Range hoods - need some help quick!

karenschaeweDecember 7, 2012

So we bought a gorgeous gently used GE monogram island style range hood to use against a wall in our remodel and we can't use it because a roof truss is smack dab where the vent pipe needs to go! I haven't researched hoods at all so I'm working from scratch here.

I need a 36" wide wall mounted hood, prefer to vent straight up. I am really tall so I want to hood mounted higher than normal so I don't whack myself lie cooking. Range will be 30" induction.

I want it to be chimney style and stainless steel and relatively quiet.

I do not like glass canopies.

The cabets are Ikea adel off whte white Is a shaker type door. we have lots of modern touches without it being too "space-shippy" in style.

And the kicker - we'd like to spend less than $500 if at all possible.

I saw Proline hoods and they have some great scratch and dent deals on eBay. I also saw a kitchenaid hood at sears outlet, the 400 series.

I Ned to make a decision very soon, cabinets start going up next week.


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After much reading on GW, I am getting a KOBE. Also 36 inch chimney--model RA-092 for about $889 (+600 CFM and baffle filters). I did however see this KOBE on ebay/overstock: http://www.ebay.com/itm/KOBE-Brillia-CHX181-Series-36-i-KOBE-Brillia-CHX181-Series-36-Wall-Mount-Hood-/271055548210?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0amp;hash=item3f1c2b6f32

Hope that helps.

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I will second the Kobe recommendation. I purchased one for my new kitchen, although I haven't used it yet I've turned it on and it's "quietly awesome".

My dad has a 36" wide Kobe and he loves it. He did a lot of research and this was the brand that combined great function with great price.

Ok, I'm confused: you wanted to put an island style hood against a wall? I'm trying to picture that...

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Rosy, yes, island hood attaches to the ceiling and the chimney part would be away from the wall but I could over look that because I paid so little for it and it was going to be installed closer to the ceiling than normal. The back side of the hood would be against the wall just like a regular wall mounted hood, it was only the chimney that would look different.

I'll look more at Kone hoods to it. FYI I found the one Alex linked above on ATGs website for about $60 less but overstock also has a coupon right now so it's a wash. Wonder if the baffles vs mesh filters makes that much of a difference and in what ways? Anyone care to enlighten a worn out decision maker who's in mid remodel and been without a kitchen for almost 2 weeks now?

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Baffle filters are a better way to capture grease, etc. They are also easier to clean than mesh. I just throw my baffles in the DW once a week or so and then stick them back in. I've read over on the Appliances Forum that as mesh filters get dirty they don't filter. Apparently baffles can be dirty and still filter. Overall, baffles are preferred overwhelmingly than mesh on the AF.

I was planning on a Kobe until I found a deal on my Rangecraft. And I did research for over a year before deciding on Kobe. Good brand without spending $$$$$.

Be aware that your hood and range manufacturers have hood height recommendations. Going higher than recommended will reduce the effectiveness of the hood to capture HOGS (heat, oil, grease, steam), and, hence, will let those escape to coat your cabs and walls.

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Most mesh filters are also easy to pop out and clean in the dishwasher.
I've been running my mesh filters through the dishwasher about twice a month for three years and they look like new.

I mention mesh because in the under 500 range you may have more vent options with mesh filters than baffle filters.

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