What do you think of this idea re: Fridge/Freezer configuration?

Kitten1313December 13, 2012

Hi I'm new and in the process of working with a design built professional to convert our old garage into a kitchen.

As the design process moves forward and I think about how we use things, I realize that pretty much the only thing we use our refrigerator's freezer for is frozen fruit for smoothies. In contrast, our fridge is always stocked with tons of fresh produce (a lot of which freezes in the back -- grrrrr)

Well, in the new kitchen we are planning to have a dedicated "smoothie" station, where the Vitamix will be in a cabinet on a roll out, with an ice maker installed under the counter. I was thinking then maybe next to the icemaker I could do a Freezer/Fridge drawer combo, and then have a 36 inch Fridge only as the main fridge. We still have a chest freezer for the random frozen pizza kind of stuff.

Is this a crazy idea?

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I think it's a great idea when you have the space. Especially since it seems to be a regular kitchen activity for you.

I have an upright freezer in my laundry room, steps away from my all-fridge in my kitchen. We, also, eat a lot of fresh produce and the average fridge couldn't accommodate it all well and we had the freezing problem, too. So glad that doesn't happen anymore!
I want to put drawers or small fridge in an area that we'd use as our beverage center to keep the rest of the family out of my work area, so I think your plan is stellar!

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This is not crazy. In fact, it sounds really good if you have the budget and the space.

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Thank you for the feedback. I wanted a little independent ammo before presenting the idea to my husband. We definitely have the space. The budget....I'm not sure. Unfortunately, a Fridge only SZ is only nominally less expensive than a side by side. And the stainless kitchen aid built in drawers would be about $2,700 (SZ would have been over 4K!). So we'll see... Thanks again.

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