Merry Christmas to me: NOT

kaismomDecember 27, 2012

Saturday before Christmas, my ailing hot water heater that heats the house and gives us domestic hot water heater took its last breath and died.

We knew that it was on life support but when it finally happened, it was unexpected.

The replacement bids are coming in. No showers at the house for a week. The house is warm enough at 68F since we live in a mild climate and we have a gas fireplace. We have 2 electric heaters in the house going all day.

Egads. I justed wanted to vent.

I thought you would understand this unexpected expenditures of life on this forum since many of you are in the middle of a project. I hope your projects are going well.

This is an expensive Christmas present to our family!

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Oh no! I'm so sorry, not pleasant at all. Hoping it isn't quite as expensive as feared, and that you have friends/family who might let you shower soon!

Happy New Year kaismom!

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I had an electric one I had to replace last year. Walked into the utility room to get the laundry and asked myself, "why are my feet wet?"

I went to L, got a new unit and put it in myself. The fun part was putting the old one into the back of the truck. It was a bit heavy.

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Two & a half years ago, we bought a replacement water heater--found a deal on Craigslist--to replace the water heater that we just knew was gonna' go any day now. Still haven't needed to install it!

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I'm so sorry this happened to you just before Christmas. Not that there's another, better time, but oh, man.

Although you'll realize significant energy savings, I realize this is hardly the time to find the roses.

Ho, ho!

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Just to add my random water heater story--when we bought this house in 2000 the water heater was ancient and wasn't heating the water very well. I saw a classified ad in the newspaper for water heaters for sale that were used for a month. Turns out they were from the 30th anniversary Woodstock concert that was held in a neighboring city. I guess they were used for all the temporary quarters/structures they built for it. So we got a barely used electric water heater for $60 and called it our Woodstock water heater. I was kind of disappointed though when my husband brought it home. Given its lineage I was hoping it was spray painted tie-dyed or have a peace sign or something interesting on it. It was just a boring water heater though.

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On Christmas evening we got a call from the neighbor across the street from our not yet sold house. Water was cascading out of our garage and running down the driveway. He had tried and failed to turn off the water at the street. So we got in our car, drove an hour and a quarter, gave the water supply valve feeding the hot water heater a quarter turn, got back in our car and drove home, Bother. Now I have to go up there again and put in a new one.

If funds are tight for you and you have a couple of wrenches and some muscle, installing a watr heater is quite easy.

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I received that same gift last summer -- and I didn't appreciate it any more than you are right now!

There's never a good time to lose your hot water, and it's more expensive than you expect to replace the hot water heater. On the positive side, it only took the plumbers half a day to get out to my house and replace mine. Since then I haven't had one minute's trouble, and my new model is more energy efficient than the old one.

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Bummer - not good Christmas presents..

BTW- Check your washing machine hoses - our friends had an aneurysm that exploded a few years ago. I looked at ours and they were fine - a month later - we had a giant bulge! Now we have braided steel versions with some kind of safety valve (Miele)

Ddi you figure out a replacement?

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Thanks all.
This is not a water heater. This is a boiler that heats the house and gives us hot water. This is not a cheap installation. Unfortunately, we will NOT be getting any savings in energy. What was there was a 90% plus efficiency system.

We got all the quotes we needed. We are going with a system just below 10K. the bids were coming in up to 20K using the best German boiler, Viessman. I think that is a bit steep for us and an overkill in the city that rarely sees a freeze. We made our selection. Handing over the keys and are going on our planned winter vacation. Hopefully when we get back, everything will work...

I am counting my blessing that this type of thing does not put me over the financial edge. I am really lucky to have a good job and be able to pay for the luxuries of life when so many people cannot.

Happy new year to all.

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