Space for fridge, micro and pantry: ideas? Also, a blank wall...

karenschaeweDecember 1, 2012

The space we have to accommodate the fridge, microwave and pantry is about 39" x 82", circled in yellow:

Plan for the space:

The drawer base is built out to be flush with the fridge carcass, the uppers are deeper than normal so the fridge will look more built in and to give more storage. Yes, I'm tall (really tall) so reaching is a nonissue. Btw the pantry is turned to allow for a wide shallow pantry instead of a deep, narrow pantry.

Green is a traffic path, and the yellow arrows point to the blank wall that I need ideas for.


I was thinking of clipping the wall corner off by the microwave to ease the "cave like" work space on that bit of counter.

Btw we need a pantry space that can be easily locked. Ds14 is autistic, low functioning, and has no control over his eating so our food and fridge need to be securely latched. Right now we use child proofing latches, ds doesn't have enough dexterity to open those. It's easy to latch the door pulls together on a 2 door pantry. We do the same with a side by side fridge and will do that with the French door too.

The only other idea I had was to build the whole space into a locking pantry closet with wide doors and venting for the fridge and just lock the whole space up. In reality that would be a pain in the arse. That idea came from a place of frustration when ds was getting into the food as I was trying to fix lunch today. Ah, the joys of living with autism...

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