you see it, could you come back to this thread to let me know??

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I think its really pretty! I have a somewhat similar antique table in my kitchen. One thing to be careful of if you buy it online - make sure you get all the measurements, and check to see if it is a comfortable height for the chairs you already own (or whatever new ones you might want). We had a local woodshop make a copy of the restoration hardware farmhouse table using our own wood. We had them use the dimensions given for the table. When it was all done, it was beautiful, but at 31" high, it just felt too high for standard 19" chairs. I was so upset. My DH cut 1" off each to make it 30" and now it is perfect. Weird perhaps but that 1" change made a world of difference for me.

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I have seen this in the SF store and to be honest, I did not care for it.. Seemed uncomfortable and somewhat imposing. But the construction itself seemed ok. Again, this may work great for your space. What kind of chair would you use with this?

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Sure but I won't go near a mall until after New Years when everyone goes back to work.

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