OT: Please tell me I am not alone

MarinaGalDecember 8, 2012

So I am sitting here surrounded by mounds of paper, schedules, and bills, trying to work out the excruciating details of how we will move into a partially remodeled kitchen (and house) one week after New Years Day. Not to mention that the holidays are just around the corner and we have almost nothing done.

My DH is sitting next to me researching the installation of an ice rink at our new house. What???? This is after he researched giant tire swings for the kids. Is there some sort of brain re-wiring that can be performed?

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"Is there some sort of brain re-wiring that can be performed?"


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It's called a lobotomy.

I am sitting here pondering why men must drive on the lawn.
MUST. A barter agreement has 2 great fellows hunting on my back acreage. I've finally got it into their heads that they must drive around the edge of the field so I don't look at tire tracks down the middle from my kitchen window view all year.

They came at 4:00 am. I got up to find their truck parked on the side of the house (fine) in the middle of the yard. What's the matter with the driveway? What's the matter with the closer-to-the-house part of the yard that's already ruined by tire tracks & ruts? Is this their suburban method of off-roading?

Is there some sort of brain re-wiring that can be preformed?
I ask, too...

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Brain re-wiring indeed! I often wonder about my husband's priorities. Lol.

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Yup,,,,,, I am sitting in the parking lot at a guitar store!! Still no lights in my kitchen.

Post a diagram when you get that rewiring done, please.


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I find it easier to re-wire my own brain. I find gin helpful...though wine works as well. In a REAL emergency I bust out the Patron...

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And there's more! I just returned from a 2 hour appt with cabinet people, and walk in the door to find that he has purchased an Elf on the Shelf!?! My girls are 5 and 9, and I need the Elf on the Shelf like I need a hole in my head.

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Um, yes. You aren't alone. DH has been making trim for over a week, except everything but that has happened; oil changed, guns cleaned, beer drank, fishing tried, DS guns cleaned, antlers from deer strapped to yard scooter, beer drank, changed water pump, looked up cures for some kind of man itch with friend while drinking beer, blah de blah de blah. Yesterday, I got two test pieces of trim and the explanation that "making trim takes time, you can't just get it all done in a day".

Oh and he bought some calcium carbonite rocks because if you drip water on them you can light the acetylene gas it gives off like in the old miners' helmets. Gift for DS for Christmas, at least.

Alternate between wanting to smooch him and strangle him.

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Gosh, I hope I don't lose my "man card", but I spent the day at seven different home improvement centers and didn't once drive my 4x4 thru anyone's yard.

If my buddies had any idea how much time I spent on this website, and in cabinetry specs they'd all say I need a rewiring job!

Side story, at the big orange big box store today, a guy came in asking the cabinet specialist who he needed to see about having a countertop installed.

The Specialist asked what he had in mind.

His reply: "Something I can put an undermount sink in."

Yep... he needs a rewiring ;o)

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I've done alot of research and experimentation into the possibilities of re-wiring. While unsuccessful with DH, I had high hopes for my two sons in being able to mold and guide an untouched mind. I thought what a wonderful gift I would give to their future wives. Both of my daughter-in-laws often remark how "the apples didn't fall far from the tree". Sorry girls!

I know nothing I do irritates DH :)

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Funny. My hubby is more interested in travel plans than remodeling, but he helps with housework so who am I to complain! Could be much worse he could be wrapped up in fantasy football teams and playing video games. UGH, I'd have to kill him if that were the case. :>)

The ice rink!!! Wonderful memories of my youth when my dad improvised a rink in our back yard. It was the hit of the hood and I haven't seen one since. He was such a MacGyver and I love him for that. Your kids will appreciate the effort too.

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Did you know there's a FB page dedicated to Inappropriate Elf on the Shelf? I'd link...but might get me in trouble. Just google "Inappropriate Elf on the Shelf". Some of them are quite funny.

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Hope your "Elf on the Shelf" isn't a mischievous little bugger like our Elf, Herbie. Apparently some of them are quite the practical jokers and have to spend hours thinking of borderline naughty things to do, like hang underwear from the Christmas tree, or say, place all the shoes in the house heel to toe around the main living area. Or even set up detailed reenactments of bed time stories with all the favorite stuffed animals. Of course none of this can happen until all the children are asleep including youngest DS who believes closing his eyes brings about the end of the Earth as we know it... Good luck, may your elf be a benign soul who merely drifts from place to place at night fall!

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Love Elf on a Shelf!

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Dear mjsee, I had no idea there were so many pics of Inappropriate Elf on the Shelf in the world!

My MIL just sent a photo of her Elf taking a dive into her egg nog glass today. We don't have our own Elf, but it always is a conversation piece when we're at her house. :-)


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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and then there are those that are from Pluto and are wired very differently.
I used to do a gender difference lecture. We are wired differently.
Do little girls choose a pink bike and boys pick a BMX bike because of culture or how they are wired.
I have lots more examples. A good read - Hard Ball for Women, winning at the game of business.
DH spends hours working on his bicycle but says loading the DW or sweeping hurts his back....
I better check out the Elf...

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