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aloha2009December 14, 2012

Hammered out the function of this kitchen but now I need to finish making it look proportional. Here's something we came up with but aren't "sold" on yet. Comments, suggestions are welcome. Most/all of our issues are with the main range wall.

Pic 1 shows a 9-12" shelf across the range wall. It would have up and down lighting to create ambiance. A thin facia board would link the range wall with the frig wall.

Pic 2 shows same thing with a vertical piece giving an end to the kitchen.

Pic 3 shows an angle of the entire kitchen.

I'm having issues with pic 1 being a bit abrupt with less reasoning behind why it ends. Ideas for finishing off the end? Is pic 2 weird. I would think there may be a better option.

We're obviously open to a topless kitchen, but would love ideas that have something other then just windows. We want the windows in the kitchen to be at the same height (on top) as the existing windows in our octagon dinette to the right. We do have an option of making a transom type window since in the area there are transoms.

Yes I know the DW doesn't have a side panel but it's IKEA software, what can I say. At least I was able to finally fix the frig/oven cabinets.

Also on the range wall, were trying to work within IKEA cabinet sizes and for the most part it doesn't seem to bad.
We're debating about a 36" 30" 36" 30" 36" run or a
30" 36" 36" 36" 30" run. Any thing for us to consider or think about?

I'm not that creative and I don't know what to search on houzz for different abstract ideas with shelving.

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I would probably do without the connections on each end, floating the shelf in its entirety and stopping it at the outer edges of the windows.

The fascia board does not ring true or necessary to me somehow, so I would relate the shelf Only to the run of cabinets below, which are also freestanding and not linked to the others off to their left.

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Thanks for responding. Do you think that the 2 area would seem disconnected? Is there another way to connect them w/o putting a fascia board or is it fine with the 2 areas? What is the maximum depth the upper shelf should be? Don't know if I'll actually use it for decorations or just use it for the ambient lighting.

What about the cabinet run cabinet sizes?

Here's another idea we had. Parts of it we like, parts we don't. Seems a tad heavy but only the glass cabinets, it seemed a bit bare. Any suggestions?

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Sophie Wheeler

None of the above. It's trying too hard. If you want to connect the walnut behind the range and windows, look at using a ceramic tile in a walnut and doing that either vertical or horizontal, depending on which element you wish to contrast.

But really, it doesn't need the wood on that wall at all. All it needs is a super glossy back painted glass or gloss porcelain large format tile in white on that whole wall.

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Not sure exactly what you mean. Is it something like this? I like it a lot. Does it look to "empty" on top though? We will have to put window coverings (perhaps roman shades) on the west windows.

Please excuse the large window on the right. It's the best way to work around IKEA software that I know.

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I love the clean crisp look you've got going here: no uppers, the stove flanked by the windows. Very nice. I think I agree that there's really no need for the wood bit on the wall. The wood cabinets will relate to each other just fine without it, and the modern aesthetic doesn't ask for it. That said, I don't mind the first image, where the wood ends at the dining end of the run, but I agree with Palimpsest that you don't need the connecting board over to the refrigerator run.

Sorry I can't be much help on the cabinet sizes -- I sure would like to have enough room in my kitchen for a run like that!

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Enough votes for eliminating the "connector" piece on the door wall has duly been noted. IF and now that's a big IF, we'll just have the one shelf above the windows. If we were to do 1 or 3 (same design) would you then go to the ceiling with uppers on the frig wall or would it best to be kept the same height as the shelf as the current pics of 1 & 3 are?

I played around with IKEA changing the tile finish of the door and range wall and I liked it as it seemed to change the room a lot. I could repeat the tile onto the fireplace wall that the kitchen opens into. I love having the texture while giving it a clean modern/contemporary feel. When I did a close up it looked pretty instead of too plain, giving something to look at when it's dark outside.

I'm still open for ideas but I must say, my DH & son both REALLY liked this last one a lot too. I didn't get the usual ho hum what idea next.

Do the base cabinets make any difference. I know it's not as important as what's been mostly discussed here, but I would like to know either way.

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Random thought, but my first impluse was to ask what it looks like if you run the shelf the entire length of the wall, rather than ending it with the cabinets. So no connection to the refrigerator, but all the way across the dining area.

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Love the different ideas!

Crl we thought of doing it too but my IKEA rendition doesn't allow me to replicate the way the way the dinette actually is. The window next to the kitchen is on the same wall but the one to the right of that is actually at an angle, and to the right of that another angle. The dinette is an octagon shape. If felt like it would chop the dinette in half instead of having it stand on it's own accord. Is the pic with the shelf (minus the connector piece) your favorite?

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I like the last window-only "empty" look the best. My initial reaction to the light "shelf" was: "What is that?". I don't particularly like it as a design element. I think sochi's shelves work because they're at a reasonable level to act as actual shelves with art or decorative objects above. The shelf in your mockup is too high, in my opinion, to be a functional shelf. Instead, you have some really lovely windows providing sufficient "decoration".

I think using a range hood with more balance between the heft of the hood and the chimney will work better with the window-only look. With an open wall, I prefer something like the range hood first few images, rather than the range hood pictured in the window-only "empty" picture.

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Pricklypearcactus, do you mean that you think the stack should be wider then in the last pic? I would agree, it looks like a pencil as it is. Good to note when looking for a vent.

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Setting aside the all the way across idea that doesn't work, my favorite is no shelf at all. For some reason the rest seem unbalanced to me. I think because they don't relate to the whole space or maybe because they make the island look off center to me. I'm not quite sure.

I would agree a more substantial looking range hood on the otherwise blank wall would be a good idea.

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While I guess I agree that the range wall doesn't "need" the added walnut, I like it an think it adds balance to the room. I like the mockup without it, but it make me wish that you had a really cool custom walnut enclosure for the hood.

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I agree, no to the high shelf, no to the surrounding cabinets. I like the image without anything at all, but I really, really, really like cawaps' suggestion. Try to imagine a walnut enclosure surrounding that SS hood (or any cheap but effective hood). It would give that wall a bit of walnut to balance, and tone down the SS. And would be quite unique and beautiful I think.

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Thanks for all of your opinions, it's giving me GREAT guidance.

I don't think I have the proportions right for this wood vent but here's my attempt. Seems a bit heavy. I'm also concerned since the kitchen is part of a very open area, and I don't want too much attention to the kitchen, when the views to the right (north) are where I want the attention. That said I do want the kitchen to look great. Please excuse the "pink" tile that looked tan on my screen.

Any tips for making future post pics smaller. These pics are irritating type of photobucket.

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Sorry I don't know how to embed images, but I had this vent hood saved and wonder if you might like it. It has just an accent of dark wood.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vent hood

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crl, thanks for the pic. It seemed to complement that kitchen with the wood counters, but white cabinets. Though nice, I don't know what kind of elements I could bring in to make that work. I did design a vent with better proportions but again, I'm not sure if it's just too much, i.e. something that wows me. I do feel like I'm making head way though with all this help!

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Good luck puzzling it out. I am sure you will end up with a lovely kitchen!

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Something like this, but in wood veneer. Should be easy enough to construct the surround with bendable plywood.

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I'm seeing a nice vent with a lot of $$. It's nice but I think I'd rather have it more simple too. Thanks for the posting.

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My only thought is that if you like the horizontal cabs along the range wall is to do them in the white that is the middle of your island. It want seem so heavy and will connect to two elements and draw the eye upward. Or some such design stuff. Or if you want to tie in the walnut do the two ends in that and the middle section in white, just like your island. You could use the white Varde horizontal cabs, they are a bit thinner, aye more of a modern vibe.

Another thought, the pic with just the hood doesn't seem empty to me. Pretty hood and super mod backsplash would be enough interest I think, and keep a clean modern look.

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Perhaps try a more simply shaped walnut box, similar in shape to the SS one that Greendesigns posted? I expect you could find a simple and affordable rectangular vent that could vent directly out back, rather than up? Either way could work though.

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Thirdkitchenremodel. I apologize for my not identifying IKEA's software limitations more. I placed "white cabinets" in my island but that is actually where bar stools will be. I needed to put the base cabinets in so I would have a countertop. So your ideas would be intriguing if what I have in pic is actually EXACTLY what we're doing.

BTW - the glass door on the right won't be there, it will continue like it is in the first few pics. Again another IKEA limitation.

Sochi, are you indicating using no vent stack? The pic that crl posted was something I had previously saved in Houzz but couldn't seem to make it work for my application. I've looked for others and haven't found anything that seems right. I'm looking and still searching though.

Here's another pic with a proportional vent. Better with no stack?

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If you need a countertop in the Ikea software you can resize a microwave. To under appliances, then pick your own appliances and choose the microwave. You can make it the right size then in the 3d view you can set it on top of your cabinets.

What about walnut trim around the windows? I know you mentioned roman shades above, window treatments can also work or pull your elements together.

You have a wonderfully large space to work with!

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Can the windows be larger? Why have walls in a kitchen with no cabinets on them if you can have windows? Really BIG windows? All the way to the ceiling windows?
Guess it depends on what's out there, what your view is.
If no windows, I would want to put the walls to use with cabs or shelves, I think. Or spectacular art.
The last pic makes me feel more closed in than the 14:23 pic, although my eye wants you to run the cabs above the door and down on the right side of the door.

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