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snoonybDecember 24, 2013

Cross Post from appliances;

Buyer beware!

I purchased, brand new, french door, bottom freezer single drawer SAMSUNG refer, equipped with two ice makers.

Shortly there-after the freezer ice-maker decided not to make ice.

Service was quick to respond and departed with the advice to, change the water filter and make sure the drawer was completely closed.

I'm 73, and not forest gump.

After repeated failures and the service tech. saying we were about one service call away from replacement.

Samsung has decided that we should pay for a service call.

Last weekend I left the freezer ice maker, which I had been filling from the upper ice maker, empty for two days
and walla...........4 ice cubes monday morning.

Or perhaps, could it be that Samsung, as a marketing strategy, want consumers to replace their $2k appliances, in the hopes they will repeat the process every 2 or 3yrs, should they again fail.

Other than the freezer ice maker, the appliance operates as expected.

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Sorry you're having problems...I've heard bad things about built in ice makers, but we had a hard time finding a freezer without one. Our new fridge is also a Samsung, bottom drawer freezer. Haven't had a chance to test the ice maker, but I guess if it fails, oh well. It doesn't take up *that* much room.

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Sorry to hear of your problems.
I have a french door, bottom freezer, cabinet depth Samsung refrigerator. It is a little over a year old. Just one ice maker but so far no problems. Hope it continues to be that way.


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Thanks, my beef is only with Samsung's reluctance to repair that ice maker and demanding that I pay for a service call, from the same service facility who has yet to accomplish the repairs successfully.

To what end!

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