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weiss528iDecember 19, 2012

We are now ready to purchase and install a cold water filtration unit in our new kitchen. I do not want a combined hot/cold water unit.

What type of unit should we be looking for? single cartridge? ... double cartridge? Which brand unit?

Looking for your recommendations ...


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I can't believe no one has answered this. Do a search for under the sink water filter. I think that's how I found some great recommendations. I may have searched on google by putting in that phrase and gardenweb.

I put in one of the cheaper recommendations, a two stage Smart Water from the big box store.

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It depends mainly on what you want to filter -- how bad your water is and what you want to filter out.

Other considerations are how much room you have for the filter, and the change of pressure at a given flow rate.

In my own case I wanted general filtering and chlorine abatement, had lots of under-cabinet space, and wanted the smallest flow restriction possible because I was putting the filter on the cold water for my prep sink. From
WaterFilters.NET I got

20-BB 1" Whole House Water Filter System
RFC-20BB - Pentek RFC-20BB Carbon Filter (20" x 4.5")

which has worked out well. WaterFilters.NET has a good range of choices.

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I've posted on my GE under sink inline water filter many times. It's cheap, easy to install, water tastes great, filters are conveniently found at the orange box store where I bought the unit, and it's very low-tech. Below is a link to an internet search with threads discussing these types of filters, including my comments. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous water filter posts on Internet search

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