What finish for cab hardware?

BlackChamoisDecember 20, 2012

I will have all SS appliances. I have picked out a chrome faucet.

Should I do a brushed finish on the hardware to match the appliances or polished to match the faucet? Would matching the faucet be too much "shine"?

Also, if I were to do a brushed faucet, could I do polished hardware?

Thanks for your input!!!!

p.s. My Raven counters are getting installed today! Yay!

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What looks best on your cabinets?

I also have SS appliances, and a brushed faucet. I went into my kitchen project thinking I would go with brushed pulls, but when I got to that point, and I visualized brushed or polished pulls against my rich dark cabinetry I changed my mind. I have dark walnut cabinets and an island painted dusky olive. I chose flat black. And, IMHO, they look awesome.

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I love the look of flat black with white cabinets. That might be a good idea with Raven. See what Google shows for that combo. Otherwise, I'd probably match the hardware to the faucet.

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I don't know what your kitchen looks like, but brushed faucet will be easier to keep looking nice! So I would recommend that for sure. I would also go with brushed pulls, not just to match but for upkeep. You don't want to have to polish them. BUT I would try to select pulls and knobs that reflect the personality of the kitchen - they need not be plain brushed. also a pewter finish would look really nice with SS and brushed nickel faucet.

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I think the cab hardware needs to look good with the cabinets, not necessarily match other metals in the kitchen. My sinks, faucets, and cabinet hardware are all different. If you can take a few pulls home and see them in place, you will probably get a better idea of what looks right. Or post a picture here for more opinions; then we will get to see your kitchen too!

For what it's worth, all the faucets in our house are polished chrome and there is no upkeep to speak of -- well, other than wiping off the toothpaste the kids get all over their bathroom one. lol.

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