Griddle cleaning/cooking

nancylaDecember 29, 2007

I have a new Wolf 36" 4 sealed burner with griddle rangetop. Love it so far. Can anyone give me some advice on taking care of the griddle? I've seasoned it, but am curious about what to do before and after cooking. Do I grease the griddle beforehand? Do I wash with soap and water after? The instruction booklet is a bit vague. Also, what do you use your griddle for? Thanks!

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I was just logging on to post the same question! I used my griddle for the 2nd time this morning and everything I make on it tastes terrible! I'm sure it is not seasoned correctly.
I found some suggestions and a demo video on the Wolf website.
(Even though I have the viking).
The video was pretty helpful.

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I have a 1955 stove with a chrome plated griddle. I use it at least every weekend to make pancakes with great results. I don't cook anything else on it, b/c it is a pain to clean other stuff (cooked eggs and bacon on it once--ACK!). I keep thinking about doing grilled cheese on it, but then I imagine the cleanup...

Let's see--a few of my tips:

--my pancake batter has oil in it, so I never oil the griddle. As long as it is hot enough, they do not stick. If I oil the griddle, then I basically end up trying to clean cooked-on oil off of the griddle (a very difficult task).

--as soon as I am done cooking, I slowly pour water on the hot griddle. This grabs the residual oil and holds it in suspension. Then I use either a rag, or a wad of papertowels held with tongs to mop up the greasy hot water. I usually do that a second time. Then I turn off the griddle and let it cool. This leaves it mostly clean. I just wipe it down later with some cleanser.

--I only use eco friendly cleansers, so I also use those on the griddle. If I want to scrub it, I might sprinkle on baking soda first.

Not sure if any of this will apply to your griddle, since I don't know what it is made of.



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Francy, very good advice! Thank you! I'm thinking quesadillas and fried rice?

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I went to the Wolf website, but I couldn't find the video about cleaning the griddle. Sometimes I miss the obvious, help please.

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If it's cast iron you should never use soap... just very hot water and a stiff brush and be sure to coat it with a thin layer of veggie oil after washing it. You can use Kosher Salt as an abrasive along w/ the stiff brush to remove any caked on stuff.. but you're never supposed to use soap. And you should never let it air dry because it will eventually begin to rust and there is a way to fix that also... always use a dry paper towel and pat it dry.
There are the purists who NEVER clean them w/ water at all... they just wipe it out. (I am not one of those people)
I have a ton of cast iron and love it. The more you use it, the better it is.

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Nancyla...check your other post on the same topic...I answered that one about how to clean it.

As for cooking, the amount/type of oil or fat depends on what you're cooking. Once the grill is seasoned, you don't have to use much extra fat, it's pretty non-stick. The advantage of the Wolf griddle is that the infrared burner underneath and the thicker metal plate provide a more even heat, and food will not stick and burn in spots.

We use it mainly for pancakes, and I put a small pat of butter on it before the batter. With potatoes, we use olive oil. I have to confess that I've avoided using the griddle for anything else with meat or too much grease, just because I don't want the fat going everywhere. I'd rather use a saute pan for that. We did cook sausages and peppers on it, and that was good.

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Here's a link to the page with the Quick Start Video for the griddle.
Look at the gray bar in the middle of the page where it says "videos". The small white dots underneath are each different videos. Click the last white dot and it will show you the griddle quick start video.
Hope that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Griddle Video Here

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Thank you so much California, I was never on that page, the only videos on the page I was on just showed The whole range, cook top, or oven. Now if I could just get the video to play all the way through. I played it 3 times, and I get as far as wiping the peanut/vegetable oil with a paper towel, then it stops. LOL I bookmarked it, maybe someday it will decide to play.

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I just received my 36" wolf cooktop with griddle in the middle and had the same questions.
This is a good video for seasoning and cleaning the wolf griddle:

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