Is there any hope for this kitchen?

olivesmomDecember 28, 2012

Plans have changed and we *might* be placing an offer on this REO. It was built in 2007, nearly completed and has been vacant since. While its not my dream home it may be too good of a deal to pass up, plus it has many of the features we wanted.

We will be doing an inspection and getting bids for the work needed. The kitchen is missing appliances, a faucet and light fixtures but I think I would go ahead and put new cabinetry in since I don't care for the current stuff. I would do the same with the flooring as well.

I don't have a floorplan, all I have are theese listing photos. Here's the kitchen from the "eat-in" space. The pantry isn't shown, but is next to the refridgerator space. Separated by that wall I believe.

Here's the view as you enter the living room

And this might help to give you an idea of the formal dining room. It is on the other side of the staircase, through that opening next to the door. Walking from the kitchen you just go down the hall, there's no doorway on that side.

Back to the kitchen:

As you can see the laundry room entrance (which leads to the garage) cuts the kitchen in half. I really wish it wasn't like that, but that's the way it is. With the current set up I have the following concerns:

- there doesn't seem to be a good prep spot near the stove area. I do not like to prep facing a wall or cabinets, so I would likely prep at the end of the penninsula. That's seems like too much of a walk from there to the stove carrying ingredients.

-I would like a larger stove (maybe a 36" bluestar) and I don't know how a larger one will work with the cabinets in the current stove spot. I'd also like a wall oven if possible.

- I'd also like a larger fridge, not sure of the size but a SZ of some sort. Not sure if one would fit width wise.

- I'm not sure I want an "eat-in kitchen" at least not in this layout. It seems a bit redundant to have a kitchen table so close the dining table. Also, the eat in space is pretty small and would require a tiny table, not to mention the eat in space sort of encroaches on the already not so large living room. I was thinking of maybe doing an island with seating or enlarging the penninsula to allow for seating. Here's a photo I found on houzz that shows an angled penninsula, which is how I think I'd have to do it in this situation (this photo is just for the angled penninsula, I'm not sure I can move the other stuff around much)

As far as my cooking needs, I'm pretty much the sole cook in the house. I generally cook and serve several meals per day for my toddler and preschooler and husband. We may or may not have more children in the future, but for now we are a family of four. I generally cook from scratch and we go through a ton of produce. I like to entertain when possible and I look forward to finally having a formal dining room. I stay at home and pretty much live in the kitchen, I want it to be nice and functional.

So if anyone has any layout suggestions I would certainly appreciate it. I would like to get an idea of what I want so that I can get a cabinetry quote. Sorry for not having a floor plan ( I only have my iPad right now so I cant draw one either), I know that would make this easier.

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Sophie Wheeler

Get rid of the slider to the outside and put in a door next to the fireplace instead of a window. That would let you expand the kitchen into the breakfast area. But, everything else isn't going to come cheap. You're not going to change the layout easily on a slab. Plus, you're talking about doing every single thing in the kitchen. That's easily 30-40K even if you don't try to move stuff to create a better layout. Painting what's there and just replacing the appliances would let you spend under 10K.

You'd have to get this house darn cheap and have lots of money left over if you want to do the same amount of makeovers to the other rooms.

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Holly: thanks for responding. I agree that moving the slider would be best in terms of a better layout, but I don't think I want to do that much. Short of moving the slider (or any windows/walls/doors) do you think anything can be done to improve the layout?

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What if I moved the range to the corner next to the window, as the inspiration photo? Then moved the sink, and in its place would be counter to be used as prep space? The sink would then go on an angle similar to the inspiration photo and on the remaining section of penninsula could be seating.

On the other wall I would then have room for a larger refrigerator, wall over and maybe even a baking center.

Would it work? Or would the stove be too close to the doorway, even if I went smaller than a 36" if necessary?

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I agree that moving the slider would be best in terms of a better layout, but I don't think I want to do that much.

Removing the slider & replacing a window with a door is pretty darned small when you're talking about replacing cabinets, getting a SubZero, wall oven & 36'' BlueStar. I'd make do with less expensive appliances, used ones, even, (that can always be replaced down the road) in order to get a space with a whole lot more potential.

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ci_lantro: mooring doors and windows seems like a huge undertaking to me. Granted, I have no remodeling experience, but it seems like a lot of work. We'd have to find the matching windows and doors, patch up the holes,and match the paint and wall texture. Plus the existing sink window might not be in the right spot afterwards, so yet another window to move. Exterior wise the siding would need to be patched. Which isn't a huge deal because we were probably going to replace the weathered wood siding with hardi plank, but I was hoping to wait a few years before doing so.

I wasn't planning on going with expensive cabinets, probably the pure style line by Martha Stewart (laminate). If I kept the existing layout, or even tweaked it just a bit then we are not looking at a lot of cabinets, especially since I would remove the uppers on the sink wall.

Also, the fireplace wall is symmetrical now. I'm not sure how I'd like it with a window on one side and a door on the other.

There's a lot to think about, and even just considering removing the slider seems to make it so much more complex.

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It might seem like a big undertaking, but I'm here to tell you it's 1/2 as hard as your mind is making it. I've done it myself, alone. I'm a 5'3" (on a tall day) woman.

If you're going to dump so much money into this kitchen, do it right and make it perfect. Why the heck not? You're going t live there. I settled for "good enough for now" for 18 years of marriage, and "later" never came. Ever. Do it once and do it right.

Keep in mind since these cabinets are new, you could buy doors in most cases and use the boxes, saving yourself $1000s.

I'd rather have "later" on the outside of the house (believe it or not) than having to look at it every day, all day long in my kitchen.

But that's just me.

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I don't think you habe enough width to move the sink to an angle peninsula, and keep an eating area there, too.

Can you get some measurements on the space?


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I'd want to find out what it would cost to move that door as far right as possible.

If it can't be done w/in reason then I'd consider putting a corner china type cabinet there (like often seen built in corners of older DRs).

you could maybe put the stove to the right of the 'now' sink and the 'future' sink to the left of the 'now' sink. It doesn't have to be over a window. That area could be prep space.

If you can move that door maybe do a short stove run there.

Moving things around would hinge on the measurements in the room and of the appliances.

I think the window someone mentioned changing to a door is the window on the wall that joins the sliding door wall. If there's a window to the left of the FP it would still have one on either side of it.

The cab boxes could be painted and doors painted or replaced. Same with the drawer fronts.

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