Please vote for type of lighting!

janealexaDecember 18, 2011

Hello all!

We have a soffit above our kitchen cabinets, we also have a soffit in the adjoining great room/dining room.

I have to choose soffit lighting. We have other light sources so the soffit lighting will most likely be used at night for ambience. Will you please vote if you like:

1) candlelight amber glow


2) white glow

Here are some sample pics:

Amber glow:

traditional bedroom design by new york photographer Elliott Kaufman

living room design by new york photographer Elliott Kaufman

White glow:

modern living room design by philadelphia interior designer Robert Petril

traditional family room design by los angeles design-build HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Thanks in advance!!

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I like the white glow. To me, it's kind of a cleaner look. The room colors stay true.

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White for sure....

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White. As Remodelfla said, it's a cleaner look to me.

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Thanks so much everyone for your responses! White (LED rope light) it is! My lighting store also told me that the amber (regular rope light) tends to get more amber over time so another reason to decide against it. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!

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I am confused again, DH prefers the amber light.

If you were in this situation, would you ever have the undercab lights and the soffit lighting on at the same time?? If so, I'm thinking they should be the same type of light...I think undercab lights are more of a white light.
So I think the soffit lighting should match and be white as well??

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I've never had any type of up lighting like yours so take MHO for what it's worth. Undercab lighting is lighting your work surface. Its for work, not ambiance. To me, your up lighting isn't work lighting, it's ambiance. They serve two different purposes. I would have the UC lights on any time I was working in the kitchen. (I should qualify that statement because I don't know what your layout is to know where your uppers are in relation to your work space.). I could, therefore, see both types of lights on at the same time. And yes, they should match in my book. White.

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If you can't decide, there is some cove lighting that you can set the white balance on demand. E.g. see this video for example of one product.

I can't vouch for their quality. I briefly considered them since they are local to me, but it wouldn't really work well for our application (I was looking at using it for under cabinet lighting).

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Well people are wrong sometimes. IMHO... the white is much much better.

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Thanks again everyone for your input!

zartemis, that is way cool! Just got off the phone with our local lighting company to ask about it and it is way beyond our budget.

I asked the electrician to put in samples of the regular rope light and the LED rope light. So glad I did. The LED rope light is not white at all, it is an ugly yellow :(

He also put in a sample of Xenon linear lighting which is a nice white color...but it is very expensive (must buy the track system, separate bulbs, transformers, etc) and it gives a more "scalloped" look versus a continuous look.

So obviously the Xenon linear and the white balance system zartemis mentioned are out due to budget. For the rope, if I had to choose between amber and bright yellow, I'd have to choose the warmer amber color...

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Follow-up: the electrician put 2 outlets in the soffit, each on its own switch. One switch was for the amber rope light and the other switch for white (brighter) light. It is great having both options (I never have them both on at the same time).

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For a kitchen, white. No brainer.

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