Holiday Break Lighting Vote Anyone?

autumn.4December 22, 2013

I am spinning off my last post on lighting that I will link at the bottom. I am not sure how busy everyone is over the break but thought I'd throw out a vote request. :)

I created a pinterest board and narrowed down some options - thank you mlweaving it was very helpful and I have really narrowed down my choices.

The pendant is a given. What I need to choose from are the foyer light (not seen from dining room) and the dining room light (seen once you are almost in the living room). I am feeling that I need to keep the dining room nickel/stainless to go with the pendant but the foyer could easily be iron or ORB.

Here are some other surrounding choices that have been made.

First off - the area (excuse the mess) - standing at the edge of the foyer, dining in the far back right and the kitchen with the 2 windows to the right (they flank the range):

Just so you can see what else is going on and get a feel for the space if it's helpful:
Cabinetry choices Shaker full overlay (soft white for perimeter cabinets and trim, fireplace stone that is on the opposite wall, gray stain for island and then the hickory floor that will be throughout):

Anyone care to give thoughts or pick a favorite? One of the dining room lights is of course about $100 more than the others (but 20% off at wayfair so still okay for budget). I am curious to see if that is the one everyone likes!

Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Help with coordinating DR light thread

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I understand lighting decisions! We're building a small lakehouse, and my current choices are still not set in stone.

Of your foyer choices, I prefer #3. I think it's sleeker.

For the dining, I like the first one, to add a little sparkle, or the second one. The third is too plain IMHO, and the last looks like the updating of an old fixture.

Good luck making your decision.

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Yes, lighting is difficult. I kept adjusting my choices and now there is no looking back.

For the foyer I like #3.

For dining room, I prefer the simple drum pendant, #3, but it depends on your style. I think it seems more modern.

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I also like #3 for the foyer.

Don't care for drum shades and have seen prettier open style chandeliers than the first one. Too much to dust too! Is your DR furniture formal?

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I like 2 or 3 for both choices. The #2 in the DR choices is my favorite for that room, the arched arms seen above the shade seem to mimic the arched piece that holds the glass shade in your kitchen light. Actually, the metal on that one really seems to be cohesive with the metal on the kitchen light.

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#3 in foyer, and either #2 or #3 in DR. (I don't think the "curlier" styles look like they belong in the same house as the kitchen pendant.) Look forward to seeing the results!

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Another vote for #3 for dining room. #2 for foyer

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I like #3 for the foyer and #2 or #4 for dinning.

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Looks wise I like #3 for foyer, but I prefer fixtures that are not open on top. I don't like to see what collects in there...
For the dining room I like #4, it's not to modern or traditional.

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I am so glad that several of you are around and not all partying somewhere. Thank you for sharing!

So no votes for #1. I thought the iron might play nice with the fireplace stone. Our built ins that flank will be painted so really that can go either way too I suppose.

For the dining room when I look at #1 I think it is furthest from everything else but yet it caught my eye for some reason.

If only the pendant had an easy button that shows everything that is complementary to it including dining and foyer lighting I'd be all set!

rb-hmm. That is what I find interesting also. Many of the drums say modern but I think they are more classic? I don't know. We definitely do not lean toward modern/contemporary with everything else though.

mayflowers-not formal at all. I think I have split personalities when I'm shopping. ;) I am a pretty simple/minimalist kinda girl but sometimes some pretties 'speak to me'. Haha! I was thinking candles = cozy...traditional...

kitch4me-so what kinda lighting isn't open at the top? Another pendant type? I was thinking not a down light so you can't see the bulbs when you look up.

Thanks dee, lori, illini, deedles and akshars.

Keep the comments coming. Dh is not interested in this stuff at all. He'd just pick one and move right along. Sometimes I wish I could do that........

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Any closer with these? I am thinking possibly that even though I like a drum that one of these other 2 might be a better fit as far as assimilating with the pendants. I kept drums #1 and #2 from the last post as they received the most votes (ignore mini pic in #2).

Looking at the photo I am wondering if the shade color from the pendant are way off from the shades in lights #3 and #4. That may be hard to determine from on line pics. Maybe they are far enough away that it wouldn't matter though.

Adding quickly #5:

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What does your dining room furniture look like, and what look do you like to go for?
Just looking at them, I like no. 1 and then no. 2 and 3.

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nosoccermom-48" round pedestal table that expands to an oval with 3 leaves. It's oak - we hope to have it refinished and change out the chairs, they are really too 'country' for our taste.

I am preferring a rectangular table but you asked what I HAVE not what I WANT. :)

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Autumn.4 Yay! I've been vacationing and come back to see you've got a Pinterest board with choices you love (I hope love?)!

On your question from the other thread, yes, 24" is about right.

OK, for my votes, I agree with the foyer light you've chosen. I like it because of the simplicity.

For the dining area, I actually liked the original #4. I say that because I feel like it "formalizes" the area just a touch. I think the new additions further down in the thread are great matches but I wonder if they are almost too similar to the pendants and thus give more of an eat-in kitchen feel instead of a true separation of dining room space. Does that make sense? With your dark wood and that beautiful stone for your fireplace, I could see you pushing a tad more fancy. That said, I like all of the drum lights. Is anything speaking to you more?

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Lighting is my Achilles heel, I broke down and hired a designer to help, but...

I LOVE your cabinet finishes and fireplace choices, they look great!

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Hi, have been absent. Glad to see htat you're finding some options you like.
I'm with Dutty, I kind of like the original #4 drum chandy for over your table. And the #2 is a second. I will add that I just emailed you a link to something different that I found a few days ago. Maybe not a direction you want for the dining room, but thought I'd throw it out there. And, as far as drum lights go, have you seen the ones Gooster put in their kitchen? They're a tad more on the formal side, but very very pretty. If I had more energy now I'd go looking. I also don't think they're too far off your budget.
On this latest go round I can say unequivocally that I dislike #3 and 4. Too matchy matchy, and not up to what you're doing with the rest of the house. You just don't want something that looks like you picked the "suite" of lamps.
I also agree with gothami, lighting is just plain Hard!

BTW, I really like what you've chosen for pendants over the island.

OK, Gooster's kitchen

I could see the pendant that she's got over her island in the next size up as a really nice over table pendant

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I agree, if Gooster's light comes in a larger version it might be very good.

Otherwise, I like #1 drum and also #5, in fact I like #5 best. I like the shape of the shade and it is just substantial enough for a dining room.

I also liked the original #2 for the foyer but the one you've chosen was a close second. I wondered if it too spare and slim for the area, though -- not knowing how large an area it is.

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more playing,
This photo is of Subee's kitchen, which is a very popular inspiration kitchen on Houzz and really a working family space for a food writer. It's hard to see, but she has an arm chandelier over her dining table.

So I used the chandy that got no votes, and plugged it into your space, and I have to say I like it a lot!

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I like the first mockup with the drum pendant.

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a few more for completeness sake
your option one from second round.

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your choice #3 from second round

IMO it doesn't look matchy matchy but rather "tried to match but missed"

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Next up, The one I suggested from Gooster's kitchen, however upon finding it on the net I think there are several reasons it's not going to work. First is that the largest drum they make is ~16" diameter, in polished chrome, which I think is too small and too shiny, and it's about $100 over your stated budget in that siz

Removed from consideration

Here is a link that might be useful: Maxim_Metro_pendant

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I am so excited to see all the reply's!

I have to run out to the house to talk with electrician. I will check these as soon as I return!

Thank you!


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Last one, option X
In black iron that references some of your other design elements including your stone, but it's not OTT ornate or curlyque like too much black iron.
(they make it in satin nickel too, but it's not as interesting)
And it's in your stated budget. Just an idea.

Edit, sorry I didn't think to do this before, adding in your other choices.
When it comes to the final choice let me know and I'll plug it in, I've saved the slide with all this extra on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Possini_Euro_Light

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ahhhh... seeing it in the space, I actually like the chandi a lot. :)

I'm still a big fan of the first, more formal, drum light.

The gooster's one is just too shiny I think. Not a fan. The other drum doesn't work as well as the more formal one. And the one that "matches" the pendants is EXACTLY the way mlweaving described it, "tried to match but missed."

So, my vote is the formal drum light or the chandelier. :)

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I was the sole vote for the chandelier, so I'm still voting that way. I did a search for other ideas; however most fell outside your budget in the size you need. I think the drum chandelier is a "safe" choice, but I think the ones with the down lights look very builder basic.

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I like the chandelier! That would have been my second choice to the basic drum (#3 I think) but I really think the chandelier looks great after seeing it in your space.

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autumn what is the stain color for the your island called? Is it really grey? or a greyish brown?

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Oh wow mlweaving! Thank you so much - I think I'd hug you right now if you were near so just accept my virtual hug. I tried doing that last night a little but your mock up looks much better! Thank you thank you thank you!

Mlweaving SIDE NOTE: So since you have seen the ming green back splash tile with my door samples, do you think I can pull that off with this fireplace stone? I am loving the crackle tile of romy and others as well but yikes $$$.

illini-it is called silas. It's a gray stain so you can still see the brown of the wood through it. The wood samples I had with it showed just how much the different woods species took the stain. That is when I changed from alder to hickory. Alder looked 'muddy' for lack of a better word. Cherry was alright but I was afraid of the red coming through too much as it aged, so hickory it was!

gothaml-thank you! I hope it all pulls together. I am finding building to have many achilles heals...yeesh.

dutty- It is our only dining space so it is an eat in kitchen of sorts but it's separated enough I think that it has its own boundaries. See the floor plan pic below and let me know what you think.

So right off - the lights I have been trying to avoid - #3 and #4 I do not like so they are back out. I agree, definitely matchy matchy but missed and the mock up really shows it so thanks once again Marjorie! Yay as I didn't really want to use one and I am glad they didn't get any votes. ;) I want something different but yet we are still casual as I think the stone suggests.

So looking at the pics I think something different works much better - either drum or the chandelier with the candelabra lights. I don't mind option X either though. Maybe a bit different in style but looking at it I think if I go different style completely than the pendants I can pull off a different finish.

I do like the chandelier now that I see it in the space. I actually think it looks less formal than the more formal drum #4 from the original choices. That by the way (drum #4) is at the top of budget ON SALE. So I'd need to act pretty quickly if I want to go that way. I think the sale ends 12/31. Drum #1 is within budget for sure but had some sketchy reviews on shade color being yellowish (alarm alarm) and being a pain to hang but dh is handy so I'm not to bothered by that part.

I am going to do a little bit more looking at the candelabra type lights and see if I find anything else I like better.

Mlweaving - I'll let you know if I find another I'd like dropped into the mock up. Thank you for offering.

Here is that area of the house with dims (note kitchen is not designed in this pic):

Range wall:
This is final and what it will look like standing in the living area and looking at the kitchen.

I am going to surf some more and I'll come back. Thanks to all of you for weighing in. I appreciate it more than you know.


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Hi Autumn, send me an email w links to what you want plugged in, it's much easier to work from the website picture link than a composite w many lights in it. You have my email I think.
Also, if you send me the link to the chandelier you've already picked I'll plug that into the slide with the other choices. I deleted the slide already where I'd isolated that lamp out.

As far as the Ming stone, how about Maybe ? But I don't really think so.
It's a matter of scale as well as finish, and offhand I'm thinking it's just too formal for the room and the other stone.
I love Romy's crackle , and if I hadn't found what I'm using I'd be seriously considering that.
Let me look at the tile place in Hilton Head next week when I'm there. I have an idea that I saw some of those mosaic boards that might work better for what you have than the Ming.
Keep looking at crackle tiles though, I think that might be perfect. Surely someone has one that is more budget friendly.

May I also say that it's a lot less stressful looking at lighting for you than for our own house. ;-)

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dee- :) I think the chandelier is a fun light. I have been thinking drum for a while though so that's still in there. Dh will probably NOT like either but as long as he can see is food he'll be happy. He likes the standard builder grade lights. :/

Yes Marjorie - I have it. Will do. Well good - I'm glad that shopping for my house is easier for you. Love to help in that way. ;)

I have been thinking about that for weeks as I mentioned when we met. Funny thing is both DH and I like the stone and we both liked that backsplash as well. That said, the crackle is so nice. It has depth in the color variation but is not busy at all. It's a great tile. As you can see with the windows we don't need A LOT of tile but it's still pretty pricey. Thanks for keeping my kitchen in the back of your mind.

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I like the chandelier style with your oak table, open DR, and fireplace. The drum is too formal and too close in shape to the pendants.

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So if I went with the chandy - would you switch out the foyer to #1 - the iron one that looks a little more like the chandy? Or no, it doesn't really matter?

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Lisa, got home and saw your Pinterest page, plugged some more in and posted them to the Pinterest board titled Lisa's lighting. Feel free to have a look, and post the ones here that you want feedback on.
More ornate chandy

Tuscan chandy

The more ornate drum chandy

Do you know how to post using the img html so that you don't need to upload to photobucket?

Right click on the photo, choose "copy image location", then copy that. come to this board and type in
the image location, followed by the end >

I've typed one here using spaces between the command sign and the img src command so that it would show here, just don't leave the spaces and you'll have your pics.
Saves that whole step of uploading to photobucket, which I have no patience for.

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To answer your above question, I'd keep the simple foyer light you've already got. It looks nice as a whole.
If you want something fancier you could switch, but I think the simpler is better.

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mlweaving-thanks for the tip on posting direct from pinterest - I did not know that and yes it can be quite a pain!
I'm also wondering when you snuck into my house to take that picture? That is our EXACT table AND chairs.

mayflowers-thanks for stopping back with more input. I see what you are saying it is definitely more formal and we are not that kind of family but I still think drums in general are kinda classic/retro fun. I appreciate your vote (I sound like a politician now) and your willingness stop back and add your opinion!

Deeinohio-you must be able to visualize mock ups in your head pretty well. ;)

Okay so the 'fussy chandy' I like but I think it's too much. I have searched for a 3 light of it or something less ornate to no avail. In fact many of them are even more ornate with crystals hanging all over, yeesh.

The fancier drum is more $$ and I think I'd feel that I'd need to keep it forever whereas the tuscan I could update years down the road without as much guilt if I chose to. :)

So I am sticking with the tuscan. Yay! Woot woot! When I look at it in the mock up I think it looks fun and different. It doesn't compete but it's not boring and drab either. AND, for some reason it caught my eye even though it was completely different from anything else I had 'pinned' so it is the winner!

Thank you to you all, moving on to bathroom lighting which so far has not been that difficult and then counters...which I KNOW will be rough.

Merry Christmas!

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I'm late to the vote but just want to say I love the Tuscan chandelier.
Merry Christmas!

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