Induction Cooktop exhaust question

ironspiderDecember 10, 2013

Greetings all, we are remodeling our kitchen and we're looking to get some opinions about the extractor fan situation.

We currently have a gas cooktop and no venting at all. We're moving to an induction cooktop and changing the location of the cooktop so that it is near and exterior wall. So we are planning on using the IKEA EVENTUELL extractor hood. But we have a couple of problems.

1) There is a noticable gap between the tops of our cabs and the ceiling--making a vent pipe solution into the attic not so great since the pipe will be seen and we're planning on uplighting up there anyway
2) The wall the cooktop is on is the front of the house and doing a 6" exhaust port there would probably look crappy.

So I'm curious about what you all think about using the recirculating mode of the extractor fan and if it's different since we're not using gas anymore? The hood has 2 charcoal filters it says. The recirc mode would solve the 2 problems we have but, will it be sufficient or just a useless expense over not having anything at all? Or do we have to bite the bullet and vent this thing out the front of the house?

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I don't think you will be happy with recirculation due to the smells. I know I had a recirculating set-up prior to the remodel and I never used it because it was so noisy and didn't seem to help. Have you thought of using a chimney type hood so the pipe could continue up through the ceiling? I agree that an exhaust port out the front of the house would not be a nice look.

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Fori is not pleased

I'd vent up and drywall around the duct. You should be able to get the duct towards the rear.

How big a gap are we talking, anyway? Draw a sketch and someone will figure out how to make it look good.

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IMO recirc is a "better than nothing - but barely" solution. Sounds like there's room for creativity; post a pic or diagram and see what folks come up with for you. Whatever that may be, I'd say it should be through the roof.

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Ironspider, have you done your install? We're looking at the Ikea Eventuell too, and I was wondering how you like it. I like the low profile, but it's so new I can't find any reviews. We're looking to just replace our range hood, and install the Eventuell under our (not ikea) existing cabinets. Thanks.

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Can you add a piece of crown molding across the tops of the cabinets that will hide the vent?

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