call out to ABB folks re: installing hood

jckgmkDecember 13, 2013

To those of you who belong to the ABB club--did you install your hood anyway? My plan is to tile behind the stove up to the ceiling and have been told to wait until the backsplash is in before installing the chimney style hood. Is this a common practice? Thanks.

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You can also install a piece of 1/4" plywood to the same template as the hood on the wall in order to account for the added depth of the tile and go ahead and tile right up to it. IF you know which hood and thickness of the tile you'll be getting that is.

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Sorry if I was not clear or I do not understand your suggestion. I have the chimney style hood, but do not have the tile for the backsplash. I was told it would be too difficult to tile around the hood (plan is to go to the ceiling), so it is better not to install the hood before installing the backsplash. I am not sure how putting in the plywood would help (seems like it would just as difficult to remove the plywood to install the tile). I read about all these GW posters not putting in their backsplash for months and wondered if they waited to install their hoods.

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We put our hood up, took it down for the tiling, and then put it back up again.

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Great-thanks! It makes sense to me but I was told it would be very difficult/time consuming, etc. to do.

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our chimney style hood has a mounting plate that the hood is screwed into, and a cosmetic chimney covers the duct that actually goes out the wall, not all the way up to the ceiling. we will take the hood and duct cover off if and when I ever choose a backsplash, but the mounting plate will stay put.

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Here's my hood, sans BS.

I'm planning to Eurosplash this whole wall like you're planning with yours. It's been two years now like this. DH said he wouldn't get the rangetop hooked up to gas unless the hood was working. My HVAC installer said we could take the hood down (it's one piece) to tile and then replace, claiming there was enough give in the duct hole placement to allow for this. Now, the tile I'm seriously considering is a bit thicker than a normal tile so I'm a bit worried about the hood.

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