anyone installed their Miele 36" induction cooktop into 36" cab?

huangoDecember 12, 2012

Did anyone installed their Miele 36" induction cooktop into 36" cab?

Is it just me who didn't get the memo that the 36" Miele cooktop doesn't fit into a 36" cabinet?

If you did, any pix of how you cut out the cabinet to fit it in?
Miele calls for the cooktop cutout width to be 36 1/16 +/- 1/16. But my inner cabinet width is ~34.5".

Oy, it's the day before countertop install; DH is traveling; and I'm calling my poor GC left and right (about the marble sill, sink faucet holes, and now this).

thank you for any help/pictures,

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Sorry Amanda, I'm not sure it will fit. My 31" Miele (4 burner) induction is in a 36' cabinet. Hopefully I'm wrong and there is someone out there who did it.

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It would seem to me that you would knotch out the cabinet tops as required.

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Weedmeister is probably correct - the Miele inductions are shallow so it would really just impact your first shallow drawer. I expect the cabinet maker could correct that by creating a space/knotch in the drawers on either side??

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My Miele 36" induction is in a 36" frameless drawer base. (IKEA box)

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oh, I'm using Ikea boxes also.
remodelfla: would you have a picture of the cut-out/notching?
Remodelfla/anyone: did you reinforce the front bar (small piece of wood) for additional support?
How big is the front countertop piece (where your belly touches while you cook)? It seems pretty small.

Yes, my GC will cut it this morning.

The cooktop is not hanging from much, if the cooktop itself = 36 5/8", and the cutout require = 36 1/16 +- 1/16. So the overhang "lip" is only 1/2" total, so each end is overhanging from just 1/4" lip.

So no silicone to attach the cooktop, correct?

thank you very much,

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