So I've been writing up a "reveal" post, and....

drbeanie2000December 5, 2012

What would really make the most sense would be the post the layout in addition to the pictures. The final layout that we received has a copyright on it, it's the kitchen place's intellectual property. I know I can't pass off the drawings as mine and post them, but if I leave the copyright and the name of the place and designer, can that work? The place was working with the sketches/measurements my KD drew out - should I credit her?

I should know more about this, truly. But I don't.


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You aren't "passing them off" as yours unless you are trying to use them to solicit business, really.

I have seen people post plans with their last name and address on them. I think privacy is a good idea.

Post them and let people know that if they are interested you can give them the name of the professionals involved.

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You are posting them for "comment and discussion" ... and that's "fair use".

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