First stain on white marble

kitchendetectiveDecember 16, 2008

One third of my kitchen island, the lower part, is a Thassos white marble. Every time I have tried to photograph it, the marble appears like a paper white solid. In reality, it has some pale, pale gray wisps in it. Nothing I have done to it for the past three years has left a stain--until now. I've had a Cuisinart food processor sitting on it since Thanksgiving. One of the black rubber feet left a 1/2 inch gray stain on the marble. Only I would notice it as it matches the gray wisps. I recognize it because the shape isn't a wisp and corresponds to the foot; also, it's in a spot that had no wisps before, right where I roll out dough. It looks like the marble somehow incorporated the stain, as though the stain is below the surface. I honestly don't care and am not about to do anything about it, but I thought some of the people who have been asking about whether marble stains would want to know.

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Have you tried using a poultice? There is someone here who recommends using plain old Comet; I've used Rust Out (I think that's the name) with incredible success. (it's not just for rust)

As a white marble lover I'd love to see a picture(s) of your countertop!

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How does your marble do with coffee? We make a lot of espresso and when my husband does it he usually does not clean up after himself.

I think if we go with darker cabinets, we'd do something like marble (before we thought we'd get lighter cabinets and do soapstone, but it has been impossible to find a competent soapstone fabricater/supplier in my area).


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The reason we did not go with all white marble countertops three years ago is because DH said he didn't want to be blamed for coffee stains. We're big into espresso and French roast and not always fabulously coordinated before we've had our coffee (which is why I proposed that we need intravenous caffeine infusions before waking up, but no one took me seriously). LOL. We do not eat at the island, but guests often sit around there and we do make coffee on the counters, which, except for the baking area, are Juparana Bordeaux something or other, lots of colors that blend with
Red wine
Marinara sauce
Cranberry juice
etc. Heaven knows if I have any stains on that stuff.
So, I cannot answer about the coffee as the question pertains to daily exposure. However, I did find a leaky coffee filter someone left on the marble (Thanksgiving, had 12 here for 6 days, three+ meals a day, anything could happen ;>) ). It wiped completely clean. Now, I do have tons of etching and it is a polished, not honed, surface. As I've said before, I consider the etches my "mommy merit badges," and figure one day, the counters will be honed through use.

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