Quick! Discount for Dent & Scratch

sweebyDecember 6, 2012

We just bought a new refrigerator for our pantry at Lowes. Got a reasonably good deal but did not do my usual super-bargain hunting. In other words, we didn't haggle, etc. When the guy delivered it, Hubby saw a big dent in the back corner - maybe 4" tall by 2" wide. Hubby asked the delivery guy and he said we should call the store for a discount because of that. I'm OK with the dent - it'll never be seen, etc.

So question #1 is what kind of discount is standard for a pretty good sized dent at the back of a refrigerator that wasn't bought as a scratch 'n dent?

Right after the delivery guy left, I came home and saw the new fridge for the first time. What Hubby missed is a scratch on the front door. It's about 1.25" long and right at my (short-person) eye level, so below his usual line of sight. It's pretty thin -- looks just like a dog hair actually, so I'm assuming that's what Hubby thought it was ;-). But it's not. It's a scratch that goes all the way through the paint to the bare metal. This *does* bug me and I don't want to live with the door scratch. I want a new door.

So question #2 is what kind of discount (above and beyond the dent discount #1) is fair for a 1.25" scratch on the front door of a refrigerator that wasn't bought scratch 'n dent?

Hubby says he can fix the paint so that "I'd never see it..." He's *very talented*, but honestly, I'm skeptical. But this IS the pantry, and the grocery list could cover it...

Obviously, we need to talk to Lowes today -

Your thoughts?

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No real clue, but if I had to guess I would throw out 10%-20% off. If it does bug you, I would expect it's fair to insist on having them replace it with another one in new condition.

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I was in our local Lowe's two days ago (york PA) and was looking at the scratch and dent refrigerators. They were having a fabulous sal on the non scratches so I expected that the damaged ones would be highly discounted.
One of the damaged fridges which was a display with a pretty good dent in the bottom door had been 2900.00 and was reduced to 2000.00 They also had one with a repaired handle on the freezer which was normally 3200.00 and it was reduced to 2200.00 It sees as if they reduced theirs by approx 1/3.

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We just got back with what I think is a good result: about 20% off for the dent in the back and they're bringing out a new door and installing it tomorrow.

I'm happy with that result --


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Fori is not pleased

That's good.

It's one reason I sort of have to admit I like dealing with the big chains. The guys you deal with don't suffer when something needs doing so they're perfectly happy to make it right.

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