Need to Order Lighting today.

drybeanDecember 19, 2012

Demo has begun and I've still not made any decisions, other than appliances.

Electrical will be roughed in on Friday, so I have to decide on island lights.


That island is ~9.25x 3.5', depending on how thick end panels and right side overhang is.

Therefore, it needs a fairly substantial fixture or fixtures.

I bought these from One Kings Lane:

But they are too traditional for my MCM/Modern kitchen plans.
(Lesson: Don't buy final sale items when you're as indecisive as I am)

Thinking about two of these (below)

They are 24" wide.

Cabs will either be walnut and glossy white, or all walnut colored poplar. Finger pulls, only a few uppers, probably sheet glass backsplash.

I would love to do two of the Nelson saucers, but I'm afraid they would get filthy in kitchen.


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Hm. The other light photo did not post. It is the firefly pendant from CB2.
Hopefully picture comes through now.
24" wide, so two of them would be sufficient, I think.

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Because right now you are showing three different fixtures that really could have been chosen by three different people or for 3 different kitchens...I would not make a decision based upon the fixtures. I would put the electrical boxes in the positions where they make the most sense over the island leave extra wire for both boxes (and maybe a nailer for the boxes to be shifted along the length of the island slightly if the joists go the other way), and call it done for right now.

In isolation I think the first fixture is probably the most suitable as an island fixture but perhaps not with your style of kitchen.

I agree that the second would probably yellow because of the "skin" on the outside of the fixture, and also hanging two in close proximity of this shape isn't really how it is done.

I don't like the third one at all, it is a poor cousin to either of the others.

For your lighting in GENERAL, if those dots represent fixtures, I think that you should rethink the layout, because right now it may be fully functional but it looks random. I would try to lay out the ceiling in some kind of Grid pattern that may put some fixtures not exactly where they need to be functionally, but close enough, and will cause the ceiling to look better.

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Thanks Pal. I totally have a lighting idenity crisis. So if I just have the boxes put in for pendants, two should be sufficient, provided they are large enough scale, correct? We are also planning on putting in a Solatube, since there are no windows on the entire right hand side of room.

I see what you are saying WRT random pot lights. I may end up having to completely redo layout now due to beam we just found in wall, (about to write another post on that), but I understand what you mean and will think it through a bit more carefully. Thank you for your help.

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'I totally have a lighting idenity crisis.'

lol! pal describes it very nicely. I kept scrolling up and down looking at the 3 and saying 'huh?' They seemed disconnected to me also. might be why not many replies.

putting in the electrical so that it can be a bit flexible sounds like the best way to go. let the electrician know why.

keep looking for the right fixture.

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DesertSteph-I ordered the first pendant awhile back, caught up in a flash sale frenzy. I was planning on doing the white kitchen with subways, etc. But then I realized that was all wrong for my 1951 house and decided to go more MCM / modern. I thought the third one was more modern, but perhaps too industrial or contemporary?

Still want a bubble lamp. Must find a place to put one. :)

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You wouldn't go wrong with a simple globe like this from Progress Lighting (and others)

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You could go a little higher end with Rejuvenation's Sfera, which is essentially also a globe, or their Rokot, Dora, or Astron

Here is a link that might be useful: Rejuvenation

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I quite like those globe lights. Do you think 2 of the 14" would be sufficient for that size island?

I have the ability to order Robert Abbey lights at a significant discount. What about this, the Jonathan Adler Rio:

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I think two of the Eight might even be sufficient. 14" is Big.

I am biased against Jonathan Adler, sorry, I don't think he's had an original idea in 15 years, he just copies off other people (sometimes verbatim) and markets it.

I would prefer the simple globe myself.

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Those are 12" at base. 2 or 3 of them?

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Are you similiarly biased against Rico Espinet?
He has a simple globe that is cheap cheap.
I'm only looking for alternatives since I can get the Robert Abbey or Visual Comfort at wholesale.

Thanks for all your help. I was worried that two lights would be too small for the island, so it's helpful to hear you say that the smaller lights are OK scale wise.

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Picture of Rico Buster Globe

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I love the Robert Adler Rio light you posted. I was thinking you need more metal and I love the way that light has a more pronounced metal top plate, the little rectangular cutouts in the top plate are very mod too.
Also, I have a similar sizes island, 94"x38", and I think 2 12" fixtures would be better than 2 8". I wouldn't go larger than 12" however, it is too big, at least it felt that way in my space. I tried a 14" and it didn't work.

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I like the Rico Espinet, Robert Abbey and Visual Comfort in general. I agree that a bit larger than 8 (10-12) would be good, but 14 is actually quite large:

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