32" sink in a 33" cabinet?

momand3boysDecember 23, 2012

Ugh. I just realized that my current 36" sink base is going to become a 33" sink base. And I thought I had EVERYTHING figured out perfectly!! (with a slight smirk on my face)

My KD said that in order for me to have a 32" sink, he'll have to cut the sides of the cabinet for it to fit. He said that it's common. Is this true? Will it ruin the integrity of the sink base?

I'm a bit disappointed that I will have to shove all the same stuff into my smaller base now. What a dilemna... I hope this is my only issue... Really. Fingers crossed.

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We did this on our previous remodel and for 2 sinks in our new home, and they all seem fine. The decades-old sink that we took out when doing our remodel was done this way in really cruddy old builder's grade particle board cabinets, and it held up fine. We used drop-in sinks, so I don't know if that makes a difference.


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It's quite common to have to cut down the side partitions for a new sink. Just only notch as much as is needed to accept the sink, you should be fine.

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It's mostly fine, but the reality is that you will NEVER be able to change the sink out, and yes, it voids the warranty on your cabinets.

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I imagine it would void the warranty on just the sink cabinet, right?

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I do 32 inch sinks in 33 inch bases everytime I need the extra room for one reason or another.

Doesnt void my cabinet warranty.. I tell the company I want "scooped sides" and they do it for me...

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