Where to end backsplash?

CurlyElleDecember 22, 2011

Our cabinets "end" about eight inches before the end of the countertops on all sides (I know, it's weird, but that's how it is.)

Should we bring the tile backsplash to end flush with the cabinets, or all the way to the end of the countertops?

DH thinks it will be weird to have a backsplash "corner" on the wall so he wants us to end with the cabinets, but I think it will look weird to have random sections of granite sticking out.

Thank you!

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Most people stop it with the counter top. After all, the backsplash is for the counter top. But I am sure some others will chime in.

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Do you have a picture you could post to ger a better idea of the space? Without seeing it, I would agree that I generally like tile to end with the cabs. You don't have a great choice either way, but I'd go with tile only under the cabs.

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We didn't have quite the same situation as you but, we chose to carry the BS tiles to the end of the countertop.
Here's a shot.

Had we ended the BS at the window there would have been about 18" of "naked" countertop extending beyond the the BS.
Additionally, we have that recessed cabinet on the right that overlaps the countertop by about 8". So that helps.
Since you only have 8" of "extra" countertop, ending at the cabinets may be a better idea.
Is your sink or range or another appliance in close proximity?
A lot depends on what else is nearby.
Also, be sure that whatever BS tile you choose comes with bullnose pieces on the edges that you'll require.
Not all manufactureres make bullnose on all sides or corners.

Breezygirl's sugesstion that you post a picture will help everyone here to offer better suggestions.

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We chose to end ours with the countertop. I think it would have looked funny to have a little piece of countertop sticking out without the backsplash tile.

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Here is the only picture I can find. Here they stepped it down, but it still ends with the counter. I can't see how not having the backsplash on the counter can look good. What would you do where you stop the tile?

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Might depend on the tile.

I'd step it out like robbcs3's pic, but more dramatically.

Bring it straight down at the edge of the cabinet, and then a 4 inch or so high run of tile along the counter to the end to finish it against the wall.

Basically an L shape. Again, might depend on the tile size/shape/bullnose options etc.

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