(Corrected) Cracked Corian Sink

Rake4LeavesDecember 1, 2012

We have a Corian counter & sink. The sink has a large crack,
the result of a poorly insulated window, cold air + hot water. We were considering having the existing Corian sink cut out, replaced with a stainless steel sink insert, with its edges on top of the counter.
However, a reputable home renovator informed us that the whole counter needs to be replaced. Has anyone had similar experiences with our preferred solution: replace with a stainless steel sink insert, not the whole counter?
Thank you in advance.

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There is no mystery here: so long as you have space in the sink cabinet, you can cut out the Corian and install a top-mount sink as you describe. The "reputable" renovator sounds like they want to make money off you.

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Exactly what we thought about this so called "reputable" home renovator. He really wants to make some extra bucks from a truly unnecessary project.
Now, to find another renovator who's on the same page as us.
Thank you for your response.

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Is the sink and the counter all one piece? ? Or is the Corian sink separate from the Corian counter?

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The one big question in my mind is whether you can find a top-mount sink that is exactly the right size to fit inside your cabinet, just a hair bigger than the existing sink, and able to line up with the faucet hole(s)? Making sure of that should be your very first move.

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Yes, the counter and sink are all one piece of Corian. It looks like that photo.

Would this be a problem for cutting out the sink? If this is doable, what type of power saw and blade would be used?
I want to be one or more steps ahead of whatever contractors
might say they will do.

I would think that it would need to be cut inside the sides of the sink a certain number of inches from the counter top. Also, it would be best to do it on a warm day as cold temperatures seems to play a role in causing Corian to crack. Any suggestions on exactly where to cut the sink?

Good point about getting a top mount sink that will exactly fit. We also plan to get rid of the garbage disposer which we seldom use. That would open up more space underneath the cabinet.

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Cutting Corian is easy enough. Standard woodworking tools like a jigsaw, trim saw, oscillating tool, router, jab saw, disc sander, orbital sander, and belt sander might be used. Slow and steady is best. Personally I would not use a reciprocating saw ("Sawzall") - I find those too violent/hard to control for precise tasks - but I am very conservative by nature; I'd rather spend a little extra time to avoid risk of doing damage.

Most of the cut will be simple; the hard part will be getting into the corners. That's where a jab saw could be useful - being a hand tool it's slow, but that's not a big problem for short cuts.

The corners should be radiused no less than 1/2". The edges should be rounded over and smooth (no chips or cracks). These steps are necessary to reduce the risk of cracks developing and propagating.

Maybe you can find a sink that will fit almost exactly inside your existing one, but I think that's less likely than finding a slightly larger one. You have to consider the shape as well as the simple dimensions.

Since you almost certainly can't increase the size of the bowl very much, I envisage cutting the existing bowl off flush with the bottom of the counter, then enlarging/shaping the opening slightly as required. During the cutting, the bowl will need to be supported from underneath to avoid it breaking away and causing damage.

The whole cutting/finishing job should take less than two hours.

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Has the poorly insulated window been fixed? Have you called a Corian fabricator? They might be able to fix the crack. I would use someone that specializes in Corian and not a "know-a-little-about-everything" renovator.

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Cracks in the sink are usually caused by thermal shock. For example if you pour boiling water into a cold sink, the material expands and a crack can start from the drain opening. This usually happens over time and then when you wipe dirt into the crack you notice it.

If you run cold water while pouring the boiling water, it will lessen the chance of cracking.

The sink can actually be cut out and replaced with a different style or the exact same sink style.

I would contact Back 2 Perfection or Nationwide Surface Repair. They specialize in Corian (solid surface) countertop repair and can do this without issue.

You can also try calling 1-800-4-CORIAN and they can direct you to a certified repair specialist in your area.

If you have the invoice, the sink has a 10 year warranty whereby they will replace at no charge.

Hope this helps,

Olive Mill

Here is a link that might be useful: Video of how to replace Corian Sink.

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